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  2. Not sure who has the better Audi spot, Carol Danvers or Peter Parker...cause this one was pretty good, too...
  3. Wasn't chewed. Doesn't look like bug or rodent damage. Pulp paper dried out over the years of attic storage that broke off little by little is what it looks like. This typically happens to sports and non-sports cards stored in a hot attic for 40, 50 years, they start to fracture and break apart to the touch. For the purposes of grading, I'd simply factor those as I would missing pieces, which they are. The cover is all there, bright and attractive, as is the back cover, margin to margin anyway, so due to the spine roll and missing pieces, I think 2.0 is the right technical grade, although on ebay, presented in a mylar, even with a full description of the defects and pictures that clearly show them, because it's a G.A. Tec and the cover very presentable, it may bring as much as a 4.0 price if a few bidders engage over it.
  4. purple to cutting edge purple...
  5. Marvel Tang, what a good analogy! The MCU is like water with Tang...colorful, tasty, packed with Vitamin C, and even better in the summer. The DCEU is like water with...nothing. At least you can stay hydrated? Aquaman?
  6. Lovely books buddy! Congratulations on the haul.
  7. What's his handle on the boards?
  8. I think that painting was on the back cover of TMNT and other strangeness RPG. VERY NICE!
  9. Avengers #213-220 average NM- : $15 for all I am 99% certain that these books have been pressed. Hammering the price for that reason.
  10. I'll try to answer these questions in the order you asked them: 1) CGC "inspectors" (commonly known as graders) generally examine books with the naked eye. If they see something suspicious, they may use a loop to help identify whether the flaw they see is restoration or something else. When grading, it's important to keep the lighting the same all the time; this helps keep the grading consistent. As far as I know, the graders still sit at desks to do the grading. 2) The type of training a grader has can be varied. Some folks at CGC have been grading most of their lives; some folks may only have a few years of grading experience. When I worked there, each potential grader was given a grading test as part of their job interview. The test consisted of a variety of comics in different grades; your job was to attempt to guess what grade each book had received. If you passed the test, it was a good sign. It also helps to have as much experience as possible with comics in general; the more you know, the more valuable you are to everyone else. This includes how to handle comics, how to take them out of the bag without damaging them, etc. 3) The amount of books a grader can grade in a day depends a lot upon the type of material they're grading. For instance, vintage books usually take longer and are more difficult to grade because they have more flaws. Moderns, on the other hand, are much easier because you're usually just trying to decide if they're better than Near Mint. Also, vintage material is much more likely to have odd page counts, pages missing, puzzles filled in, etc. All those things have to be noted, and in many cases put onto the label, so it takes longer. All the information is kept track of by computer (of course). I hope this helps shed some light on the subject, and if you're interested in a career in comics, I see they're still looking for good people...
  11. That's it? Pardon my reaction but...and? a) Bendis has never been a great writer b) There have been African-American heroes before. Were there variant covers of Flash #134 when Jakeem Thunder first appeared? What about Marvel's Monica Rambeau (Captain Marvel - Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16), Mexican Bonita Juarez (Firebird - Hulk #265) or Native American John Proudfoot (Thunderbird - Giant-Size X-Men #1)? Variant covers? In the words of the late, great Stan Lee, the most significant appearance of a non-white hero was in fact the Falcon, and history was made when the character shared the title with icon Captain America, in Captain America and the Falcon #134. Needless to say, there were no variant covers of that issue. Nuff' said.
  12. Bunch of flaked creases, but overall attractive, with great colors and nice structure. Might pull as high as 5.5, but a textbook 5.0, IMO.
  13. 5.0 but the money shot is very clean. I considered 5.5/6.0 but then I saw the chewed up corner....possible spine split...?
  14. I am having a difficult time grading this one. The cover and centerfold are attached and the pages are supple. The spine looks like it chewed on by something.
  15. Sorry Im of no help but that is an iconic cover! Congrats on the pick up!!
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