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    From talking with CGC these came to the pre grader with the staples detached on both copies. Pre-graders are the first person who evaluates the book. They did not come in attached and then got detached along the way through the grading process. So either the issue is with Dylan shipping them both with detached staples or the presser shipping them with detached staples or the books getting damaged in transit to CGC.
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    Black Cat Mystery 50 CGC 5.0. One of the top three all-time greatest pre-code covers. $8250. Price is firm on this one.
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    See the Ebay "Best Offer" price...

    To see the actual selling price on an Ebay auction "Best Offer" (as of September 2020 and for quite a while before now): 1) Click on a completed Ebay auction 2) Click on "See original listing" 3) Use your browser to "view page source" (right-click or try Ctrl-U, different browsers have different methods). 4) Search in the website code for "taxex" 5) Look at the "taxExclusivePrice" for the actual selling price.
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    This is the biggest book in my collection. FYI - A 1.0 with tan pages, glue and tape sold on CC yesterday for $16,500. This copy looks fresh off the printing press, has incredible page quality and is Cosmic Aeroplane pedigreed. Please feel free to PM me with any reasonable cash, trade, or cash + trade offers. If you feel more comfortable, we can possibly meet in person for the exchange if you’re located in the tri-state area or Southern California. I’ll take it in thread trumps any ongoing negotiations, and I reserve the right to reject any offer. A deal is not final until both sides have agreed on the terms. No House Of Shame or Probationary members. Payment via check, money order or wire preferred. Check must clear before the book will be dispatched. May consider other payment options as well. Time payments over 2 months available with non-refundable downpayment. Shipping and insurance are included in the continental U.S. Will consider Canada as well, if we can work out the mechanics via PM. No returns on this CGC-graded slab. Asking $80,000.
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    The last few months during the pandemic have provided an opportunity to organize, paint and hang up some of my collection ... I think it came together rather nicely.
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    Maybe it is the Brooklyn Italian American in me... I personally believe that @dylanthekid is a liar, a fraud, a cheat, a genuinely dishonest individual who is not to be trusted in any capacity. I personally believe that given his past actions I would not put it past him to send in damaged books and claim that CGC damaged them as restitution for pressuring him to take back the mislabeled ASMs that were sold earlier this year. I have other choice words about him and his character but the CGC filters won't let them pass.
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    Probably not worth the cost but thought I would send a few in. I have a couple I bought graded and do think they look good in the holder. Some fun imagery on these and thought some might enjoy seeing them
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    I have a beautiful although not terribly high grade Mile High Wonder Woman that I got from GAtor a long time ago, I've been looking for a Mile High Sensation for a long time. I finally found one:)
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    If Robert Beerbohm wasn't still alive I'd swear he had been reincarnated
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    I say this with all due respect, but these pictures are terrible. I think you need to retake all of them. And take the slab out of the bag too I think you’ll have a much more successful sales thread if you do
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    Might want to double check the values you re placing on some of the books (not all of them), as you are well above recent sales, and this is a very savvy group of buyers here.
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    Here she is, one of the top 7 copies in the world with only 2 higher, 1 9.6 and 1 9.8, tied with 3 other 9.2's. Although, I don't recall a White Pager 9.2. Thought this would hit 9.4, but I just don't think the dust shadow on the back is going to push it. The book looks and feels like it just came of the stand. Spirit #22 CGC 9.2 with White Pages - Classic Will Eisner Cover Asking SOLD!
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    Comic Link Accident!!!

    Avengers 47 CGC 9.0 I just bid $635. You're locked in.
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    Tony Moreschi


    Legit started this account just to post this. Just joined the club and couldn’t be happier with my copy 😁
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    I go back a little further than you whippersnappers. Probably one of the Women's Club shows in 1969. I was one of those bottom feeders looking in the dollar boxes under the tables. In those days, anything not Superhero, Early newspaper characters, Ducks and EC's were in those boxes. My first "real" con was the 3rd SDCC at the El Cortez Hotel I think. I still remember the excitement of walking up to the older lady at a card table and handing her a $5. dollar bill for a multi day pass. Slept 8 to a room with some beers we stole from our dads and a bunch of funny cigarettes. Playing poker half the night for comics. Denny's was just across the street for fine dining and cheapest place around to eat. Spent every dollar I brought except for our return trip home gas money.
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    Now some of the highlights of what was inside...I guess i owe her a nice dinner out!
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    That's it for now. My cat, Lucky, commands you to take a book...
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    Shut up Bob. This will be good!
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    Proceeds from selling a lot of these?
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    I dare anyone to rival my crappy collection of first issues that most humans have never seen all together in one place. Collectors items? Maybe if you're drunk. I got these all in a large lot last year that was more than worth it, but that doesn't change the fact that I now have these in my house. They demand to be viewed and will no longer hide in the shadows.
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    None of us have the resources to collect everything we want; all of us are forced to make choices. It’s a big world out there, and every genre we collect is at the cost of another. is there a book in your collection that, to you, is so representative of a genre that you can look yourself in the mirror and say “I’m done”? Is there a book in your collection that is so representative of a genre that you feel free to move on? I was big into WWII war covers, but realized very quickly I couldn’t get em all. So I’ve settled on my favorite cover and released the rest. Then, @Ricksneatstuff got me into GGA, and there I went, chasing a different flock of geese. @Gotham Kid got me into Pre-Robin Tecs, same result. Yesterday there appeared a thread about a piece of John Buscema art that had just sold on the Bay, and @delekkerste said “it’s the closest thing to a one-and-done piece you'll find that encapsulates an era”. It’s what gave me the idea for this topic. Anyway, below is the Buscema piece, followed by a couple of books that, for me, scratch the itch for a couple different genres, and releases me to turn my attention elsewhere. is there such a book in your collection? My favorite WWII war cover! my favorite GGA cover
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    By request, sorry about the low picture quality
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    Last Otis update unless I hear from his foster. Yes, thats right, Otis is out if the hospital a complete doggo. We did save his leg and he's beginning a new life.
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    CGC books 1939-1980

    Action 14 CGC 5.5 $4200 sold
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    Otis update, he's looking much better.
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    One more time before they go their separate ways.
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    it's been awhile since i posted this. here's my baby...
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    This week in your collection?

