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  2. ♪ "Here come Randall, he's a berserker..." ♫ I gotta watch that again You need to watch this for the first time.
  3. yep this thread is starting to pick up some momentum the last few pages !!!!!
  4. Is it time for the main course, less than 24 hours!
  5. Yesterday
  6. ♪ "Here come Randall, he's a berserker..." ♫ I gotta watch that again
  7. You will have to ask Hollywood...I forget the members name but I remember reading pages of them fighting....
  8. ♪ "Here comes Randall, he's a berserker..." ♫ -slym
  9. Why are you even here? You seem to know more about this than anyone trying to help you, so why even ask for our help? Just to insult us and make yourself feel better? Oh, BTW - its spelled "grammar". -slym
  10. Interview with the Vampire #1 CGC 9.8 s/s John Bolton - $125
  11. @Wolverinex Oh No! Don't bring up that up! Those 2 fight like cats & dogs! This is a now a thread to make comic general negative again!
  12. Secret Empire #1 CGC 9.8 s/s Mark Brooks - $60 two cps available
  13. Can you guys, please take a look at this book and give me your opinions? No hidden damage. Book and centerfold well attached to covers. No splits and off white pages. Many thanks in advance!
  14. Secret Empire #0 ( 1/50 variant ) CGC 9.8 s/s Rod Reis & Nick Spencer - $85 two cps available
  15. That said, the numbers bandied about were "5,000." The sub-distributor that I worked for in 1992-1993, for example, received copies for every X copies he ordered. Maxx #1 Glow, for example, he got 1 for every 10 or 25 he ordered. He had maybe 10-15 of them. But these are just guesses.
  16. @Hollywood1892 where is your arch nemesis that you always argue with?
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