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  2. That sucks. People can say what they want about PayPal but believe that would have been seller protection if it had been shipped with signing verification. Bob - sorry to say but most people would not send this type of book without signing verification. The amount if big enough for a trip to Canada? hope you recover it
  3.  I certainly disagree with you, but hey? WTF do I know about comics???  He’s right. It’s a stretch. I don’t expect customers at shows down the road to be clamoring for this book. ‘The book where Cap first picks up Thor’s hammer’? - greater fool theory book. Flip now. Reading comprehension 101, Dave. Red Hood makes two statements; the only one followed up upon was ‘it’s a stretch’. You ought to consider yourself fortunate none of your critics took you up on your question.
  4. Hey man, no offense but I've gone back 4 pages in the eBay forum and you have the same book being advertised on each page. Real estate is precious here and to be fair to everyone, you should just bump your 1st thread rather than create a new one each time. That leaves room for others on those 4 pages. Just my
  5. For Sale is 14 different raw copies of ASM #27 through #97. All books can benefit from a clean and press and are unrestored and complete. Some have date stamps. No coupons missing and no missing pages. General Rules and Terms No HOS's Free Shipping in The USA WorldWide Shipping (PM me for a Quote) Use the emoji to claim and book(s) Payment by Paypal is preferred. Returns accepted within 5 days of receiving item. Buyer pays return shipping. Stated condition is my opinion, I try to grade the best I can, If I grade the book a 5.0, you won't have a book that shows up as a 1.8 when you open the package. ASM 27 4.0 Price $50
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