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  2. Oh man, I need to sleep but I also need to fill WWT gaps. You’re killing me!
  3. That's it for tonight. Be back tomorrow with a few more Spideys. Thanks
  4. Short break then the rest of the weird war, What If, and Worlds' Finest to push to 800. Approx 50 X-men books tomorrow.
  5. As soon as I saw this I knew there was pretty much no chance I was not getting it. This has been a book on my NFS list as long as I’ve had a copy. Glad to have the best now.
  6. I really love the era from around issue 112-200, with the high points being from about 158-177.
  7. The Cat #3 "From Far Beneath the Mirror of the Moon!" – Following her confrontation with the Owl, Greer decides to bring her mentor to a lake house retreat to recover. When her senses pick up strange sonar emanations in the lake, she can't help but investigate. NOTE: Contains a letter written by Frank Miller as a teen on the letters page. $3.00
  8. The Uncanny X-men #186 3: Forge Story Title: "Lifedeath" Deprived of her powers, a depressed Storm is being housed by Forge who tries to feed her and prevent her from letting herself die. Step by step, Ororo and Forge get to know each other better and begin to fall in love. Valerie Cooper and her colleagues try to find Rogue, but it’s Rogue who finds them and saves Val from an attack by the Dire Wraiths. During the battle she absorbs one of the aliens, and Xavier, who has been scanning for both missing X-Men is hit by the psychic backlash. Rogue absorbs Val‘s memories to find out what happened to Storm. Back in Dallas, Storm discovers the truth about Forge: he is the man who created the gun that took her powers away. Feeling betrayed she lets him have a piece of her mind and leaves him. $1.00
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