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  2. This is my favourite as well. I don't blame you for locking it up there I'd do the same.
  3. Dammit, I knew I should have kept my mouth shut! Congrats on the awesome purchase, it's a great looking comic.
  4. Sold Dave a pulp and a paperback. His payment was very quick, and his correspondence was immediate and friendly. Don’t hesitate to deal with this find board member! Thanks Dave!
  5. Daredevil #22 Gd 2.0 Creases in URFC and LRFC go all the way thru, rip, mark back cover, travelled cover C/OW $6 Daredevil #23 Gd/VG 3.0 Piece cut out 2nd to last page(T-Shirt Ad), 5/6 missing last page, crease LLBC goes all way thru OW pages $9 Daredevil #24 Gd/VG 3.0 Spine tics, edges, corners, travelled cover, crease LRFC goes all way thru C/OW pages $9 Daredevil #25 Gd/VG 3.0 Small rips back cover, crease in LRFC goes all way thru, edges, corners C/OW $9
  6. Amazing Spider-Man #175 NM-/NM: $45 Punisher cover and story
  7. The 47 would interest me (couldn't find it in the marketplace forum, though I have to admit searching for "Captain Marvel" is a nightmare). You can send me a message with the link. What I am looking for more though are the other fawcett books, like Jr, Wow, Master, Bulletman, Marvel Family. And I would preffer them raw since I realized the non keys slabbed doesn't add any value at resale and you can't read them. You just don't find those online. I have no clue what abundance people speak of, unless they are just thinking of Captain Marvel adventures which is rather easy to get for some issues (and others are damn near impossible to find since no one bothers selling them). I do the same, here is my latest purchase: At 27% off guide price, I took it. Oh and here's another gorgeous Raboy cover I got for a little less than $90. I am so happy I can come into this hobby years later and still be able to get these gorgeous books for decent prices.
  8. I recently bought a Planet Studios pin showcase full of pins and badges from the 1990s, including Marvel, DC, Image and VALIANT comic pins. Most were produced by Planet Studios, but some were made by Hollywood Pins and other companies. I didn’t collect these back in the 1990s, but I used to see them a lot in comic shops. I thought it was a cool addition to my collection. I am having trouble identifying the orange pin. If anyone can help, please let me know what it is. All total, there was more than 100 pins and badges inside. They may not be worth much, but it was a pretty cool find. The only one I really know much about it The Magic: The Gathering pin, which is a promo that was given away prior to the release of the game. Here are some photos:
  9. Marvel Premiere #8 VF- : $15 Starlin art Looks NM-/NM from the fc scan but has a ncb impact ding on lower left corner of front cover and a small, almost unnoticeable non-color stain on bc near the word "money". Extremely improvable if you're into that.
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