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  2. You're right, of course. I just can't get over the idea that somewhere out there is a Marvel Collection with Captain Britain 8 in it. Or a Double Double with something like Conan 1 or Hulk 102 or something. Silly, I know, but this is the border between a keen interest and a dangerous (irritating) obsession.
  3. X-Men #143, oddly enough, is a wonderful single issue story.
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  5. While I have never stacked them, here is some science that will help answer your question. EGerber's website says all their boxes are made out of 200# corrugated cardboard. In the cardboard industry this measurement is normally referred to as 200# test. The measurement refers to the amount of pressure necessary to puncture the material. In other words, it would take 200# of pressure on a blunt instrument to poke a hole through the sheet. Obviously, this is not typically a problem for collectors. The correct measurement for stackability is called the ECT rating -- for Edge Crush Test. That measurement determines how much weight in pounds per inch that it takes for the material to collapse. But there are some rough equivalencies. 250# test usually rates at about 33# per inch. (Keep in mind that this is linear, supporting the weight of a cube. In practical terms long boxes made of 250# test will support a little under 100#, which is 2 long boxes of comics. So we can assume that 200# test is somewhat less than that. You can get around this slightly by stacking the boxes in a cross pattern, that is 3 boxes going one direction and the 3 on top perpendicular to that direction. This is because strength is focused on the corners of any box (The same principal as the corrugation). DrawerBoxes get around this math because the shells have an ECT rating of 44# per inch as certified by the manufacturer. They use the strongest papers in the hobby. And they add to it an inner support sleeved with an ECT rating of almost 80#, for a total support of 124# ECT. They are specifically designed to be stacked whereas long and short boxes are not. A full long DrawerBox weighs 42#-50# depending on whether the comics are older on newsprint or newer on slick paper (Slick paper is heavier). Since the DrawerBoxes stress test at over 280#, 5 can be stacked on top of the bottom one for total of 250#. Hope this helps and I haven't bored you with the math.
  6. Love it @OtherEric! I have always liked Don Rosa's work, and that's a charming sketch. If you ever want to sell it, I would seriously consider changing my name to Eric.
  7. Good ending, little clarity and honesty at the end. Monsters got reveled, heroes suffer as needed, and the world is still a crappy place, just with less chance of dying for Targaryen wish fulfillment. Im fine with the choices made this season (The night king getting scooby-dooed not so much but Arya needed a signature kill to help launch her series so no biggie). I just wish they had it at least be a normal length season so it would have felt less breakneck. I bet if you make all these same decisions but spread out over a normal season you get a lot less blowback. Make it two seasons and most would walk with you happily. I loved the touch of filling in Jaimes page. It was the joke his had very little entered. It was fitting to add that scene.
  8. I was surprised last week when CGC graded one of my one-staple books with detached centerfold as a 6.0. Everything else about it appeared to be 6.5, so they didn't ding it too bad for the detached center. Perhaps there is some forgiveness, due to the fact that having only one staple naturally puts a book's integrity at risk.
  9. It seems more 10's and 9.9's were issued in the past and at some point somebody said okay no more 10's and 9.9's lets make 9.8 the new max unless a new guideline is met. Also, sometimes a 9.8 will have a questionable defect or a combination of two small defects that some may feel pushes it below a 9.8.
  10. How often did something like that happen with the final grader override with such a discrepancy? Assuming you made calls on most of your submissions. That's really interesting. CGC's grading process description on their website doesn't really get that specific. It does say..."if all grades are in agreement or are very close, the book will be assigned a final grade. If there is disagreement among the graders, there will be a discussion with other graders until a final determination is made."
  11. I would call you a hoarder but I can't argue that it's a brilliant speculative investment. I'll just be happy I managed to find one copy before you got the rest!
  12. Please contact me if you have any x-men 1s you are willing to part with! thank you so much!
  13. Here is a shot of some my books. The 19, 20 and 22 are currently at auction on c link. Both the 19 and 20 are highest graded, 19 is a Mass copy it is also the single highest graded! Hopefully one of my fellow Kirby western fans can grab one these bad boys.
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