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  2. oh yeah, chances are you might be able to get GPA average I would see 90 days being the one they would use as its the recent FMV for it but they might want to use the 1 year and say that's a stable price over a varied length of time. I guess he could argue that if I wanted to be able to re purchase his book he would need the closer to 90 day average. Not sure what insurance he is using or has.. Anyways best of luck..
  3. Nice! I need that one! Someday they'll release a big-budget All-True Romance movie, and you and I will really cash in.
  4. You may have seen it, but Felix sent an email stating there were over 400 requests for this last Surfer drop. Crazy. I offered a guy double what he paid for one of the Thanos Wins pages a while ago. That didn't work out. To your point about being more determined and hungry, I had an urge to make the same offer of double (or more??) for this great Surfer Black page, but came to my senses when I realized it would have been an offer of $3.6K+. A part of me continues to believe it's worth it even at that price. Stupid art. Ha.
  5. I'm think a 4.0 as well. Pressing may help to flatten out the water damage, but I don't see it getting much better. Good find though!
  6. I am the proud owner of 0.0427% of a Lancashire Kitchen and can't believe you people aren't all over this "oppurtunity"!!!
  7. Another question: where's the proof that they even have the book?
  8. BigDaddy1


    Still can't see the pic.
  9. If I put money towards any book, I would prefer to be the sole owner of the comic book. It's a unique idea, I'll give them that, but I wouldn't want to be a part of that.
  10. Well it was mid grade to begin with. I will send pics of what does return. Supposedly I am getting a few freebie books as an apology. One of them may be Marvel Preview 21, a book he had that I had expressed interest in purchasing but passed on. We shall see... I am confident something is coming as he took a photo of the receipt.
  11. I can lend you 9d Annoying when you forget isn't it. I had two tabs open recently, one with an ebay lot I was after with 3 minutes to go, the other a tab here. Someone here asked a question, I answered it, and missed the ebay lot by about 3 seconds. No good deed goes unpunished eh
  12. If non chipped, no tears, no major stains 5.0's go at auction consistently for around $40K, I would say the market has dropped some, but I don't see that. It just isn't rising at that grade either. That doesn't spell doom and gloom, it just says that buyers are getting fussier which I view as smarter investing.
  13. well, that's an interesting thought. What if you get back the same issue but a different copy in far worse condition. That sort of thing does happen.
  14. Been a while since I picked anything up, grabbed just these two at a local con this weekend.
  15. Also, you can only sell the shares on their site. Seriously? And, you can't sell until that function is on the site next spring.
  16. It looks like someone is tricking people into paying for their Amazing Fantasy 15.
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