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  2. Some of the low grade copies (1.5 - 2.0, for instance) of classic covers that I bought 10-15 years ago wouldn't even be possible for me to buy now.
  3. The point for graders notes in 9.4 and above...especially for those that deal with 9.8 moderns in the $100-$200 range, for which a 9.6 is a complete and utter waste of time and so that I understand why CGC arrived at a "not 9.8 grade." If there are no notes, I'm going to assume that the book was hammered by an inexperienced grader, and send it back in for review. With a note...just a single note, mind you...I can look at the book, look at the note, and say "ehhhh, yeah, ok, I can see where they came to that conclusion" and put the matter to bed.
  4. Probably the same makeup artist that has worked on Nick Fury's eye scars. Ever shifting.
  5. Hi, I have signed 1995 Windstorm Spawn cards by Actors of the Movie and Todd McFarlane. They just came from PSA check them out #68 signed by Martin Sheen #69 signed by Theresa Randle #79 signed by John Leguizamo #146 signed by Michael Jai White #150 signed by Todd McFarlane What you guys think I should to put them on eBay for?
  6. While I was posting and reading the Boards, I won an auction using a sniping service. Didn't have to sit there counting down the seconds down, didn't get caught up in a bidding war, didn't pay more than I wanted to.
  7. @JoshuaT27 @viper2x21 Shoot me a PM, that was I can get you my contact info and we can connect at the show.
  8. Imagine if you checked out the sites TATS
  9. I had bought some OA which was sent via the post office, and it took almost 3 weeks to arrive. I have no idea why. The tracking was useless because it supposedly never left the originator’s post office for almost the whole time.
  10. Up for offer are 2 sealed in the bags still sets of "Super-Friend Hero Stick-ons" I had these as a kid stuck to my toybox and a few years ago found some to put on my sons toybox.. But never did.. So Im offering them up for sale here before my son finds them and sticks.them to our dog or something... Asking $75 shipped for BOTH sets mailed in the USA paid via Paypal First gets them NO HOS OR PROBIES. No returns on this item Thank you everyone..Jeff
  11. "Major X? Major vant to stick ze pins in ze eyeballs more like! Heh heh. See, ze Count he knows his wordy playments"
  12. Maybe we should be sending this message through the ebay system to these scammers?
  13. Thanks. I prefer X-Men to the FF personally, but the FF is definitely a top 3 SA Marvel title. I posted the ASM run from the collection early. It was complete from #1 - 50 something, with multiples (restored and universal) of most of the early issues, thankfully.
  14. I find most 9.6's that I have seem to have slight issues on the spine corners. I use a power 10 loop to look at these and if you see anything at all like a scuff or a fray that may be your culprit. Whether or not such a thing SHOULD knock it out of a 9.8 is something else altogether.
  15. Well, with the $10 bucks or so I save a month by not using a sniping software, I can actually go to the laundry mat now to wash my clothes. is free.
  16. You beat me to it. This is almost exactly what I was going to say. Jeff is the only guy right in DC/Metro that has that selection. I'm not sure how close he is to a Metro station. Marc, of course, has everything, but his store is a pretty far hike from DC.
  17. "It is correct zat you like ze Count's postage ze Man Adam and his Tea Van, as zis is in ze realms of expectment. Zis art, why it is ze crime most prolific! Ze Count he would prefer to haff ze sandy papering of ze ball sacks zan haff to look at zis creation of ze turd for any moments longer. Please, I beg ze, shield ze eyes of ze Count! Zey burn!"
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