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  2. I do appreciate the information regarding PGX, but I've already completely jettisoned any thoughts about purchasing books they've allegedly "certified..."
  3. LOL. OMG I forgot to post the ticket. There were three as the machine kept malfunctioning. Sorry I lost my mind but what else is new. 1,363.71
  4. Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe - OMNIBUS SOLD to Chazgee Thanks!
  5. That was some quality entertainment. Thanks Dr. X!
  6. you aren't having any troubles keeping up brother!!! btw I looked and looked I don't own any 3 issues in a row of ANY GA title I have lots of 2 in a row and several two in a row, skip an issue, have the next type thing but no three in a row. If I were to chase after one these trifectas these MLJs including Blue Ribbon would be one of the if not THE first places I start!!!
  7. NO,'s too much to type... Or OK, but ONLY you can call me that, if you type it;) I really did make my husband check the results, btw;)
  8. Oh, sorry, I thought those old comics had more than one story per issue. (Maybe that's a clue?) If there are any standout characters or villains I'd search by their name, or maybe Will Eisner only drew a couple of issues, or only drew under that name for a short time? Any ads have clues to the year of publication?
  9. Once again an awesome contest from Dr X. Thank you, sir. Did I miss what the actual number was? I saw the winners, but not the actual number.
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