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  2. The simple fact that the “Wonder Woman “ variant above is actually selling is proof of the end times
  3. Hi all, I play a Japanese instrument called a Shakuhachi (end blown bamboo flute). There are all different lengths of these. I've been playing what they call a 1.8 (that's the length in feet) for a while now and I want to buy a 2.4 (which can play significantly lower notes) These flutes however are notoriously expensive. Thus today's sale of my beloved Fantastic Four #5 FF #5 CGC 3.0 OW pages. Price $3600 shipped. Price on this book is in quite a wide flux and I'm open to offers but starting price is it at the higher end of GPA but still less (highest sale was in March at $3651, but a CGC 2.5 just sold for $3295). I think this is a pretty fair price on this book. Price includes shipping to Canada and the US. If you're in Canada, you are who I prefer to sell to and you can save customs charges!! Book will ship with tracking and signature required. I'm pretty quick at shipping, usually within 3 days, but often next day. No returns on the book. What you see is what you will receive. Paypal accepted. First Unconditional in the threads trumps any back-room negotiations. If we cut a deal in PM, you need to stamp the board to make it official. First time stamped gets it. I hate to part with it, but more beautiful zen music calls my name. Being Buddhist, I'm not supposed to hold on to these worldly items anyway.... pics to follow.
  4. You can submit any amount of books over 25. I submitted 28 when I did it. I learned the hard way that they only ship books back 25 in a box - so I had to pay shipping to have the other 3 books shipped back to me. Oh well, live & learn. (I wish I would've known, though.)
  5. Instinctually, that sounds right, but from an intellectual perspective, it doesn't make any sense. I would generally buy the inks, but sometimes, pencils have a tonality which I don't think is captured with straight inks.
  6. You might be right, but in this market I wouldn’t bet on it. Personally bp are a deal breaker for me.
  7. More tips: Stay within your means. NO credit card purchases, cash only. CAL2 who can deal with the best of them...
  8. That's interesting but I'm not sure that because we know b and c we can extrapolate a from that. Not enough information, imo, so anecdotal.
  9. There aren't more options -for the poll- than I allow, my initial posts just weren't clear enough on that. Two pictures; two choices; that's all. Sorry.
  10. Congrats, it's a great book and I have a 6.0 as well. Yours definitely presents nicer than mine, so glad they didn't hammer it too much.
  11. Sounds like a perfect candidate for a "CVA Paid in Full" sticker.
  12. For right now: 1) Cut back on Bronze Age purchases, as prices are trending down and show no supports...yet; 2) Stick to the HIGH GRADES any Age; looking at ANY Searches for Comics for sale on the 'Bay, VERY FEW high grades are offered. That Golden Age era of finding NM 9.4 GA/Sa are over and won't return. 3) IMSM is smokin' HOT. Watch my YouTube video out within a week of recent sales. I might have to start buying them all again to make sure I retain my status as... CAL2 who is the KING of IMSM...
  13. I did drop off a value sub at a con, marked "SFG" May 9th, with an estimated TAT of 68 business days.... ...... some are way longer than others
  14. Thanks. I figured as much. Not sure why but this submission feels like it’s taking the absolute longest. Doesnt help that it took 2 weeeks to get processed
  15. That's why I dropped them off at a con - they tend to be faster that way.
  16. Thanks, @shadroch. I've sold to them directly a few times, but I was considering the consignment option because I get tired of checking my list and seeing they only want 2 or 3 books on it.
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