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  2. This is his sales thread that references the theft. Probably another in which he talks in more detail.
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  4. All these years and nobody knew! I don't care who plays the next Bond Ken. He's a character from an age that has largely passed. The traits that made him what he was don't fit today. The backdrop is totally different. To be what modern society now wants - sorry, demands - well, that's just not the character that Fleming created. So reinvent away. Man, woman, black, yellow, fat, thin, hunchback. Dog even. Who gives a Watch the old ones.
  5. Picked up an Eerie 23 just now... after being reminded by this humble little cover: Estimates up to 5+ mil.
  6. Pretty sure the "Warlock" comment was sarcasm as Warlock's story is always about death and rebirth.
  7. Whaaaaaaaaa......? No way. You must have just been on your way to the beach.
  8. Holy Bajeezus... This bidding is astonishing to me...
  9. Korak 61-64 lot for $12 higher grade giants
  10. Weird Worlds 8 9 10 lot for $15 1st Iron Wolf
  11. Wheel of Death to Wheel of Death
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