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  2. BTW, as luck would have it, Sensei Ryan just posted CGC 9.8 copies of the #7 and #8 Second Prints on eBay last Sunday and they are active until the end of the weekend. Be sure to check them out if interested. These don't come around often, so if you are intent on getting the Second Prints, this is a great opportunity. Ryan, you can thank me later
  3. New listing on ebay:
  4. If you think 101 is up there, wait 'til you try and get 129 in decent condition. Yikes.
  5. Hi Tim and welcome. Reprints for first 50 are 2, 7, 8, 33, 34 and 50. 33, 34, and 50 have cover variations whereas 2, 7, 8 look identical, just different dates. Good luck in completing your collection! I personally have a second #1 but have plans to get it sketched by Tony someday.
  6. And while I don't communicate all that much with ComicLink people, Jon Signorelli is a 5-star guy.
  7. The last of the chapbooks now at 50% off original listing price of $30 (Look Out He's Got an Axe now at $15!). And one freebie left Comic Book Profiles. Claim if you buy anything remaining in the thread. Happy Easter to All. Paul~
  8. Unless that is “white brittleness”, it’s overall PQ doesn’t look too bad.
  9. 55 is one of my all time favorites. If I dip below 100 again that will be one of the first ones I go after!
  10. That was one of my error messages - I was on the Microsoft internet browser.
  11. We implemented a fix for this yesterday. Please let me know if you are still having a problem in Chrome.
  12. Found a few more Bernie cards signed. Let's try doing a BOGO. Buy one, get one free. Your choice (on any of the cards in this thread, not just these latest three).
  13. I lost all my silver age ASM to flooding so I doubt I will ever go for those again but 100-up and the keys there are very doable (except 101 LOL). That is my collecting focus anyway. The 101 in high grade is beyond my reach at this point so my focus may change to 102-UP LOL.
  14. I found a very good cover by Liefeld... with 4 feet!!!!
  15. I would say "yes", but I am about as amateur as it comes to "press-able defects".
  16. I get all this but still think it would be the easy / obvious / cop-out choice. Equivalent to the mess ending of "How I Met Your Mother" where he ends up with Robin after all. Plus, articles are already appearing online discussing how JJ may "retcon" Rey's lineage so she *is* significant after all (a la a Skywalker or Kenobi). I don't think this would be a retcon because everyone seems to be ignoring _the source_ of that information -- Kylo Ren, at the very moment they've defeated Snoke and his minions and he's trying to woo her to his side. The thought I had instantly in the theater is the blindingly obvious choice: he's lying. He has every reason to lie to her in that moment, and she's both physically exhausted and emotionally vulnerable to fall for it -- take his words at face value. So...there's no retcon needed. Should Rey turn out to be someone other than the child of "nobody," "filthy junk traders" -- it's entirely consistent with what we saw in The Last Jedi -- we'd simply learn that Kylo lied, which is entirely in character for him.
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