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  2. Statistically speaking, only 1 in 100 cases go to verdict the rest are either dropped or plead out. So... I fully assume a huge chunk of those 24 will either plead out to lesser charges or the case will evaporate once discovery begins (or more likely once voir dire starts). But... that's true of all cases in all municipalities.
  3. Im sure we all have been there, just curious on what item it took to make you be come a stalker... lol. So here are the rules, It has to be something that you have been eyeing for a couple of months at least, not impulse buys or it "fell in my lap deals". We are talking about waiting, searching, watching, lurking etc. Real life stalking and negotiating for a a price to make you "pull the trigger" Here's mine. Since May of this year... waited for a price I could live with and of course the money to do it... so 3.5 months.
  4. that's what I am hoping for, we'll see. My favourite part of this book are the corners. They fade into the white scanner background in the pics but they look so clean and straight in hand.
  5. Yeah, I think a cleaning will work with this book. I think it's a decent enough pressing candidate. And while I know it won't be super high grade, this is the rarer price variant and one that CGC actually states as such on the slab.
  6. 25 cases were sought, 24 were approved. Your numbers are reversed
  7. 168 is another one of those great Flash/GL team up issues! Does anyone know, did DC end the gogo checks on all titles at the same time?
  8. Thanks! This was sold to me as a 3.5. But I felt this might be more of a 3.0, so that's the price I paid. Curious to see what pressing will do.
  9. Red dress all tied up to red dress in real trouble.
  10. After the t-shirt thing, I was actually thinking about showing off my Flash sock collection?! ( I actually have several pairs believe it or not! You can get them at Game Stop) But I will save that for another time to help things along when these pages stall out. And so I will wrap up page 167 here for us Flash Fans so we can move on to Flash 168!
  11. So many to find! You can't possibly collect them all, but the ones I want... I know them when I see them...
  12. I sent some books to Florida today from Montreal. I sent around the same number of books. Bubble wrap is the way to go. I made two sets of about a dozen books and I bubble wrapped them. You can then put pieced of carboard on the top and bottom of your bubble wrap bundle and fasten them with tape. Then I put both bundles side by side in a big cardboard box. We are lucky in Canada, we actually have a USPS service for packaged sent to the US. When I explained what I was sending and why to the lady, she chose to mark "other" in the declaration section and write "for evaluation, will be returned". You can write any number you want for total value, it doesn't matter since there arent taxes involved and the US has no duty fees for civilian packages anyway. For insurance, I paid for $500 in additional insurance. It wont cover my books, but I figured it's enough to ensure that my package doesn't get lost or at least will give an extra incentive to find it if ever it does get lost. It only cost me $30 for the package with tracking and an additional $10 for insurrance. That is a way better deal than what it will cost you (and I ) when those books get shipped back from the US. Shipping from Canada to the US is waaaay cheaper than shipping from the US to Canada since they don't have a canadian service, they just consider us as international a destination as the UK.
  13. I honestly have had problems with all of the delivery companys. Fedex once left my package outside the apartment building I lived in leaning against the front door. The door everyone uses to enter and exit the place. I got home as the truck was driving away. Being just after work, there were several people who walked into the building and were looking at the package now laying on the concrete stairs up to the front door. I run up and check and sure enough the parcel was for me. What was in it? My Iron Man #1 CGC 9.2 Western Penn pedigree! Thanks for being so careless Fedex.
  14. Tec 239 available - 5 more books in eBay in your price range. Tales of the Unexpected 15 - 2 of them in eBay
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