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  2. I’ve always felt that when you are very serious about a mere 1/2 point bump and it’s evident that the book has areas to improve, then I strongly suggest sending it to Matt Nelson for a prescreen. If they say it’s worth a shot, then go for it. I feel that’s what they are there for. To evaluate and get that bump. You are paying so I expect their product, which is professional advice and expert cleaning and pressing should result in a bump more than 50% of the time. Otherwise what’s the point of their existence?
  3. I didn't buy it for a grade bump I got a good deal on it and I am quite ok with a 9.6 not looking to flip was just thinking of pressable defects and what would actually get a grade bump wanted to see what others thought the corners I guess are the deciding factor for sure that they are blunted.
  4. Now I know for a fact that the 1.8 was never pressed. I bought it in 1998 and had it in a bag and board and in a top loader until 2011? when I sent it in. This was before I really understood pressing and didn't know who to send it to or who to trust. Would it benefit from a press? Who knows? Are the grading restrictions tighter? There is a big difference in value between a 1.5 and a 2.0. I am not interested in selling this one ever out of the three... This was the one I really saved up for to buy.
  5. It could only be better if Orman's first name was Clint...
  6. These kinda books are the classic example that lure the owner or prospective buyer in. Clear and evident damage that looks like it can be fixed with a press. Makes you think. And only then will you truly understand the definition of gift grade. Also makes me wonder if the graders are now looking at books the same way a flipper might. Stains and CBCs are bad, but pressable defects are good and the book gets graded to its potential.
  7. Yeah, That's what I saw too. Was hoping maybe the person who bought it, or someone that knew them may be on the boards. Who knows?!
  8. not that I can see I will look at it under a loupe tonight
  9. We fought as hard as we could,even if we tried the 40K chemo,we were told it would only MAYBE add another year of life,and at what quality?Really made me lose faith for a while. She was so gentle,I'm 112 pounds in this pic,but she came everywhere with me and made sure I got my sunshine and fresh air.Pineapple pulls me like a marionette! And here's a much loved by me funny to lighten the mood,sorry for the emo folks.Got looking through old pics posted here. Edit @Comicopolis what a great,great t shirt,no?
  10. I thought you had already met your objective on that one...,
  11. Can anyone answer that question? Honestly, it's one of the things I dislike about the hobby most because while everyone professes 'love for the book' it's really become 'love for the profit' so I tend to not get involved with discussions like that.
  12. Anyone have a back cover for a Detective #38??
  13. Yeah when I looked online I only saw a few on ebäy and people were asking double what they were priced at directly from Walgreens. So I just went to a local Walgreens and found it.
  14. Hi Rick, Census question for you. I just acquired a Whiz Comics 18 and there are only 20 copies on the census. How many ungraded copies do you think exist? I would think this is the type of book that people typically get graded. Thanks, Josh
  15. I don't think I have ever posted scans of my AF15 3.5. I don't think the book was ever pressed.
  16. (“Foot” pun not originally it is😎)
  17. Whew,I've been here a while.Here's another incantation of me and the comic room.Getting old there Spaceman!
  18. Unless I'm seeing things, in addition to the color breaks on the spine, it appears to have nonpressable issues on each of the 4 corners, so I would agree that it would come back no higher than a 9.6, but IMO, it might just as likely to drop to a 9.4.
  19. And yep fricken Pulled the Plug again yesterday I saw 🤬 If you personally wanna know the value of that book list it with a high reserve, one time. If reserve not met, you might learn what two people couldah, wouldah, shouldah pay. If reserve was actually met, than set a price you could very happily part with book for. This individual is just playing or meddling in the Tmnt high-end funny book market. => - Heritage 9.8 #1 still at $28, pouring molasses out in February - Just noticed dos 9.6 #1s on the Bay of e with best offers, not selling for above $26,27,28,29K <= But one 9.8 #1 sold for $90,000 end of summer and Turtlemania Golds are popping up, selling/almost selling for twice that of a 9.6 .........Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K
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