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#SOS #IGCOMICFAMILY #STOLENBOOKS READ BELOW: PLEASE SHARE THIS LIST WITH FELLOW COLLECTORS AND HOPEFULLY WITH THE COMMUNITY’S HELP WE CAN FIND SOME OR ALL OF THESE BOOKS: Hi everybody…. I had probably the worst day today that we all fear. 439 CGC graded books were STOLEN from my indoor air-conditioned double locked storage unit. As you all know me for many years I have strived to put together the best Batman & Detective Comic collection out there. I have been the number one registered set on both titles for many years with CGC. I know that many of you have experienced items being stolen in the past, but for me this is a first and on such a high level it’s been devastating….as this collection was my nest egg, and I had worked so hard and done without for so long to put this together that it being taken away from me this way has left me in a very bad way. We might know who the robber is, and I am working with the police to get more information…but in the meantime I wanted to let you all know what’s going on, and to be aware if any of my books are brought to you for sale, I hope you can help me get them back as this many books coming into the market will make a splash. I don’t know if he is going to be smart enough to take them out of the slabs or will try and sell them as they are….but as I mentioned I have them all on the CGC registry and they can be identified easily. The books that were taken were the cream of the crop, and are probably valued at $1.4 million. I am truly devastated and really need you all to be aware and keep your eyes open…as they will probably be offered to some of you sooner than later. I will send you all the list of the missing books with the cert #’s and pedigree names shortly. In the meantime if any truly high grade Bat’s or Detectives come your way PLEASE let me know asap. I truly appreciate all the help you can give, as we are all a very close knit small community and look out for each other when these bad things happen. If you are offered any of these books PLEASE contact: Randy Lawrence 561-886-8777

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