    Recent pickup - 1st copy I've ever owned of this Silver Age key.
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    My Panama Red books always make me smile... -bc
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    Hi Everyone. Patrick at GAC here and I want to thank everybody for their positive, complimentary and celebratory comments. I've think I've written back to everyone who contacted me, if somehow I've missed anyone please write me back. I can confirm that the New Funnies shown here are Chinatown copies. I can also confirm that all of the scans posted by tth2 are authentic Chinatown copies. Unfortunately that wonderful Mystic Comics is not a Chinatown copy, as someone commented earlier the collection starts in 1944 - although there are some Canadian whites (WECA books) that are from circa 1943, however since they do not have the date printed in them CGC lists it 'No date' so it won't show up in data. I am working on a definitive list and will update as often as I can as the books that I have come back from CGC with the black label. If anyone else needs a confirmation on a Chinatown book graded or ungraded, I can do that. Thanks again to all, this has been a special part of my comic book collecting and comic book business career and you folks have made even sweeter. Stay well Pat
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    If a little company like IGB ends up bringing CGC to its knees, just imagine what a beast like Dylan is going to do to them.
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    All I've done is ask for evidence in this situation, but so far I haven't seen any that's convincing. I'd certainly be willing to examine any evidence that supports Dylan's case, but I suspect the reason it hasn't materialized is because it doesn't exist. But please, by all means, feel free to show us something that supports his case. You certainly have nothing to lose at this point...
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    Completed my Adventure Comics Sandman set
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    Given his previous escapades, I'm not willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. He's going to have to prove his case...
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    I will admit that Timm is my jam. His comic work is my favorite. If anyone has Timm art they want to sell, please reach out. I'm still in the process of posting all of my collection on CAF, so here's one piece from CAF and one not.
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    Not a flea market find but wanted to share beyond my journal...Last year, well, nearly a year and a half ago, an acquaintance referred an older gentleman to me about some comics. As he was from out of province, I met quickly with him one afternoon over a year ago when he was in town for a medical appointment to look at his books. We couldn’t agree to something at that very brief meeting is because my initial offer, in typical fashion, was “not enough” and “below his expectations.” These were books he had as a child and had hung onto all these years. Regardless, we stayed in touch here and there and I looked at more of his books via email, gave him storage advice, etc. He emailed me to say he was in town this week for another medical appointment and asked me if I was still interested. I said yes. So, we agreed to meet. With both of us wearing masks and social distancing I looked at his books in the trunk of his car in the hotel parking lot (we joked people would think we were doing a drug deal) and he had a change of heart and I upped my offer a bit and he came down a lot, so we did the deal. This is a sample of what I think is the “better stuff” but I still have a lot of 10 cent Dell’s and early cartoon/Disney books to look at and process along with a few other comic books. Not really any super hero books. Mostly war and westerns. In total, it was like two and a half banker boxes worth, books towered side by side (didn’t really do anything with my storage advice). He mentioned he thought he had more crime books but has not been able to find them. I told him if he did, to call me. He seemed happy, so hopefully if he does ever find them, he will call me again. I don’t come across these type of books too often, even though most of them are low to mid graders, I wanted them. Plus, quite a few of them seem to be Canadian editions which I find interesting. It will take a bit of time to process, but here are a few group shots of what I picked up.
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    i'll take it on the thread trumps pm's, but reasonable counters will be considered. returns accepted. $15 s/h domestic. paypal will do. this book has been going mad. finally made my upgrade [there went mom's dialysis for the rest of the year], and this one is freed up. white pages, perfect centering. will leave it here 'til fri. a.m. if necessary, and then off to auction. $5,000.
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    Dylan, you are a douchenozzle. Shame on you.
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    Yard sale box. $100 for a long box of comics. Bought at noon after the sale had been going for five hours. It was under the table, but come on. People are slipping.
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    Finally! I might actually resubmit this one for the designation/label.
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    All Top 8 CGC 9.0 white. Cracked out but the label will be sent. Second highest graded.Gorgeous copy with a cover whiter than Billy Idol’s hair. Classic Kamen cover. Was $4,000 NOW $3,200
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    I'm not exactly sure what your issue is with @The Lions Den but his knowledge of grading and intimate experience with CGC make him far more qualified to weigh in on these matters than most of us. You can carry your bias but I've learned more about grading from him than anyone else and always appreciate when he weighs in on a topic.
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    I don't know anything about photoshop... but there is always iMovie. “My style is impetuous . My defense is impregnable. And, I am just ferocious.”
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    My latest pickup for my Timely family. Totally stoked to have this book.
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    I just hate when a seller describes it as a "bondage" cover and it's only Spider-man with his ankles bound by a rope. That's like calling it a headlights cover whenever Archie's jalopy makes an appearance.
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    This Week Back From CGC

    Just received today.
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