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  2. kav

    Categorizing Keys

    I did most of it.
  3. and put it out of reach for most. A kid could build a run of books, say 100 and not even have one of these so called 'Keys' you speak of.
  4. We (collectors, buyers and sellers) made the market.
  5. Holy! The concept art leaks are extensive. STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER - Over 100 Pieces Of Concept Art Have LEAKED Online Showing Unfilmed Scenes
  6. I understand the creators (Guys like Stan Lee and Jack Kirby) needed to make a living, but I don't believe they envisioned the collecting market that it is nowadays
  7. kav

    Categorizing Keys

    Yes Action #1 should be available to me at the price I can afford.
  8. It seperates people in the collecting world. TBH I think books should be available for everyone
  9. Anyways..... So why don't you think the usage of the word 'keys' is pointless?
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