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  2. Not a multi-tool, but lets you select an international destination and create a label.
  3. That's why it's important to know how to handle books and not be freaked out by the value or condition. A 9.9 or 10.0 is no different than any other book, except that after you look at it for 5 minutes you realize it doesn't have any real flaws...
  4. Even in Hip Hop...DOOM is the Supervillain...
  5. Why not? I do it all the time but maybe you are leaving something out. Did one yesterday for Canada. I know I can do it if I have a Paypal payment from someone international, but does anyone know how to use the multi-shipping tool to generate one from scratch without a payment? When I attempt to do this, I only get US states options.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if over-moderation may have something to do with people leaving this place behind. I rarely post now because I keep getting warnings from Mod1 over very innocuous postings. I suspect one of my "followers" is there to turn in my posts. Why do I worry about it? I'm trying to keep off the vacations list, so that I can continue to post sales threads.
  7. Same for ASM 212. Mine is a newsstand 9.6 but like Iron man #219 I will wait until until the prices come back to earth before upgrading.
  8. Teen-Age Romances 38- CGC 5.0- $1695 Beautiful copy of one of Baker's best (and more salacious) girl covers in the run
  9. Phantom Lady and Junior is what really turned my head when it comes to good girl art comics. I think of Junior 9-16 and Phantom Lady 13-23 as two incredible mini-series that set a new standard. I have had complete runs of both books and sold them and now have compiled my Juniors again. I had the goal of getting a set in 7.0 and 7.5. In one case I have a 6.5 of Junior 12 that is being pressed and resubmitted now to hopefully see a 7.0 and I had an opportunity to pick up a tied for highest 9.0 of Junior 14 so I did that. For me, 14 in grade has actually been the toughest, even though 15 is notoriously the most difficult. Anyway, here is my run and if you have copies to share feel free to do so here. I would LOVE to get an original page from this series but I haven't heard of any being available.
  10. A new Shazam poster. I like how they inserted Tawky Tawny at the top left and right corners.
  11. Fire up those cigars! Now with highest graded copies of my two favorite Baker covers Will get a better scan/pic of the Phantom Lady 18 soon
  12. The problem with Marvel villain history insofar as naming a Hall of Fame-style list is there's only a few who have been consistently great antagonists. Marvel history, and it's not necessarily a bad thing, is its full of villains who have been great in short bursts, one or two story arcs, then not used again or never used again at the same level of story quality. Examples of what I mean: Graviton (1st app Avengers 158-159), Korvac (long Avengers saga culminating in 177), Nebulon (early Defenders appearances), Proteus (X-Men 128), etc. Fully developed, sustainable villains like Doom, Magneto, Kingpin, Loki etc are tough. I agree Galactus is more like a very important supporting character than a villain, though he's always an ominous threat. Toward the thread's original intent, I'll add Sgt Fury #1 to the top honorable mentions list as he's pretty arguably Marvel's top supporting character-level from the hero side, after Hank Pym. These two are to Marvel the Martian Manhunter is to DC's universe, IMO.
  13. Extremely. My stupid question added would be, how do you do a page count, and look for missing etc. and still end up with a 9.9? Can you really be that meticulous? I'm thinking you open a book, do all of that, you have to damage the book in some way. Of course, I'm wrong, it's just hard for me to picture.
  14. I love to see a Mad Men type tv series about the comic book industry. Start it in the 1930s and work their way up.
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  16. I love romance pulps. I probably would have bought every one in decent shape, or maybe even all of them. It's great to find a large lot like this. +1
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