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  2. Thanks for replying all of you, advice taken and I appreciate your honest answers. I think I will just enjoy them for what they are, super comics to read. 😊
  3. Really enjoy some of these and miss the ones I have let go..
  4. Here is a new addition to my FF collection that just arrived today:
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  6. Almost there to launch... If Egyptian Queen does go for 5 mil or thereabouts, I'm starting a thread in General. A true victory for all comics lovers, whether OA collectors or not.
  7. My first GA ducks. $5 well spent .
  8. The limited real estate thing just means that if you are selling the same item over and over and start a new thread every time, you take up several threads worth of screen space within the first few pages preventing others from using that real estate space. People (at least I do) look several pages deep. I did recheck and realized that you were listing a #1 and a #2 (that all 4 listings were not just the same #1 issue). You can either post a new URL, which will bump the thread or you can edit the URL into the new listing and bump your old thread with a post (such as one of these : ). Anyway, I'm just offering some friendly advice about how things are generally done here. The 'rules' can be found here: While you didn't specifically break rule #4, you are sort of spamming the market place. 4. No spamming. Keep the number of new threads to a reasonable standard per person. If you're exceeding a post per day over time, simply to occupy more screen real estate, it's likely to be considered spamming. Anyway, no hard feelings.
  9. Maybe in the future have a "No credit card purchases for first time buyers" policy?
  10. X-men #1-66 + #94-143. Soo much strange sheit going down in each ish. It will be mined.
  11. @RockMyAmadeus Thanks for the heads up! My mistake. Raw books start at .99 CGC books I ain't gonna give away for free!
  12. Does anyone know what happened to those ASM 667 copies at the c2e2, by chance?
  13. Package deal $1050 Shipped in lower 48 Mat packages only no frames or glass included Detective Comics 2 pg 12 Signed by Tony Daniels and Ryan Winn. Museum quality framing. Hulk vs Batman by Dave Beaty includes prelim sketch Megatron by Mike S. Miller preproduction sketch for the DDP G.I. Joe Vs. The Transformers (published in the graphic novel) Wolverine by Metcalf Boba Fett by Scott Cambell
  14. You have to earn it. They send out the certificates once per year, unless you request that they not be sent. Click here to learn more...
  15. Hi Andre, Welcome to the boards. It looks very high grade but for a more accurate assessment of the grade it need to come out of the bag. Investment in fine cotton gloves will help. Thanks
  16. Flash #114 & Green Lantern #1... #115.... #2 And together in GL #13
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