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  2. I had a guy send me the same offer 3 times (2 weeks apart each time). It was laughably low and I Declined without counter-offer. I ended up wondering, "does he not realize this is the same seller..?"
  3. Barton has a particularly extraordinary skill set conducive to Avenging.
  4. Something something dark side... Something something complete...
  5. I've seen this throughout the years on golden age books, and it really bothers me. But, even though it doesn't have a restored label, I would not trust a seller who lists this book as unrestored.
  6. Barton and Wanda could've reeeally used their super powers in this situation...
  7. No. Common sense says to never trust someone who claims their open product is "unread". The overall condition is what matters - not whether or not someone has gazed upon the insides. There could be unidentified flaws in a legitimately unread magazine/product.
  8. did you get the 8% ebay bucks offer for today, or would it work on an offer accepted earlier that today?
  9. Nice summation of the goings on. With the numbers involved here, it'd make my head explode, but after the Kaws sale this weekend, I think it's already popped... maybe should stick a link to that in the Lichtenstein thread?
  10. ‘Game of Thrones’ Final Season Vegas Odds Reveal Wild Theories From:
  11. I remember $100 per transaction and $500 total, but I also vaguely remember getting >$100 ebucks wasn’t sure. My memory is crapola these days...
  12. Great action sequence. For me, it was Olson in the hospital scene laying in bed recalling how the girl died in the snow that stood out. Now I remember where I’ve seen her before that. Oldboy.
  13. You would probably have better luck posting in the "want to buy" forum. Make sure to read the posting guidelines though so it won't get deleted.
  14. ya searches on google, subject matter followed by in the search bar yield the better results Anyway Welcome Will! to the boards glad to have you!
  15. If you are talking about Key Collect then say that. If you are talking about the former G+ groups or Facebook, no, they do not have any financial interest. If they have a website they have to put out good information to get the clicks they want to monetize it. If they don't put out good info. people will stop visiting them. How are you supposed to discuss market changes without being accused of impropriety?
  16. I understand that was probably what his post was about, but it was not mentioned. Why not call it out if that was it? Yes, I've made some great friends from other sites/groups. It's more of a community and people don't hide behind an avatar. In all my years on here I've only ever met one person from this board.
  17. That book is VG 4.0 at best. I would not waste time or money sending it in to be graded. It’s not really worth that much money.
  18. And I forgot about the big shootout scene. Renner and Olsen really played well off of each other throughout this film.
  19. What? You think I actually read through every post before I respond? That would be the smart thing to do. Clearly there is no room for that around these parts.  Sorry. I did not see that.  No worries, I was just kidding, but it's a good thing you did or 1 cool would have missed it
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