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  2. If it doesn't say Official, it's not.
  3. Picked up a group of books at an auction years ago and this was included.
  4. Hey ^_^ I'm curious how its possible that a first appearance (cameo in the form of a voice) is worth more than a full appearance? As I came across issues two issues with not that drastic of a grading scheme - 6.0 and 7.5: Captain Marvel Adventures #22 - 1st appearance of Mister Mind in a voice cameo Captain Marvel Adventures #26 - 1st full appearance of Mister Mind Or is the price difference simply due to eBay users bidding uncharacteristically higher on an off-day?
  5. I almost didn't see that big corner crease. I would say 5.0.
  6. Just curious- Is there a way to get the fingerprints off the book? (Assuming they are there)
  7. Thanks for sharing those interior pages. Totally insane GA stuff. I love it!!!
  8. It's origin (who created it) is actually not known. However, I acquired it from eBay from another collector.
  9. Hi Folks, Here are the scans and current prices: 1. Matt Wagner Pat McEown Grendel: War Child action page -$47 2. Larry Hama Snake Eyes sketch -$41 3. Travel Foreman Immortal Iron Fist page - $5.50 ebay link Thanks for looking Malvin
  10. Ok it's time for round 2 of Ride the Tiger vs the graded comic. I'm sending in 3 more books and will be taking the advice given and having a press done. I will post pre press scans and yall can give me your thoughts. This time 2 SA and 1 BA.
  11. "Throw in some hookers n' blow, and you've got yourself a deal." "Is that with or without your firstborn included?" "I would love to accept your offer, but I'll have to see if that'll be enough to feed all of my kids this week, or just most of them."
  12. Thanks, most of those were long ago. Trying to remember a more recent one. I think the other teen everyone thinks of when this topic comes up was "CAP freak". What I still remember about GIJOE...was the realization after the fact that sometimes I must have been negotiating with his Dad....
  13. Nice to see someone cosplaying as a Sea Devil from 1970s Doctor Who.
  14. Hi Mollie- Please add Amazing Spider-Man #270 to: ‘Amazing Spider-Man Canadian Price Variants’ set thanks-
  15. New addition to the collection, Adventures of Superman #497 (12/92) Second Printing, currently 1 of 4 in 9.8 grade. I won this on eBay for only $13.50, maybe the price was low because the auction ended the same night as Game of Thrones, or not that many people really care? I'm really pleased to add this to the collection, the book itself is beautiful. I just need the third print now, there are currently 2 in 9.8 out there somewhere.
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