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  2. Journey into Mystery #121 VF/NM: $150 Store stamp on back cover
  3. They are hard to come by. This was a collection I purchased from a sports card guy. Weirdest overstock of books I've ever seen. Multiple copies of some books and not others. This was one of the better books there were multiples of. Here some other highlights. Books not pictured are multiple copies of X-Men 160-183 (including at least 50 copies of X-Men 180 ) Unfortunately most of the books were in bad shape (only one Tec871 looks possible 9.8). All the Punisher 100s look good enough to grade so I sent 3 in last week.
  4. Thanks to all answers. Curious how Batman's folks came back. Zombies? EDIT: Never mind on that. Looked at Batman's parents on wikipedia or comic wikipedia or whatever and it's way a lot of work. Carry on.
  5. I can see why you'd say that, but I think there are strong reinventive possibilities.
  6. First in thread wins. Free shipping in CONTUS Payment via PayPal. Returns ok up to 30 days after receipt. No one on the PL or HOS.
  7. Thor #144 former CGC 9.4 (old label): $130 I did crack it a few years ago but kept the label (see below) which will be included with the book. I slightly disagree with CGC however, this book is rather a NM- 9.2. Not pressed.
  8. Henchmen more like. Never trust a boy with buttons that big. One word from him and they'll kick yer 'ead in.
  9. I have two books that I am thinking of cracking, having the books cleaned & pressed, and then resubmitting them for (I hope) a better grade. The first book is Fantastic Four #1. Below are the grader notes and pictures of the front and back within the slab: Heavy marvel chipping full right of front cover Light rippling/warping full left of back cover Light, multiple crease full right of front cover breaks color Light, multiple crease full top of back cover Small stain bottom of spine Small, multiple tear bottom of back cover Subscription crease front cover The next book is Incredible Hulk #181. Below are the grader notes and pictures of the front and back within the slab: Heavy bends to cover Light staining to cover Medium, moderate tear with crease left center of back cover Moderate spine stress lines to cover I apologize for not taking them out of the slab, but I don't want to crack the cases unless I plan on resubmitting them. I have looked at some of the before and after pictures from other people, and it seems that, in some cases, a clean and press can do wonders. I have several books currently being worked by a person not associated with CGC, so I have not seen the results yet. I also decided to do some quick research, using most recent sale for GP Analysis. FF #1 - 2.5 - $6030 FF #1 - 3.0 - $8200 FF #1 - 3.5 - $9000 IH #181 - 5.0 - $2200 IH #181 - 5.5 - $2365 IH #181 - 6.0 - $2394 It seems to me that FF #1 would be the best candidate, because if the grade can be raised one point (and I don't know if it can), the value of the book would increase by almost $3000. In the case of IH #181, it seems that this might be a better pressing candidate, but the gains would not be as substantial. So, I'm here to ask if you could PLEASE give me your opinion about what you would do if you were in my place. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration! Joe
  10. A couple of observations: 1) Pity the poor doomed wretches that are ensnared in her web... 2) I'm not sure, but is that a fin on her head? 3) A nice solid copy...once again, the graders here are right on the guess would be a 4.5. 4) Obsessed? I can see doesn't get much cooler than this...
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