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    Action Comics 7 - 2nd Superman cover appearance; 1st time the word “Superman” was printed on a comic book cover CGC 1.0 cream to off white pages Asking Price: SOLD to the Great woowoo
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    Venus#17 CGC 7.0 FS

    Up for sell one book today but it's a gem. Accepted methods of payment PayPal, money order or personal check. Shipping included with BIN price. No returns on slabbed books. Will take time payments. Will consider trade of books of interest. Venus #17 CGC 7.0 F/VF classic Bill Everett Bondage torture cover. Everett art cover to cover when he was in the prime of his work. Classic PCH at it's best. $8500 $8000
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    This question has come up every year since the board started and I've heard every variation of the demographic, financial, cultural and generational arguments both pro and con. The answer is: nobody has a #$@%&@ clue where the market will be in two years, let alone twenty five. NO. CLUE.
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    Soldiers Unknown-my own comic graded by CGC!

    Hooray! I worked with the very talented artist Rahsan Ekedal for three years on our graphic novel titled Soldiers Unknown. My story is about three Yurok Native American soldiers from northwestern California who are drafted and then fight for the U.S. Army in World War One in France. The book is historical fiction, as it is based on my two great-great-uncles who served in the 91st Infantry Division and fought in the Meuse-Argonne offensive. This offensive remains the U.S. Army's largest battle in history. I also wrote about how the surviving Yurok men returned home and used cultural disciplines to help heal from the conflict. I have many relatives who have served in the U.S. military over the generations. My book was officially endorsed by the United States World War One Centennial Commission, which was comprised of a group of presidential-appointed academics and military personnel. My book was the ONLY comic this commission endorsed for historical accuracy and appropriate representation in their five-year history. So this book helps represent and convey the United States WW1 military experience, but through the cultural lens of Native American men. The commission allowed us to use their logo on the bottom right of the cover as part of their endorsement. But now...I'm happy to share that I had some of my books graded by CGC! After all my years of collecting CGC books, I can read my own name on one! And it's worth millions! (LOL, not yet at least). I'm busy working on several new comic stories with Rahsan and other great artists too. But here's my book... Thank you for reading this, Chag Lowry PS- If anyone is interested in purchasing here's a link to the book on Amazon. The book is 120 pages and full color. It barely fit inside the CGC case! https://www.amazon.com/Lutratocro-Womens-Irregular-Relaxed-Fit-T-Shirt/dp/1942279280/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&qid=1592141272&refinements=p_27%3AChag+Lowry&s=books&sr=1-1&text=Chag+Lowry
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    Just purchased my first piece of OA. Ron Frenz was one of my favorite artist when he started doing Thor. I liked his Kirby-ish style in that title. That became my go to title as a kid. Wrecking Crew are hands down my favorite villains. Some other classic Thor villains appear Enchantress & Ulik, I believe Captain Britain is in there too.
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    This thread got me to thinking about “grails” and I made a little collage of my own books of all the books that felt like “grails” to me over my comics journey that I obtained. Not all are grail worthy probably to most. Four of these books I no longer have, including the two most difficult comics to replace. I’m sure I’ve had some that I forgot to put in here too. There are three more grails on my list now that I have not obtained. One is a comic that is not that uncommon but every time a copy comes to auction that fits the bill I lose somehow. The other two are pulps that are dang near impossible it seems. Cheers to grails. It’s a big part of what keeps the hobby fun. Mine are shifting all the time and that keeps it fresh too.
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    [CLOSED] X-men 1 CGC 8.0 OWW

    So an opportunity has come up and am forced to part with this beauty. Will try the threads here first and see if we can find this book a good home. Feel free to pm me with an offer if you’d like. Sorry no trades. Usual rules apply. In thread trumps any ongoing negotiations. payment via cheque or money order preferred. Cheque must clear before the book will be sent out. May consider other payment options but please pm me to clear it first. Shipping and insurance are included in the continental U.S. or Canada. Anywhere else please contact me first. Will consider Canadian funds and open to time payments but please clear it with me first. No returns on slabs $30,000
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    Joe Sinnott R.I.P.

    No one inked 'em like Joe! Kudos for a life well lived and my condolences to his family, friends and all who knew and loved him. RIP.
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    former wife - "hey let's get a divorce", followed by "give me half the cost basis of those comics" me - "you can have half the comics, that's the deal" she - "uhhh...pass" this truly happened to me present wife - "what is CGC thinking? that book should be a 9.0, not an 8.0!!!" this truly happened to me upgrade, baby
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    The Lions Den

