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  2. I posted a thread similar to this several months ago with a guardians of the galaxy comic that had a ghost rider from the future on it. Final verdict Thanos 13 is first appearance of Cosmic Ghostrider
  3. Did not like the scenes where he showed compassion. Wanted him to be more ruthless. Like when he asks the droid if he’s ok after the fight. Come on. Or when he tells Nolte to take the money because he deserves it. I wanted him to be more consistent. A lone cold gunfighter like he was in the opening scene which was the best part for me. But I guess that’s not what they are going for here. Still really enjoyed it but hopefully the Mandalorian doesn’t turn into some big softie with his current bounty in future episodes. I like how he upgraded (level upped) his armor. Maybe he’ll do that with each reward he claims.
  4. Joined 11 years ago and this is your first post. Where you been brother? Welcome to the boards.
  5. It really is that good. I enjoyed it even more the second time. Not that I didn't the first go-around. Excited to see Episode 2 on Friday.
  6. Joker only $16.2M away from matching The Dark Knight's unadjusted worldwide box office. And only $11.3M away from breaking $1B worldwide.
  7. 15% Off last 2 books! Mysterious Traveler Comics #1 NOW $361.00 Archie Comics #46 NOW $59.00
  8. Just be sure to follow all 67 rules, make sure your ad is grammatically correct and aesthetically pleasing or it will be banished to limbo. If you manage all that, expect to get many pms offering you a third of your offering prices.
  9. Exactly. The comic market is the wild west of business, same with all collectibles
  10. I think that's the basic understand of it.. but good luck controlling the 2000 (only) shares what stopping them from diluting those shares to 4,000 a month later and your supposedly gain is diluted to the same amount or sell more shares of the initial offering to say 6,000 shares now your 5$ investment is worth 2.50$.
  11. I had a buddy of mine good friend for like 15 years knows nothing about comics approach me and say he lets find a cool comic book for a few thousand buy it up and sell it a year or 2 later we can split the costs and split whatever it sells for.. I didn't do this as what if I wanted to hold on to the book and he wanted to sell it all kinds of variables and scenarios I rather not have to deal with or go down, I think there's a lot of hype as people are starting to recognize that these comics are actually worth some decent money now.. for the hundreds of reasons that have been talked about many times on this forum.
  12. Here for you rabid wild-eyed Alex Toth fans are scans of the first and last pages of a couple of five page Count Dragula stories from Pete Millar's Drag Cartoons:
  13. No you can sell non-Cgc books you just can’t sell books graded by other companies. if you go to the sales forum, there is a bunch of rules. Follow them and your golden good luck
  14. So if a comic is value at $1000 And shares sell at .50 Than there is 2000 shares available and I want to buy ten shares in the comic for $5.00 I own %2 of the product. So than the product value increases to $2000 my shares are worth $10.00, I understand now, not sure if my math is accurate. Didn't bother to work it out. Plus its sellers that determine the value, not an actual stock exchange. If there was a solid number where the price of a product didn't have a wide range in value than it could be done, and do the share holders determine if the product should be sold or not?
  15. I mean I love the idea of being able to own a AF15 but I think I'll save up a bit more and get a low grade copy. for like 10-15k
  16. its also shares for a book.. how does anyone ever get paid at the end? I mean will they ever sell the book how does the money ever come back out of shares, will they cap shares will they sell unlimited amounts.. there is too much grey area's to allow for some major scams to be had here. There is no regulation its up to HipComic to be liable and responsible and truthful..
  17. The only way I can see this taking off is if they actually get a ton of people buying the shares but also get a ton more of people who want to buy those shares later on for more money on the secondary market, which isn't even active not until 2020. I mean if they at least had the secondary market available then I would consider but this seems like if anything goes side ways in the next year.. your out your money as you can't sell your "share" of the comic. I think it could work maybe but I think it would be better if they were much further along and had multiple books that the shares would be involved in maybe..
  18. This idea has been discussed here before. Wasn't thought of a good idea back then, either.
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