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  2. This is awesome and something I will definitely support monetarily!!! Shoot me a PM brother!!
  3. I found where Sandberg noted the commentary details. Sounds like it is because he feels it is an unappreciated feature. From the responses, it's clear people disagree with his reasoning.
  4. Payment received, finally. I still think that is sad to be forced to bring the discussion on the Probation forum in order to find a solution. Anyway...
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  6. That is with any movie nowadays, as with Ultraviolet gone you either must offer up Google Play, iTunes, Movies Anywhere or VUDU for digital copies. I'm not seeing where the commentary is exclussive to any of them.
  7. I’m currently traveling in Vietnam and came across a restaurant in Hue that had a whole wall of clay superhero statues. It turns out, all the statues are made by the owners 7 year old son (his first piece was completed when he was 4). He doesn’t have any comics and all the inspiration for his statues comes from some Marvel cards he came into somehow. The rest are from images his dad finds online for him. i was really touched by this and asked if it was okay for me to send him some of my extra comics to help inspire his creative/artistic juices. I have a few books (~20) I will be sending and might pick up some random $0.50 books at my LCS, but I wanted to reach out to see if any boardies would be inspired to send a few worthless books that I could add in my care package. I know beggars shouldn’t be choosers, but 99% of the statues were Marvel/DC so it would make sense to send books from those publishers if possible. if you’re interested, please send me a PM and we can coordinate. I get back from Vietnam at the end of the month (so I might have a delayed response) and would like to mail the books by mid-June. (Note, this isn’t an official charitable donation, just me trying to be nice). Thanks, ExNihilo
  8. Pressing (properly, that is) doesn't cause tanning to covers. If those covers are tanned, they are tanned because they were improperly stored. And pressing doesn't cause acid transfer. You don't (and SHOULD NOT) use microchamber paper when pressing a book. I find it hard to believe that it needs to be even discussed.
  9. Sure, but you can attribute that to a lot of factors, including the sheer flood of liquidity that has been coursing through the economy for about 10 years now that has caused all asset prices, including comics, to skyrocket. One could argue that the value of high grade books would be even higher today if the scarcity of many high grade books had not been diluted by CGC's practices. There is a group of collectors who prize old label slabs on the basis that they are more likely (not guaranteed, but more likely) to be unpressed and/or resubbed, but they tend to be ridiculed by the majority who don't want the market to make any distinction between pressed/resubbed books and non-pressed/resubbed books.
  10. Sean Sean Sean, there are appearances to be kept and motions to go through.
  11. Blonde Bombshell to blonde bombshell...
  12. We were only saying the other week how things were thin on the ground re Charlton pence copies, now there's hope. Nice catch Steve
  13. A murderous model to a loveable model...
  14. Alas, ...are we actually seeing the beginnings of an after-after market NR removal service?
  15. Far from it because the value of high grade books has increased dramatically over the past 10 years, ...victory lap notwithstanding. You're right about OA being popular and having it's own issues, but heated debate over pressing and resubmission of comics has never subsided, not really. What's been done can't be undone, that's true enough, but this could begin a discussion about reexamining the value of books graded prior to the crack & press culture, Newton Rings and billboard labels. IOW, views toward books that haven't been resubmitted yet as part of the bump merry-go-round. Why shouldn't a graded book that hasn't been futzed with three or four times be more desirable to collectors than recently graded copies of the same book with a bumped opinion? If it's about the book and not the grade on the label, wouldn't older grading be more desirable to collectors bidding in auctions? Opinions? Sorry 'bout getting off the beaten path discussing the San Francisco Cap #1 (let's just call this the path less taken).
  16. Saw it tonight on a whim. Hadn't heard of it before. It was ok. Nothing special. Tried to make it much too much like a horror movie. Could have been a LOT better, especially if they'd focused on Not bad, not great.
  17. I whole heartedly have to agree with you on all aspects of your post. Most importantly I would love to see your new list. I very much enjoyed your last list.
  18. Look... there in the corner, that damp patch looks just like a bunny rabbit!
  19. The advisability of referring to CGC's graders as "random strangers" on their own message board aside, I'm pretty sure that's how they would like everyone to see them, too: restoration detection and ease of selling books. The only books that are permanently slabbed in my collection are yellow labels and blue label 9.9s and 10s. Everything else is fair game for either the crack/press/sign/resub, or the straight sale. Comic books don't need to be stored in slabs, and, indeed, take up much more space when doing so.
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