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  2. So, I imagine you are not a participant in CC's auction format because the 3-minute extended bidding time periods is where all the fun and games begin?
  3. I heard she bit him and now he's become arse man... Wait... he was already arse man before that
  4. Can't really make out a rust staple myself, both look to have a very narrow sun shadow, I'll chance 8.0 for both.
  5. Yep, GCD is correct, it's a reprint. L Miller were prolific reprinters of US material. It wasn't until 1960 that they solicited first printings with pence prices on them (see my Marvel / Charlton threads)
  6. CGC is in negotiation with Kav to have him become its mascot
  7. Over the years, I have come to recognize having a solid soundtrack really makes a huge difference in setting up the right atmosphere that I never paid attention to before. Look at FX's Legio with its fantastic soundtrack placement. When Sid gets put to sleep by the villain, it makes you feel her drifting off to nothingness with that crickets harmony. Another show that does this quite well is SYFY's The Magicians. I think it attracts more of an audience because of this.
  8. I highly doubt the comic shop owner would know this unless Harley had told this to him. Somehow, I get the feeling that the owner never knew or met Harley at all until this situation came up.
  9. Them's a nice retirement plan you got there, Chaos. Easily like $20,000 worth of stuff you got there.
  10. I know that his scientific interests can keep him preoccupied, such as his current attempts at solving cold thermonuclear fusion, and which have understandably kept him away from the boards for a few short weeks. I expect him to be finished with that minor intellectual task shortly after Easter, and then make a return here.
  11. You can find them on eBay for $5-$10 shipped. Look for "Jeweler's Loupe." They come in better magnification, but 10x is good enough for comics (I have 10, 20, and 30.)
  12. I guess that depends on who you ask. I was disappointed in the Captain Marvel story, and the modifications to the Skrull lore and Talos character background. I found Wonder Woman had much more of a female mass reaction to support the film. Even when you look at the IMDb demographics, Female scores are just as strong across the board, but stronger with <18, and Overall Rating is stronger across all age groups. Why to compare these two movies when like you noted there really is no comparison goes back to the old 'DC vs Marvel' debates that I guess gives some people purpose.
  13. Who is the model that the front cover is based on?
  14. I'd say Wonder Woman is the more "cinematic" of the two films, with its slow motion action scenes, dramatic lighting, classic period setting, and being a more stand-alone movie. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, certainly looks like a trademark MCU movie, with the flatter lighting, connection to other movies, and most importantly, humor. But Captain Marvel, like most MCU movies, is also more of a character movie, which is really the strength of the MCU, imo. Carol Danvers has a stronger personality than Diana ( I feel some may argue about that). In general, If you compare the personalities of all the Marvel characters to DC, Marvel has stronger personalities overall. I think this is so because for Marvel/Disney, the character is more important than the movie itself, as it's the characters we follow around from movie to movie. It's also in Marvel's DNA. Stan Lee revolutionized comics by making the ordinary person behind the mask or the shield the most important element of the story i.e. Peter Parker.
  15. Out of respect to the seller, I wouldn't say he was shilling the auction, all I suggest is that when you're setting a max price that's where it should stay. It's up to me to decide whether I should accept the second chance offer or not. Had I watched the auction unfold and actively bidding at the time I might have gotten carried away and keep bidding higher
  16. My theory on what makes a hit show... 1. Action (check) 2. A good story/concept/idea (check) 3. Nudity (check?) ***The trailer looked fantastic
  17. The guy just shouldn't have made a definitive claim of it being "unrestored." I don't blame the guy for not catching the restoration, he just shouldn't have advertised what he didn't know.
  18. There's a few colour breaking spine ticks, plus a long and smaller cb creases bottom right corner , that corner also looks quite soft too. everything else will come out in a press, but I still think you'll be in the fine range at best.
  19. I have used such services myself but I do get a real high with that last second bid. Plus you’re sure to win many auctions because when you snipe budgets be da mned.
  20. Silver Age DC fan, sense of humour, a science nerd I can't begin to compete with. Hope he returns.
  21. How sure are you that the seller didn't have a snipe program himself with a buy price of say $1,000 (or whatever) in order to draw out the highest bid and then simply offer the book back to the "real" highest bidder at his max price?
  22. Here's the deal. If people complain about "snipping" in the first place, then a snipping software, is basically just cheating. You're not even the one bidding. I'm cool with it, I just prefer to bid with honor.
  23. So not really a garage pickup or comic related but thought this was cool. While I was pulling up to the gas station yesterday I saw this sitting outside the 7/11.. Excellent condition, wheels are all functional, just need a little clean up at the base. No rust or spots
  24. That's true, many times I've seen, say 6:00 pm, only to realize at 6 EST there was a PDT next to it, and the auction was over.
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