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  2. I can understand that. When Sal took up the book again in 1988, his style had changed and became more angular and thick lined. I enjoy 70s and early 80s Sal but am lukewarm on later Sal.
  3. Or the Lord of Light raises all those dead Starks to fight for the good guys. Sounds like a new band - The Dead Starks
  4. I have nothing new to add regarding the question, but it was fascinating to learn about the hidden name and the sampler. Very cool stuff!
  5. It bothers me too. If a book is restored, it's restored. Even if its very minor it's still restored and ought to be treated as a restored book. I think this comes down to just CGC being too lenient on their grading of GA books. It's nonsense and all it does is lead to confusion, distrust, and misinformation. They sometimes do the same thing with a small amount of glue on a book.
  6. I should have been more clear. A set I have registered is a newly ranked #1 this year. I didn’t know if I had to request a 2019 Best in Set award of if it happened automatically.
  7. Idk. When I was looking for a Superman Vol. 2 #75 CGC 9.8 SS, they had 1 listed for $600, while the FMV was around $150. They, themselves, had a couple listed for $150-175. Not really sure what their protocol is for customers that have an outrageous asking price.
  8. I think e-bay has created a monster with all these coupons. It seems like everyone is holding their breath waiting for the next coupon which is effecting sales. I don't blame everyone when you can save $100 but what if the next coupon comes out this fall? Will people sit around and wait for their government cheese?
  9. Enroll that kid @ MIT now. Most 8-year olds would have no idea how to use eBay.
  10. most grades of ASM 194 has been rising. Two years ago you could get a CGC 9.4 for 250ish...Now $350ish. 9.0's are selling for $200-$225. I used to be able to get decent Raw copies all the time for around $ they routinely go for over $100. I have 50 copies of the book. Including 20 that are graded.
  11. Man, some people really apply some very well thought out logic to key scenes that otherwise would be treated as just some dialogue to fill screen time. There is some thinking here about that mercenary army at Kings Landing, and who they may be truly aligned with for the sake of keeping investments and aligning with a stronger throne candidate.
  12. I could've sworn I asked for pictures outside of the bag for this one...
  13. You're there with us, as that's the thinking. Either the Night King has a separate force going to Kings Landing or he is making an end-run to Bran while his main forces are distracted.
  14. As long as the signature didn't intend the page, then I would say "yes". I'm no expert, though.
  15. Haha! What do I care, when I'm dead the younger people have to deal with it.
  16. Maybe he realizes they're going to try and kill him, so he's flying straight to Kings Landing for some strafing runs to build up recruits down there
  17. So, not only has your generation destroyed our economy and the o-zone layer, but now you're literally consuming the planet!?
  18. "Modern" still exists as a category, because it used to have a different label when CGC started up.
  19. Agreed. Something this massive with so many stories intertwined could turn into a confusing mess. It sounds like the Russo Brothers nailed it.
  20. For all you guys that are in their later years. I have found something that really makes me feel 20 years younger. My muscles and joints dont hurt anymore, my body feels great. Consider taking food grade Diatomaceous earth on a daily basis. Just a teaspoon a day in your drink of choice . Check it out on YouTube, there are thousands of videos regarding this. It's really been amazing.
  21. That’s the thing. I feel like simply not being a disappointment is a victory with the amount of hype this movie has...
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