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  2. Just sent Greggy the following message: I read an article that stated cross-dressing nut bags find it hard to express themselves with words and are easily confused. Greggy's reply:
  3. Daring Mystery Comics 3- 1.25- $1300 Absolute classic! Schomburg cover. Simon interior story. Detached cover I feel pretty good about this being a 1.5 and it will be on its way to Sarasota if no takers here but even at 1.0 still pure awesomeness.
  4. just to toss a hypothetical scenario out there to be a dingus.. what the ball being blue on sat but asked again later it might be blueish whitish now.. because say it wasn't stored properly left out in the rain and the rain was slightly acidic and washed away a lot of the colour and it was very sunny afternoon after the rain and the UV index was super high.. the ball's colour would not be the same blue that you originally started off with.. Sorry not trying to pick or anything just wanted to state that if the ball is blue now doesn't mean 100% it will always be blue later. a statement like this similar to grading and comics can be subjective.. specially with comics where we know storage conditions are super key in their longevity and condition.
  5. Daring Mystery Comics 2- Incomplete- $495 Last 0.5 (missing back cover) was $537 last January 2nd Schomburg comic art
  6. 12/07/2019 $916 1164646001 The slaughter continues - Last time a 9.8 Blue walking Dead #1 sold for under $1000? 2012 I was expecting a solid resistance at $1500 when the $2000 barrier fell. But to go sub $1K? The book is in freefall, and I would expect some bigger buyers to come in to stock up on the book at this price. $900 - Bloody Hell!
  7. Your options: 1. 0.5 blue label 2. Green label, but two cutouts? Dunno what the grade will be. 3. Re-sell raw on eBay. IMHO, I’d do the third one.
  8. Local pickup. Nice consolation prize after losing out on the Tec 30 in the Clink auction
  9. Pics or it didn't happen greggy sells autographed copies of those pics for $50 a pop. Contact him.
  10. I also had an otherwise perfect Infinity Gauntlet Perez #1 with a tape pull, it got 9.0 as well I don't know if the pics will do it justice... to compare books and tape pulls, with this black cover and all, I'll try to put it in spoilers to not confuse...
  11. Lol, I would probably stop buying comics
  12. I also had an otherwise perfect Infinity Gauntlet Perez #1 with a tape pull, it got 9.0 as well
  13. Thank you I will post a picture this evening.
  14. I remember doing that ha ha. Wasn’t thrilled but Michael is easy to deal with. The hold falls off in a week.
  15. The value is highly dependent upon the extent and quality of the restoration... However, if its been trimmed, the value falls off a cliff. If you post a pic of the label we can probably give you a closer idea of what the value may be.
  16. I have a restored Batman # 7 grade 4.0 Does restoration real effect the value? My book looks great. Came back with restoration label.
  17. You don't need to understand everything. It's less stressful.
  18. Good luck with the 32. Such an awesome cover! Yes indeed, a very beautiful cover and very apropos for the Christmas season with its green and red colors.
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