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On the way now with my art rep @albertmoy to Chicago to see @systemofadown tonight at the #chicagoopenair music festival and trading old art stories. A person at my Spotlight panel at @motorcitycomiccon this morning asked me a good question about regrets I’ve had in my career. This kinda falls into that category. In the nearly 20 years that Albert has handled my art and commissions—only one person has complained (at least to him directly) about the quality of a commission they received. It was this image here which predates my run on Batman Hush. So Albert paid him back and sought a different buyer. When #batmanhush took off, I used said returned commission for a second printing cover when we needed a new image ASAP. I wish I had kept this cover lol as it’s spawned not only T-shirt’s, statues and Funko Pops etc but I do like the pose but it ultimately went to a great home and a long time supporter of my work. The price for this piece back in 2001? $2500. #regrets #batman608secondprint

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