    Summertime Comic Book Memories

    I was feeling a bit of comic related nostalgia today, likely because of the heat wave we're having here in Michigan. Seriously, it's so hot here that yesterday I made the mistake of walking out on our front deck without footwear and within seconds I burned the bottoms of my feet. Yow! For some reason it made me think of all the good times I've had reading and collecting comic books during the summertime. This made me wonder what memories other folks may have related to comic books during the summertime---I can always appreciate a good story. But since I brought it up, here's a story that I remember... When I was about seven years old, my oldest brother had a big box of comics he kept in the upper level of our garage. This was before bags or boards or anything like that. (The only bags I ever saw in those days were available from a guy named Robert Bell. I remember wondering why anyone would put their comics in a bag? I mean, comics were cheap). Anyway, all of us used to go up there and hang out (I have three brothers). I don't really know where my oldest brother got all those books, but he had a lot of them. It was a pretty big box. I remember reading my first Spidey comic up there (the Lizard!) and I was hooked. So it became a pretty regular thing that summer---sneak up to the loft and read some comics. But then one day I went up to the loft...and the box was gone! What had happened? Well, according to the eldest brother, our father didn't like the comics stinking up his garage, so he took the whole box to the local dump. I was astonished, dismayed, outraged! How could he DO something like that? We all talked it over and we came up with a plan to ride our bikes up to the local dump and "save the comics" (in those days, the dump wasn't called a landfill; it was just a dump. No pass was required for entry). So we all rode our bikes up to the "landfill" and spent a couple of hours looking for the books. No luck. Not a trace. I remember riding home and wondering if someone else had found the box before we did... So I spent the next few days moping around, doing other stuff....it's kind of a blur. I remember asking my dad why he threw them out, and he just gave me a look like I was the dumbest kid in the world...and I think that may be the event that triggered my collecting journey, one that's lasted well over 50 years, because I can never forget how great those times were, reading those comic books up in that old loft. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my story, and I hope some other people have some good memories related to summertime...and comics. Stay cool...
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    Drove 11 hours one way for this estate collection purchased today....pay no attention to the old fart in the picture... Ford Transit filled to the top with a little bit of everthing....gonna start processing tomorrow!
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    This week in your collection?

    Father’s Day gift from my daughter. 😃
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    Framing your OA

    Great discussion. My OA storage and display preferences have evolved over the years trying to find the right balance of storage (for protection and accessibility) vs. framing (for display). I've kept some custom-framed wall pieces (ie, patriotic star-studded frame for Captain America) on my walls but now primarily use "mat and mylar" for my core collection. In my mind, this achieves the visual appeal of a framed piece with high levels of accessibility....like flipping through a longbox of comics! Two standard sizes (regular and twice-up/DPS) keep my pieces uniform and orderly while the archival matboard provides rigidity for added protection. Using inexpensive Gibson holders, I can create quick ad hoc displays for informal showings or when playing make-believe museum curator During the COVID crisis, I've enjoyed time to look at and appreciate my art, and this storage/display method has helped considerably. Here are a few pics:
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    FF 4 9.2 ow/w $21,700 12 month GPA average is $22,700, last recorded sale in GPA is $25,000 The white speck on Mr. Fantastic's leg is a reflection of the case and not on the comic. SOLD!
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    Things should be priced at least 10% less then Ebay, Why? Do Sellers have to discount the book if they are doing that? I find that buyers seem to want to dictate what I can and cannot charge for my book as well as my profit margin. They want the cash discount, they don't want to pay the paypal fee I incur, they want free shipping etc.
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    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Some recent and not-so-recent pickups. Haven’t scanned in a while!
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    Joe Sinnott R.I.P.

    Very sad. I only met him once, Here's a pic from about 15 years ago, taken in Kingston, NY. I'm on the left, Redhook (Brad) is on the right of Joe, and a friend of Brad is far right. Good times!
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    Just joined this club, and I’m pretty excited. Book is raw...for now.
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    A giant pile of scarce Canadian edition Weird Tales just arrived. Nova Scotia copies!
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    Please note, there is a soft sliding adjuster button on the elastic. For any child under 3, I would strongly suggest marking the place where it fits properly, hand stitching it there and removing the button. There will be at least 10 new ones tonight, maybe a few more. A few weeks ago, I sold some masks in the VCC, and I bought more material with the money, so I have a bunch of material, not just what you will see here today. I'm just a little slow;) I know it's difficult to find small sizes in the masks we all need to wear, so I made some. These are size small (figure age 2- 7 or 8) and size medium. To give you an idea, they are generally 2 inches smaller (width) than an adult mask for the small and 1" for the medium. None of these are perfect, I am not a professional sewer, but they are OK (figure 5.0 not 9.8). I also hate to iron (I told my daughter it was a 4 letter word;) so I can't guarantee the pleats are perfect;) These are 100% washable cotton, with a filter pocket, and a coated nose wire. They have adjustable elastic. I'm going to donate 10 to begin and I will ship them free to the U.S., if you are out of the U.S., shipping would be the difference between your shipping fees and what I'd have to pay here. These are available to the children or grandchildren of any boarder who signed up before May 1 June 19. No nieces, nephews, or friends just yet. I will probably include more later on in the month and I do think kids need more than 1, so I'll allow 2nds and 3rds later in the month. For now, I'm limiting these to 1 2 per child,or 2 4 per family. If you have more than 2 kids, let me know and I'll put whatever you chose now aside and add what you need once I make more. no returns (they are free. These are not like N95 masks of course, but they are somewhat effective and can be very effective if you include a filter. I have coffee filters if you need them. They sell cut hepa filters on Amazon. I'm going to start a thread for adult masks in mixed and for every mask purchased there, I'll post another one here (a free kids mask) on this thread. If nothing sells, I might just add more here anyway, we'll see. No returns they are free...just say take it
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    DARING COMICS #9 (Fall 1944) ..... WHITE PAGES ..... $2550 TAKE 15% OFF = $2167. Heck, let's call it $2150. 1st issue of the second series. Only 18 total on census. Awesome cover with Subby, Torch, and Toro doing their best to save some Chinese prisoners while combating the Japanese baddies. One of the few covers to depict this unique wartime dynamic between Allies and Axis powers during WWII. And you can't go wrong with a treacherous pool of pink sharks.
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    If this image alone doesn't convince you to check it out I don't know what would. https://www.highgradecomics.com/spin-a-deal/?all_titles=1
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    Here's my win. I am much happier about it than the wife is.
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    This auction will be doing some amazing work filling in my Spiderman collection
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    HULK # 1 CLUB

