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  2. Just 2 weeks away! The show will be twice the size as usual with half of the vendor tables reserved for comic books and the other half for cards including both sports and non-sports. Plus there will be an Artist Alley and Cosplay for a Cause as we raise funds for the United Way.
  3. I have this one that I plan to send to Cgc. Needs a clean and press to maximize grade but looks great as it sits 👍
  4. The topic is well rehearsed but I still find it quite interesting, and worth updating every now and then. I am not as pessimistic about the chances that in the future there may be some recognition. Last year I had a family friend for dinner. She used to work at Christies London. I showed her my collection and she was quite interested. She was able to discern quality pieces and could "get" the content of my covers and splashes. Obviously the relevance of my Dark Phoenix interior panel page was totally lost on her. I think one interesting question to take this topic further is: which pieces are the most likely to get some interest from the fine arts folks. One would need to get away from the context, and judge a piece solely based on its intrinsic aesthetic qualitities. Ranking our own OA this way might be an interesting exercise: one may not get the same ranking as a USD value ranking, but still could yield some interesting results. I think the piece from my collection that could get the highest interest would be this one: Care to do the same with your collection?
  5. I get that Bob, and Josh apparently agrees... although there are other concerns in his reluctance I won't get in to. I'm not sure what GPA would have to charge its subscribers if it had to pay each venue for their data though... $25-30 a month? Probably not viable. I've heard you routinely eclipse GPA figures for early ASMs and FFs... so, I understand your position. That said, if you reported your sales, I'm guessing at a minimum a multitude of early ASM and FF CGC owners would be grateful that their books were worth more due to your ability to set the market and move those books at higher numbers.
  6. Here's what is left. Take $1.00 off any remaining Atom book. Page 1 - The Atom #4 - (VG) BP = $9.00 The Atom #7 - (VG) BP = $16.00 The Atom #8 - (VG+) BP = $9.00 The Atom #12 - (4.5) BP = $8.00 The Atom #13 - (4.5) BP = $8.00 The Atom #14 - (4.0) BP = $8.00 The Atom #15 - (4.5) BP = $8.00 The Atom #16 - (4.0) BP = $5.00 The Atom #17 - (3.0) BP = $5.00 The Atom #21 - (5.0) BP = $6.00 The Atom #24 - (5.0) BP = $6.00 The Atom #25 - (3.5) BP = $4.00 Page 2 - The Atom #30 - (4.5) BP = $5.00 The Atom #32 - (4.0) BP = $4.00 The Atom #34 - (8.0) BP = $15.00 Adventure #271 - (6.5+) BP = $80.00 Superboy #49 - (3.0) BP = $45.00 Action Comics #267 - (VG+) BP = $90.00 $80.00 Page 3 -
  7. I'm gathering up books for a submission (probably January), and am on the fence about one book. It's in a .5 slab due to a missing centerfold, and looks like it would probably be a 3.0 if given a green qualified label, mainly due to a detached cover. It's a four figure (even incomplete) classic cover book, and scarce enough that waiting for a cf to marry isn't very feasible. It's also one of those books where the value is all in the cover anyway. So the question to you all in terms of selling such a book. What would you do? Leave in the .5 slab, resub for a CGC qualified label, or sell raw with a qualified grade?
  8. Picked this up from a sale. Said it was a Kroger 4 pack. New Mutants 98-100, X-Force 1. I dont remember Kroger having 4 packs. Any reason to keep the pack sealed? Any pack collectors?
  9. Ah, I see your point better now. That makes sense. What those transactions represent I could only guess.
  10. I'm always down. I've the whole run + B&B and MIS issues. and his 9 issue series with The Atom. Here's my B&B 36, got it for $10 a while back.
  11. I had to go crop the top off of this image, since it is a 9.0 from Borock's other company. I need to take a scan of it now that it is outside of it's tomb. Oh, and it actually is a real 9.0. Dang....., it's a beautiful book!
  12. I agree with this. GPA probably reports a much stronger percentage of the Public Auction market then 40% but probably less then 10% of Dealer/private CGC transactions. Which makes GPA a very strong tool to track auction sales but very weak when it comes to what the rest of the seller universe is doing. Now while a response could be "Well report your sales to GPA and increase that number" my response would be "Why would I give business knowledge away for free" to a company that makes money off it?
  13. My most satisfying additions were the 3 Doctor Strange books I added in my attempt to complete the run in 9.4 white pages. The issues were #172 Pacific Coast, #181 & #182 and funny enough they all came from the same seller. Thanks @entalmighty1 #177-180 & 183 still remain, which I have already in 9.0-9.2 but it's time to upgrade and finish it off.
  14. I’m thinking of sending in a few to be pressed/regraded hoping for that 9.8...I’m just wondering if anyone has a reliable way to tell if the book has already been pressed? Any thoughts on these 3 books? I took pictures of what I thought to be the minor flaws that caused the 9.6...
  15. That suspense comics #3 cover looks like something out of Indiana Jones, but almost 40 years earlier. Very cool.
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