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  2. I saw the movie yesterday at a matinee, so there's another $9 they can count. I'm a fan of the original movies, and I'm aware of the lengthy history of books available for the past 25 years. As a "casual fan" of Hellboy, I'd say that this movie definitely comes across as a "full reboot" because Broom is back (and a much younger actor). There was lots of information, too quickly, which is in contrast to my recently binge-watching The Umbrella Academy which was lots of information, too slowly. I always prefer "too much info" to "not enough info" but there are unconnected threads to the story which are difficult to follow. Visually, the prior Hellboy movies were superior. I'm not a big fan of "gross out" scenes (Baba Yaga), and the violence of "Hell on Earth" was suddenly gratuitous compared to the rest of the movie. As others have said, there's just a limited audience for this type of movie... and if someone has a budget for "April movie money" they're more likely to see Endgame twice, or Shazam and Endgame, and Hellboy is an "also ran" barely making 3rd place comic movie money.
  3. No discussion of his teenage work would be complete without these as well.
  4. I'm less concerned with the price of submission and more concerned about the max insured value of the different tiers.
  5. Feldstein's teenage work is top of the mark. Nothing else comes close in my opinion. I discovered it a long time ago. I wish there was more but we have to take what he left us. Here is my Junior run. Not all high grade but cheap when I got them. I have slowly over the years upgraded some but with prices being what they are now, I figure I'll just have to be happy with these.
  6. In posting that, I wonder if that is the right media to build out the Hellboy Universe with B.P.R.D., Abe Sapian, Lobster Johnson and many others. TV would allow for a longer and steady path to convey these wild and entertaining stories without cramming them into a 2 hour production.
  7. For future reference, this type of post belongs in the "Hey Buddy Can You Spare a Grade" sub-forum.
  8. Are you actually going to bring your own cash this time or am I supposed to fund you again?
  9. WEIRDO No. 21 .......................... First Printing Last GASP [Fall 1987] .......................... Robert Crumb Mary Fleener / Harvey Pekar Carol Ann Tyler / Aline-Kominsky-Crumb Robert Armstrong / Justin Green William Clark / Michael Dougan Dennis Worden / SPAIN Bruce Duncan ............…............…. Literary Great-Read comics on the CHEAP! #362 of an ongoing series! .........................................................
  10. Ghost Rider #1-7 + Western Gunfighters #1-7 full run and storyline: $1,300 My personal run of this series. Many of these are really hard to find in such high grade. Just look at what some of these sell for when CGC graded. Grades are as follow: Ghost Rider: #1: 8.5 #2: 9.4 #3: 9.4 #4: 9.2/9.4 #5: 9.4 #6: 9.4 #7: 9.2/9.4 Western Gunfighters: 1: 9.6 #2: 9.0 #3: 9.0 #4: 9.0 #5: 9.2/9.4 #6: 9.4 #7: 9.2/9.4
  11. MONSTERS *** The Marvel Omnibus Volume 2 *** by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby .............................................…… Hardcover [HC] [Marvel 2017] ................................................… First Edition / 1st Printing Very Fine [VFN] read Gently Only Once! ...................................................…… Literary Great-Read comics on the CHEAP! #361 of an ongoing series! ...................................................……
  12. All-Star Western #11 NM-/NM: $250 2nd app. and 1st cover app. Jonah Hex
  13. Unfortunately, with a film called 'Hellboy' there is a select audience that will attend such a production while others will avoid it. Especially with an R-Rating, you limited it further. But the second film was considered a minor success. When Del Toro conducted his 24-hour survey to see how much interest there was in a Hellboy 3, within that time he had 134K responses wanting this film. So you would hope the market had matured in being aware of independent comic book productions in some way. If a TV show like 'The Walking Dead' can become one of the most massive hits in small screen history, Hellboy would have a solid shot if placed in the right hands.
