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  2. Midnight Mystery #7 VG Classic 1961 Ogden Whitney robot cover. $10
  3. How about a cheap bronze unicorn? Mendy and the Golem #11 VG, tear in back cover $4
  4. Washington State Summer Con 2019 will be held June 15-16th in Puyallup Washington, which is about an hour south of downtown Seattle. They have a very impressive guest list this year including Jim Lee, Roy Thomas, Chris Claremont, Scott Williams, Jim Steranko, Sean Gordon Murphy, Jae Lee, Ken Lashley, Marv Wolfman, Jim Shooter, Andy Kubert and several others. Show Info: Entertainment & Comic Guest List: Jim Lee (Sunday June 16th Only) Autograph Packages:
  5. More dollar boxes coming later in the thread, but let's close the night with a handful of books that are more than a buck....I said there would be twists, turns and surprises....
  6. That very well could be. I know I don't do as much digging as most, but still, I've never even seen a Punisher 100. Hector has a mitt-full....I'm envious.
  7. 31 has been on fire lately. I agree that 43 deserves more love.
  8. Interesting. I’ve known people to submit books 5x the value of the value tier and not get bumped, and their rationale is they choose the tier that represents the amount they paid for the book...not the current value...obviously they are willing to accept the repercussions if an incident were to occur with their book, but that’s immaterial. But apparently others get bumped up for simply crossing the edge of a tier from a favorable grade. I don’t get the inconsistency...
  9. You know it cant be that hard, but I don't see it either. Must be a regional thing.
  10. Posting on the CGC boards That's all you got from that? I post regularly on at least 4 or 5 different boards just like it. Either produce a valid discussion or go away. Ridiculing me doesn't change anything of the information I provided it only shows you have nothing in rebuttal.
  11. Strange, I had those on my Watch List and they are closed with 0 bids. They were the ones starting at $150.
  12. Assorted Harveys, $1 each or take all 7 books for $5
  13. Your choice at $1 each: Marge's Little Lulu #200 Shadow Play #1 Bugs Bunny #144 O'Malley and the Alley Cats #4 Pink Panther #7 Woody Woodpecker #127
  14. Or, take all 17 Archies in the previous two posts for $15 (valid til singles are taken, of course)
  15. Hi I'm looking for a Tales of Suspense 52, graded or raw (unrestored). I'm flexible on the grade so please message me.
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