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  2. Just first world problems, it’s his piece to do whatever he chooses. I wouldn’t have done it but staying it was stupid is ridiculous.
  3. And this concludes PLANET COMICS # 36 in the GRR
  4. This is the Facebook group I joined recently. Has over 5000 members and many collectors big and small post there. Worth a look.
  5. Some buyers on here are completely interested in the jackpot/flip lately.
  6. Thank you to you both. Guess I don't grade this one.
  7. I have a 9.6 White pager if you decide to upgrade
  8. Yes sir! I actually offered a guy such a ridiculous low ball price on an obo just because I wanted to open negotiations and he accepted. In that case I asked my friend to make a best offer fifty dollars lower than mine. Took awhile to seal the deal,but it was satisfying when I had the books in my hand.
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