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  2. One of the tricks of the trade I've learned (as in, I've been tricked) is to put the art in a cheap frame when selling at cons to hide damage to the art. A framed piece of art I got at Heritage, the frame hid foxing around the sides, but in that case the framing was the cause of the foxing. The frame pictured above must have been done for Nigel Tufnel.
  3. Yeah, I was wondering about the Cole cover. I thought it might be one of his last. The Psycho is #3 of the UK series. It only ran for three issues, reprinting (I assume) various bits of the originals. When I get a chance, I'll go through it and edit the index on GCD. Like I said, I bought the lot for the Witchcraft & Sorcery, which are text stories instead of comics & the Ghoul Tales #1. Of course, now I need the whole run of Ghoul Tales, so the #1 doesn't get lonely. And then I'll have to get all the Stark Terror, Witches Tales, etc, etc...
  4. Please add the 7/53 Jesse James nn to the Avon Jesse James set. You list the annual, but not the Realistic reprint from 1953. Thanks.
  5. Hi there, Cam you please add to the following sets Gabriele Dell'Otto cover set: Silver Surfer Black 1 2503402017 Marvel Comics 1000 2082729005 Vampirella V% 1 2066385007 Daredevil 1 2066386007 House of X 1 2066385002 War of realms 1 2040788007 Amazing Spiderman 800 dell otto virgin Scotts 1580056030 To the Daredevil Complete Set Daredevil 8 Carnagized variant 2082730006 Daredevil 12 Quesada variant 2082729001 To amazing spider-man 9complete with variants) Amazing Spider-man 19 parrillo variant 2052918010 Many thanks for you help Robert
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  7. OK its just arrived. Here are some quick pics including one at rake angle to highlight the flatness. Laying flat it looks new - the only thing that says it isn't is a mild agedness. The whites have gone a bit off white. Centre fold split 2 inches - page off 1 staple. Can't tell if factory or user. The spine split/wear is about 2mm. Spine ticks 1 or 2 tiny tiny ones. Bit of dirt on the back Mild corner bend. No restoration its straight out of an old old collection. I think its 7.5..? The centre fold split doesn't show unless you open it quite far out. I'm very relieved - I was half expecting water damage or some other thing that wouldn't show on photos but there's nothing.
  8. 😂 RM you were one hell of a cool Daddio man!!! Look at this!!! Stacks and stacks of wonderful stuff!! I had so much of this gear too looks like your kid and I shared the same interests hehe!! I kept all the backers to the figures and a few were in packages but nowhere near what we have here!! The freakin Party Wagon, Large Krang, the Sewer playlet all in the box WHOA!! Love the Ghosbusters stuff too that Ecto-1 is awesome!!! My folks kept all our stuff in a Non temperature controlled storage unit for decades in plastic bins and I have to say the stuff held up better than I would have guessed it would have. I had an original ghostzapper with the old batteries still in them and when I pulled it out by golly it still worked!! That’s insanity to me but still pales in comparison to how awesome these pics are!!! A goldmine of Coolness!!
  9. I'll add Jack Binder's cover for Prize Comics #20 to my list of GA masterpieces...
  10. Price Drop Now $650 Shipped......Lets get this sold.
  11. Whether cracked out or holdered, the grading appeared to be pretty tight, presenting better than an 8.0 from the popcorn gallery. Anyway, a toast to Mr Bedrock for another thrilling episode...
  12. I'll take New Mutants Annual #1 Masters of the Universe Gold #1 and the free Power Girl
  13. Purchased several books so far and had great experiences. Will look to sell in the future!
  14. If you are referring to a real life black superhero, then I am afraid that he's just been arrested on drug charges:
  15. I'll take the Pep 155 - sorry accidentally copy and pasted the whole thread.
  16. I think 3.0 is the absolute top given the stains, rust and migration. It presents well though.
  17. Not a superhero reading the comic, but a fan rather. From Big Shot #81 (September 1947, Columbia Comics). Art by Ogden Whitney.
  18. that's no way to treat SA Marvels
  19. Ryan, because of his birth sign he can see both sides of the talk, and CGC should xerox every book they slab because reasons. He basically has cosmic awareness.
  20. Alex Schomburg: L. B. Cole: Jack Kirby: Mac Raboy: Jack Cole: Sheldon Moldoff: Joe Maneely: Will Eisner: Al Avison: Carl Barks: Lou Fine: Reed Crandall: C. C. Beck Syd Shores: H. G. Peter:
  21. If you're asking what it might grade if you send it in, I'd say conservatively probably in the 3.0-3.5 range with that staple issue & the major creases....CGC hits hard for that stuff in my experience....most of the slabbed 4.0's I've seen don't have anything that major
  22. Books like these are definitely meant to be read. All I can is that if you were lucky enough and managed to get these at $0.25 a shot, you should be ecstatic since that's an absolute steal of a deal for you.
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