  14. looking for a blue label tmnt 1 first print 9.4 or better
  15. Bob I forwarded this link to a collector friend of mine who works at Canada Post who has access to their internal tracking system so he will be able to see potentially the reason for the apparent address change. I have emailed you directly with his work email so you can converse with him on Tuesday when he returns back to work. Greg
  16. The Original Ghost Rider Hardcover (191 pgs.) VF/NM: $70 Reprints Ghost Rider #1-5 and Tim Holt #11-14 Cover price is $49.99
  17. I don't blame the seller for advertising unrestored because he thought it was. He's only human. He made the assessment to the best of his ability. When CGC caught the restoration, the OP contacted the seller to give him the chance to make it right. Failing to make it right is unacceptable. Own up to it. Make it right. Edit: Even if the Op thought it was restored after seeing it in hand, the seller should accept a return and make it right.
  18. These are the only people I could find that match that last name in Montreal - none match the address you were given. I could o more with the phone number to see what I can find.
  19. Here's a new All-True Romance in. Unusually pretty copy.
  20. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! Large print and poster collection -- approximately 700 items. GREAT FOR RESALE! Mostly comic and comic-related, with some fantasy, movie, fine art, and other ephemera -- -- prints and lithographs, many signed -- rolled posters -- folded promo posters -- calendars -- multi-plate portfolios in folder sleeves or envelopes Wholesaling the entire collection for $700 (roughly $1/piece) -- or possibly $1200 in trade for certain original art or CGC books at GPA. The Barry Smith Tupenny Conan alone is worth $250. The Watchmen portfolio is about $100. Miller Ronin, McFarlane Spider-Man, Bastian Cursed Pirate Girl, Wrightson, and numerous other $50-$100 portfolios, prints, and promo poster rarities. There is enough here to make your money back and then some! Very few duplicates. Artists include... Hughes, Jim Lee, McFarlane, Bermejo, Finch, Perez, Krenkel, Kaluta, Parrish, Vess, Tim Sale, Miller, Rude, Jones, Jimenez, Ross, Bolton, Frazetta, Quesada, Schultz, Struzan, and a LOT more! A few group shots are further below... See this Excel file for a full inventory of the collection- And pictures of each item are here (about 1000 pics)- (Note: If you download the Excel file and the JPGs and place them in the same folder on your computer, the links to each item in the Excel file will work.) (Note: Any duplicate pictures means there are multiple copies of that item.) Any condition issues are noted per piece in the above Excel file to the best of my ability. But with a collection of this size, there may be some oversights. All of the rolled and folded posters have been nicely flattened and are easy to handle. The only exceptions are a few of the oversized posters which had to be stored rolled, such as Alex Ross Crisis on Infinite Earths and Jim Lee Hush panorama posters. The following supplies are also included -- -- (4) Itoya 18x24 Profolios -- (24) pieces of 18x24 E Gerber buffered backing boards for adding stiffness to the above folios -- (10) Itoya 14x17 Profolios -- (2) smaller portfolios -- (2) Bags Unlimited 17x25 strong corrugated plastic gallery boxes with lids -- (1) University Products 6x36 archival poster tube -- (194) pieces of 30x40 Light Impressions Renaissance archival interleave tissue -- (4) custom-cut 30x40 folders made of archival foamcore with Tyvek-reinforced spines and Velcro closures -- (4) 4-mil heavyweight poly poster sleeves -- (4) Bags Unlimited 21x65 3-mil poly door poster sleeves -- (1) partial roll of 40in x 12ft 3-mil Duralar (mylar) The retail value on these supplies alone is almost $800! See here- This will be a multi-box shipment. The collection is boxed up safely and neatly arranged by size -- -- SMALL items which fit in 14x17 portfolios -- MEDIUM items which fit into 18x24 portfolios -- LARGE items which fit in 30x40 foamcore folders -- OVERSIZED rolled posters longer than 40" which fit in a 6x36 archival tube To keep your cost down, LOCAL PICKUP in New York City is available and PREFERRED. Shipping charge for multi-box FedEx Ground to California is about $280. Destinations closer to NY will likely be much less. Contact me for a quote. Paypal, wire transfer, money order, or cash if in person. THERE ARE NO RETURNS. So please contact me with any questions beforehand. Thanks for looking!
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