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  2. Greetings, Here it is ... the White Whale! I was happy to locate it, and I have acquired it. I continue to track the Spectacular Spider-Man #1's in CGC 9.8 Condition so far I know of 33 of the 71 Signature Series examples. I hope to get Gerry Conway to sign this book. I am sure it is a HUGE risk, to the 9.8 grade but I hope I am successful getting the full run of signatures for it. That would be great! I wanted to show you that the Whale was hard to locate but it finally surfaced and is now placed into this beautiful collection. I still need help to finish the Series my friends! If anyone has any of these beautiful books please let me know! This Spectacular Spider-Man set is listed on the CGC Census, and it is currently ranked #1. With a little help from you folks, I am sure I can finish it. Thank you again! Sincerely, Brian W (SLPFI27)
  3. WWII pulp cover & interior art to WWII pulp cover & interior art...
  4. I work for the USPS, go back to them and have them check the GPS as where they scanned it at. They should know where it was scanned and that could be your ticket to a refund if it was scanned in the wrong area. They also take a photo of the scan as it is being scanned in office before going out to the street if they have the new scanning machine. This will show the address and if it is correct and was delivered to the wrong area you might be able to get a refund.
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  7. As for the other publishers, there are so many deserving attention. Some of my favorites are: Magazine Enterprises with 222 Western comics, esp. their Durango Kid and Straight Arrow series. Prize with 66 Western comics, with their excellent Prize Comics Western. Fiction House with only 51 Western comics, but with some nice series.
  8. Great post by aszumilo. During my time in the Navy I visited Dubai a few times. It was a fascinating city and I had a good time but you do need to be careful. And respectful. The one thing that really bothered me was not being able to wear shorts in public in that heat. Yeah, guys can't wear short (cargo shorts, to be precise) to the mall.
  9. DC - Slow and Steady wins the race. Westerns are 334 comics out of the 4,769 comics DC produced over the time period, or 7% of all DCs. DC increased the number of comics it published from 1937 to 1958, going from 31 in 1937 to 134 in 1942 to 206 in 1948 to 313 in 1954 to their highest count with 379 in 1958 (though 1959 was still a high 351, a tiny drop). Through all that time, DC stuck to publishing few Western series and only increased its production once it jumped on the cook skin craze of 1954-1955, which is also a cause for the hump for those years as many frontier series popped up across publishers, including DC.
  10. Excellent info and opinions , many thanks guys - thanks for sharing
  11. MARVEL - The House that the Kids built. Westerns are 572 comics out of the 3,847 comics Marvel produced over the time period, or 15% of all Marvels. Marvel's "love" for Westerns kick-starts up again post-code as an alternative to lost production. Marvel sticks to a healthy percentage of Westerns even when production becomes capped. Marvel's switch to Western also accounts for the uptick in 1954-1955. An assortment of many Kids -
  12. Hey all, I’m hoping someone on here may be able to help me out. I’m trying to track down Rod Ruth original Dinosaur art but not sure where some good places to search for it are. I’ve looked on Heritage and EBay, but haven’t found really much of anything. Do any of you know if his work was ever available for sale? I don’t know that he ever did comics but I know he did a number of science fiction covers before primarily working on nature art. Any help Is appreciated, thanks.
  13. CHARLTON - Westerns are 381 comics out of the 1,349 comics Charlton produced over the time period, or 28% of all Charltons. Though Charlton published comics as early as 1944, they only become active across the board circa 1954. This incline helped stem the drop in Western output at the time, esp. as they picked up series from Fawcett. At the same time, Farrell also became active, acting as a replacement for Fawcett's missing output. Since most of Charltons were published later in the period, a period of lower interest to me, I don't really have representative copies to share.
  14. Nothing was disclosed. I had asked for better pics but seller blamed a crappy cell phone camera. 1st photo : sellers pic 2nd and 3rd photo : my pics
  15. Great story; wish it was cheaper so I could afford it.
  16. FAWCETT - Gone by 1954 Westerns are 577 comics out of the 1,942 comics Fawcett produced over the time period, or 30% of all Fawcetts. The main culprit of the dip in 1954 is the disappearance of Fawcett in the market. Fawcett was also swept up in the craze of 1951 when close to 60% of its output were Westerns.
  17. I figured a few things had changed so I took a new panorama of the comic room.
  18. DELL - Unabated production. Westerns are 1,235 comics out of the 4,138 comics Dell produced over the time period, or 30% of all Dells. As you see below, Dell's Western count keep on rising through the period. As TV Westerns come on the scene, the number of Western continue to rise in Four Color and individual series with a greater emphasis on photo-cover once the TV series arise. Still, the high watermark in term of percentage of annual output dedicated to Westerns remains 1951, the height of the Western craze.
  19. Love the great Roy. Nobody could sing like he could. His group the Sons of the Pioneers were one of the best old-time western bands of all time. Even the great Pete Seeger would include some of Bob Nolan songs on his records. Happy Trails, Roy. You and Dale were the best.
  20. By my count, there were 523 Western painted covers or 12% of all Westerns. Dell, by far, gifted us with Western painted covers. 36% of Dell Westerns have painted covers and 100% of Ziff-Davis' 13 Westerns have painted covers.
  21. Subject to change, but at the moment... Kirby, Moebius, Kojima, Miller I like expressionism more than strict realism and all of these guys have very distinct and powerful styles. Miller's Ronin almost feels like his take on Moebius-meets-Kojima, but he started to find his own voice around that time and if you look at his Dark Knight/Sin City/300 stuff it's something very different. You can see the transition happening in Ronin, as there are pages where he uses lots of thin lines and cross-hatching and different pages where he uses thick black strokes like in Sin City/300. I'm not too well-versed on the older generations since I grew up in the 90s, but I want to explore the work of Joe Kubert, Will Eisner, John Buscema, and John Romita Sr. more.
  22. Ahh. The answer to that long-ago question. By my count, there were 1,353 Western photo-covers or 32% of all Westerns. Essentially what everyone guessed without having to count Dell + Fawcett accounted for 85% of all photo covers. An astonishing 86% of Fawcett's Westerns had photo-covers and over half of Dells do as well.
  23. Dell's dominance, once established, was only briefly challenged by Fawcett until it disappeared from the stands. Along with the largest # published by a single company annually, I list the series with the most issues per year that year. During the heyday (or should that be hay-day), these series were monthly. Given the schedule for Four Color, it's not surprise that they accounted for more than the Lone Ranger / Roy Rogers / Gene Autry series most years.
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