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  2. Sounds like a perfect candidate for a "CVA Paid in Full" sticker.
  3. For right now: 1) Cut back on Bronze Age purchases, as prices are trending down and show no supports...yet; 2) Stick to the HIGH GRADES any Age; looking at ANY Searches for Comics for sale on the 'Bay, VERY FEW high grades are offered. That Golden Age era of finding NM 9.4 GA/Sa are over and won't return. 3) IMSM is smokin' HOT. Watch my YouTube video out within a week of recent sales. I might have to start buying them all again to make sure I retain my status as... CAL2 who is the KING of IMSM...
  4. I did drop off a value sub at a con, marked "SFG" May 9th, with an estimated TAT of 68 business days.... ...... some are way longer than others
  5. Thanks. I figured as much. Not sure why but this submission feels like it’s taking the absolute longest. Doesnt help that it took 2 weeeks to get processed
  6. That's why I dropped them off at a con - they tend to be faster that way.
  7. Thanks, @shadroch. I've sold to them directly a few times, but I was considering the consignment option because I get tired of checking my list and seeing they only want 2 or 3 books on it.
  8. The minimum number of books accepted for pre screening is 25....can I submit an odd number like 29 or 37 books or does it have to be multiples of 25....50....75....100? Thank You JV
  9. Do they still have the gaming room and the singles meetup?
  10. Nope, no fast tracks at all. Snap! I'm waiting on non Fast track from week of April 8th... LCS better call me Lol
  11. My mom didn't say very much about Vampirella, but I know she didn't like the fact that her 10 year old son was buying magazines with scantily clad women on the covers. I remember her saying one time that she didn't understand why boys like things like that. Wow...if I have to explain it, that's pretty sad...
  12. So I dropped off a stack at AwesomeCon on 4/27. Two tiers, modern and economy, both received 5/2. My modern books went into grading / quality control today, 5/23.
  13. Census will have 2 in 9.4 likely on Tuesday (I think it is) when census is updated.
  14. I wanted to make sure even people with itty bitty smart phones could read this post. But to be honest, this is a pretty exciting book!
  15. A suggestion: if you'd like there to be more discussions about comics, why don't you start a discussion about comics or participate in an ongoing one? And skip all the extraneous stuff.
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