    This just arrived a couple hours ago...took a long time finding a trade partner but am happy with the result
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    "I can't take it anymore - it's either me or the comics!" Actually, that was my ex-wife.
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    Last night I read a thread from 2002 discussing why Nicolas cage was getting out of the hobby, and everyone there thought the comic market must be crashing. Then, as now, there was real panic in some of the voices. Well, it never happened then, and it looks like it’s not happening now. i think in 25 years we will all be saying we wish we had a time machine that would take us back to 2020 prices
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    I'm very much hoping that you posted this in jest, and are not sitting over there with a very dour and righteous expression, thinking that in any way this quote is applicable to people paying too much for comic books. That would be hilarious, true, but also terribly sad. But at this point I truly can't tell if you're on a high horse, or just high. The boards have their own way of dealing with bad sellers. It's very efficient. It's like a self-cleaning oven. If insufficiently_thoughtful_persons start pouring in from FB and Instagram, and try to get away with selling overpriced books, no one will buy them, and eventually the sellers will go away and try to find a less educated buyer pool. It takes care of itself. No one has a responsibility to "warn" people about overpriced books. Sellers have the right to ask whatever they want for their books, and we have the right to ignore them completely. It is simply poor etiquette to comment on pricing in a thread unless it is explicitly welcomed by the buyer. It's not just a rule, it's common courtesy.
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    You can't tell people how to price their books
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    This week in your collection?

    I picked this one up after the comic shop sent it off to CGC......just waiting for it to come back - CGC 4.5 ow pages
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    Who is Batman's 2nd greatest villain?

    Whoever decided to put nipples on the movies batsuit.
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    First Edition 1928
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    The word is appropriate, “obtainable”. I am into other things other than comics. So when a comic reaches the price of say a ‘40s era Harley knucklehead, nice real estate or a 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitar, I really have to question the logic for me. I am in the very envious position of having collecting for about 50 years. I have hung on to most of my books. As a young collector, I was very hard working and dedicated. I looked every where and told everyone of my love for old comics. I was pretty obsessed. Old used book stores, swap meets, garage sales, want ads, trading with other kids and even going door to door asking for them landed me a lot of books for very little money or even free. Fast forward to my late 20’s. I was now a husband with a baby daughter. The time came to buy a house and off went a lot of my big GA books for the down payment. I still miss my Cap #1 and especially my More Fun #52-53. But I know that ship has sailed. Most of my big key SA books went for college educations, weddings and setting up my kids for good lives. A very worthy investment and a smart decision. Don’t miss them anymore. Being very realistic, there are a couple books I’ve never owned that given the right copy and right price, I think I could still obtain. Dynamic #8 and just maybe a low grade Suspense #3. I will probably die without them but if you put the word “grail” in proper context, these would probably qualify...
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    Some Crimson Clown covers
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    Was only introduced to the boards this past month and it rekindled my childhood love for comics...but now in slab form. Covid made me wait a couple weeks to pick up my first ever haul, but its finally here...
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    My ticket
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    2nd appearance of Morbius and his origin old label!
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    Classic LB Cole devil cover. 9.0 OW/W 10k FIRM You aren't going to get much better than this. The few that are graded higher are locked up in dungeons. Absolutely stunning copy. Paypal/checks/MO Free shipping obviously
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    Sold this at auction on FeeBay last month and before the 30-day no-hassle return policy ran out, they decided they didn't like it So offering here for the net of that. Superman #4 CGC 4.5 Conserved with Off-White Pages. Conservation includes: 2 center wraps reinforced and staples replaced Asking Sold!
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    Nothing else to add. I wanted a perfect piece and this has it all, including a small superman. The way Darwyn draws girls is incredible. https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1644217 Luca
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    This week in your collection?

    bought this 7-11 cup from 1977 series as I need to do a piece of art of it for a customer of mine. It is in nice condition.
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