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  2. John's lineage only matters if you believe that the throne rightfully belonged to the Targaryans, and the only person who thought that was killed by John.
  3. Anyone can bid $3K on books. Being able to pay for said $3Ks worth of books is an entirely different kettle of fish. We haven't yet heard from marmat...
  4. I've had 3 copies of the annual. One had no first issues. The second had one. Back in the 70s and 80s EC collectors would correspond and a hot topic was the contents of annuals. NO ONE had a copy with 3 first issues and a # 2. Mine was the only copy.
  5. I picked up two nice DC 4 packs, still sealed and rock solid NM copies! Batman 179, Jimmy 91, Flash 159, Jerry Lewis 93 Flash 164, JLA 47, Detective 355, World's Finest 160
  6. If any of you are interested in movie and television make-up I highly recommend a book called "Making a monster" written by Al Taylor, it covers all of the most famous make-up artists at that time. If you want to read it free clink on this link.
  7. I'm not crying, Bob, I've got something in my eye - that's all...
  8. Must be nice to be 16 and bidding 3K on books.
  9. I have one that I got back in the Eighties and I still get a BUZZ out of it. My dear friend Joe Kerr has a box full of them if you're interested.
  10. I'm seeing raw beat to hell copies of Vampi 1 go for $200. Its crazy.
  11. Seller's remorse set in immediately when the auction closed, Bob. I will never forget that book.
  12. Finally picked up a copy of Brave and the Bold #57, first appearance of Metamorpho. Been wanting this book for a while, and got a steal on eBay. Its a solid 5.0-6.0, and I picked it up for only $21.75.
  13. Someone out there has an All Star Comics #39 in CGC 5.0-7.0. Please sell it to me and make my birthday 5/24 a great one! Thank you
  14. I was a manager at a local roller skating rink in the early 80s. Heaven
  15. Not desirable to me but not a deal breaker. They look just like the blue line photocopies artists sometimes work off. Some artists will draw digitally and print out a blue line copy to ink. Not the same thing of course but they look the same.
  16. Daredevil #227 "born again" it's part of the 5 issue arc but it's my favorite But hey if you really wanna walk on the wild side there's always...
  17. Besides Vampi #1 prices would it be fair to say that Vampi #3 and #7 will also continue to increase faster than the surrounding issues? Lots of great covers but those 2 seem to get a lot of attention.
  18. Yep Disco..Coney Island NY, roller skating to D-Train ( Who was then a recent grad at Erasmus Hall HS ...ugh, getting old..
  19. I think this book has had its 10 minutes of fame. The real questions is who get caught holding the hot potato?
  20. Tough one to grade. The 'snip' looks like it has an extra tiny crease; not sure if that would count against it? I think 8.5 is a good guess.
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