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  2. Not sure if this counts as the “others comics” are just earlier issues - 1,9,12 - from the same title.
  3. Swamp Thing #1 6.0 WHITE A very nice and affordable 6.0. Price: $100
  4. Undisclosed? No where in anything discussed by me,nor you,nor anyone said anything about undisclosed. I said it could be done. I didn't say anything about disclosure or not or anything on that topic. Don't call me out on that. If you're not familiar with my post in general from a decade ago currently active about undisclosed shady stuff, go read it. This topic wasn't about disclosure,it was about can you get a blue label from a trimmed book. The answer is yes to that. Disclosure is a separate topic don't confuse them. CCS books with resto cut out aren't disclosed by the label 100% or seller, 99.9 % of the time.
  5. With a clean and press what do you think this may achieve Nice spine I cant see any ticks but bottom left corner shows some wear Lovely and clean in side as never been read.
  6. One more commission off the table to CGC.
  7. I just wanted to bump this one forward so that it doesn't get lost in the discussion.
  8. Damn, it’s jamming in here, still! Report coming tomorrow...
  9. Sounds like Disney may still keep this alive. Just bump it back to allow for the rumored actress to free up her schedule, and Jeremy Renner to clear up his legal challenges. Hawkeye on Disney Plus misses the mark, still aiming for a future release
  10. I didn’t think the story was very good but I love these covers.
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