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  2. So with the new joker movie out later this year, will Batman #1 get a FMV bump like it did when "Dark Knight" came out?
  3. It was an experiment with low dollar books. Wouldn't dream of doing it with anything valuable.
  4. I have a Showcase #22 in CGC 4.5 with a "small amount of glue on cover" designation, and it has a blue label. The mystery deepens .... Joe
  5. You really are asking for it aren't you. And it's not even Friday.
  6. that email is Brittany McManus, she's been good about helping people out with reholders.
  7. 13 posts per day over 6 years about what... 10 minutes-30 tops 2.5 hours x 90 times in less than a year yeah sorry I hurt your feelings in the process enjoy that popcorn this weekend
  8. Brick Bradford #6 One of the best Robot covers, period. It pains me to sell this one, but unfortunately in need of a new car so sacrifices must be made. Beautiful and solid book! Great vibrant colors with off white pages! Main detractor is on the back right corner there is a dark staining area. The jury is out what it could be, looks more like dirt than anything but can't really clarify. Bought from a reputable boardie and high-end seller a few years ago. No restoration of any kind. The rest of the book is good to go! Last sale was a 6.5 in Feb at $2000.00. This book is one of those few that I think has much room to grow, hence the aggressive asking price. (6.5-7.0) $2650.00
  9. This was definitely a crazy pants purchase. Maybe the value has caught up with what I paid (if you don't count the credit card interest). I think it's one of Zolnerowich's best covers, so I'm happy to own it regardless.
  10. So my last group just finished grading this morning. Not as successful with this group. One book stayed the same. Two went up marginally and 3 dropped marginally. So for my 3 PGX submissions 12 went up, 13 stayed the same and 3 dropped. Not bad, was hoping for better. Next time I'll have them pressed. Although one of the books had a note about an "odor". Since I purchased them online already in a PGX holder I didn't know the book stunk, just thought it was only the company. 001 Tales of the Unexpected 97 10-11/66 D.C. Comics Universal 9.0 WHITE PGX GRADE 9.0 002 Fantastic Four 70 1/68 Marvel Comics Universal 9.0 WHITE PGX GRADE 8.5 003 Thor 154 7/68 Marvel Comics Universal 8.0 WHITE PGX GRADE 8.5 004 Captain America 109 1/69 Marvel Comics Universal 8.5 WHITE PGX GRADE 9.0 005 Thor 146 11/67 Marvel Comics Universal 8.5 OFF-WHITE TO WHITE PGX GRADE 9.0 006 Batman 199 2/68 D.C. Comics Universal 9.0 OFF-WHITE PGX GRADE 8.5
  11. Looking for a Bone #1 1st print. Raw or graded. Mid grade or better.
  12. My only signature is 795 2nd printing signed by Dan Slott. Picked it up because it was the only issue over 500 that I was missing and the price was way too good to pass up.
  13. Mega Grail for Sale! My Kudos Thread Rules are as usual: First wins! Supersedes negotiations, PM with offers! No HOS'ers or Probe Payment: PayPal preferred or but will accept check as well and ship once check clears Shipping: FREE USPS Priority with tracking and insurance for full amount of book. USA buyers only please Returns: This specific book I won't be doing returns. Please ask questions before purchase and I will be happy to answer them Will always listen to reasonable offers or if you have any questions about the books please don't be shy! Thanks for looking
  14. I’ll check it out in a month once the crowds die down. I like going into a movie on a Monday morning with a half empty theater. Infinity War was good but wasn’t even the best MCU movie to me but still looking forward to watching this.
  15. I mean, technically, it is the 1,000th issue of Action Comics. You're right, though, that it's some weird Frankenstein monster of Volume 1 and Volume 3. Marvel recently rebooted most of their titles, and have (IMO stupid) "Legacy" numbering. It's confusing stuff sometimes. You're right - a mess.
  16. Bumping this thread for no good reason other than I’m tired of reading about Iron Man 55 and the like. Anyone got anything??
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