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  2. Woah that's a phoenaminal signature! Flowing with clear legible letters bravo! Were you able to identify where on the page you wanted him to sign?
  3. My favorite of JDM's SF/fantasy novels is "The Girl, The Gold Watch, and Everything". It's probably best described as Science-Fantasy and it's far more a comedy than his normal work. I still need to track down a 1st edition. @Pat Calhoun showed his other two SF novels, although Planet of the Dreamers is normally published as Wine of the Dreamers. It's arguably his actual first novel; although "The Brass Cupcake" was published as a book first the magazine version of Dreamers showed up in Startling Stories a few months earlier. My personal favorite of his SF short stories is "Final Mission", in the Nov. 1950 Planet Stories. 4 pages that packs one heck of a punch. Just in general, I like his SF more for the tone than the science... he's more interested in the characters than a lot of the authors of the time, and a lot of his stuff might almost be called Space Opera Noir. The other warning I would give is his stories in Super Science Stories tend to be of lesser quality than his other SF stories, although there are exceptions either way. And while I'll probably get 1st editions of his three SF novels eventually I doubt I'll ever track down the first edition of the last short story I'm missing. It's called The Spiralled Myth, and was first published in an APA type publication that was mostly circulated among pros. I just consider myself lucky to have read it at all.
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  5. For around 95%+ I already owned the comic. With the modern art when I buy it usually from the artist or his/her agent I then buy a second copy so I can get it signed some day. Last year at NYCC was lucky enough to get inker and artist on five pieces. As a guy from Australia have been surprisingly successful in that.
  6. I suck so badly at grading GA, it's a good thing I don't have any. Thank you very much for all the hard work, @Point Five, these grading competitions are the most fun you can have on the boards.
  7. Wow, another giant in fandom has left us. Very sad. As OtherEric said, we all owe him a great due of gratitude for keeping the spawn of Bill Gaines alive for future generations. I remember being so excited to buy a few ECs from Bill’s closet that might not have been possible otherwise. Thanks Russ for all the contributions you made for all of us EC Fanaddicts and RIP sir!
  8. Wait a sec...I can read these comics too? I don't see how that's possible. They are stuck in these plastic cases and won't come out. Spider-Man showed up at my 7-11 once and gave me an autographed #162. CGC probably wouldn't authenticate it, but I know it was him.
  9. Strange Tales #161(B) VG/F 5.0 Rip back cover, pieces missing URFC, spine roll, edges OW pages $18 Strange Tales #162 Fine 6.0 Slightly travelled cover, spine tics, corners, creases, edges OW pages $30 Strange Tales #163 VG 4.0 Pieces missing upper left corner front cover and right edge front cover, piece missing lower right corner page 12, spine tics, edges, corners OW pages $12 Strange Tales #165 Fine 6.0 Some spine tics extend into book, crease lower right corner front cover, corners, edges OW pages $20
  10. Me too, though I have the Australian edition of the mummy story.
  11. some nice comics in this go round of Hakes IMHO. Closing March 11th -12th None of the books up for auction are mine. Just spreading the word to my fellow Boardies as this one tends to not be discussed as much here, but they have been stepping their comic game up lately.
  12. Just sent in a Cerebus the Aardvark 10 previous graded at 9.6. Sent in for press and regrade, very sharp looking book by looking just from the outside without cracking it. Came back as 9.4 OFF-WHITE TO WHITE Name written on 1st page. Must have been signed by Dave at some point and was missed in the first time it was slabbed. lol.
  13. ASM 188, 220, and 289 are out the door.... GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  14. Pretty sure that's a unanimous feeling. Not a knock against him of course, he just really set himself apart when it came to covers.
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