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  2. I think it's an abbreviation for "quatloo" which was a coin of the realm used in Star Trek maybe. Or it could be a casual term for fake money like pounds or crowns.
  3. I agree with this. I consign A LOT with MCS. I don't want to jump through hoops to justify my pricing. I wouldn't ever price anything like that sweet restored Spidey, but I do price some things well above current market. In this market it only makes sense on certain things. I've set GPA records on plenty of books that at the time of pricing may have seemed outrageous. Books go from being $20 to $200 overnight these days though. Non key stuff I usually try to be the cheapest available unless that price would have me losing $. As far as best offer goes, I am against it. I'm not interested in getting offers of $175 on my items priced at $200 when that book would sell for $200 without a best offer option. I price the majority of my stuff to be competitive with current pricing. I'd rather not bump things up that I don't feel deserve it just to haggle and end at the same price. I don't want unnecessary steps to end at the same result. A lot of people that sell on Ebay loath the best offer option for this reasoning and more.
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  5. what's a 'quid' again? Is it British slang for 'squid'?
  6. These listings use scans and partial descriptions from prior ebay sales.
  7. I also had an autographed copy of a Calvin and Hobbes book that I paid $250 for back in 2003. Sold it for $1350
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