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    At long last I've completed the Planet Comics run. They're all here, from Flint Baker (#1) to Cerebex (#73). Tomorrow I'll start posting these for your viewing pleasure. For now, a teaser:
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    Whiz 1

    Hello all another book I’m willing to sell. I have a great offer I’m tempted to take but wanted to test water first. Had another good customer I had promised first crack at pass at my asking price so before I sell, let’s see if anyone on boards has interest. This book would need to be paid via wire , check , cashiers check or possible time payments. Insured Fedex overnight domestically on me. No international sales on this one unless you can convince me. No returns on this one. So be sure $99,995 firm
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    Bill Maher on comics and Stan.

    I'm actually so surprised that Lord Bill took time out of his unceasingly important work that he does on his weekly TV show where he cures childhood cancer, ends world hunger, creates peace in the Mideast, halts international child-sex trafficking, ends extreme global poverty and inspires, uplifts and gives hope to the most downtrodden of our society (not to mention the work he does comforting the severely disabled and the terminally ill). Lord Bill, I must say that I thought your time was far too valuable to be spent commenting on the passing of a guy who was basically "just" an entertainer - who, by the way, merely inspired the imagination of generations of children who looked out over their small childhood surroundings and imagined themselves as being stronger than they appeared, who imagined themselves fighting against and prevailing against bad people, who imagined fantastical machines and powers they could use to overcome terrible threats, who visualized a world where good triumphs over evil and who saw a world where injustice and inequality weren't just used for snarky punchlines and self-promotion on TV but were portrayed as vehicles to introduce inspiring and diverse characters and heroes from all backgrounds who overcame injustice and inequality in our world. Agreed Lord Bill, you're correct in pointing out that this guy, Mr. Lee, was basically only inspiring generations of children with heroic stories filled with art, fantasy, science-fiction and heroic achievement - children who then grew up and flew to the moon and back, or who became law-enforcement officers, teachers, doctors, pilots, engineers, soldiers, architects, business-owners, entertainers, scientists, artists, and yes some even became professors - and I suppose they did all that despite their childhood "nonsense" imaginations. Now, I know that reruns of Lord Bill's work making smug comments to a few hand-chosen guests on a weekly TV show will, in 50, 60 or 70 years, become a multi-trillion-dollar industry unto itself which will continue to inspire both young and old alike far surpassing the cultural influence that any of Mr. Lee's inconsequential little funny-books have ever done. So here's to you Lord Bill, your ceaseless and oh-so-important work you do every day will live on for days, maybe even weeks. But to truly cement your well-earned place as an icon of worldwide cultural influence - where the Make-A-Wish foundation arranges for people to come to dying children's beside dressed like you and deliver some of your most memorable snarky one-liners - I do believe you will need to become a slightly more well-known name around the world, at least more well-known around the world than, say, Ant-Man is. Cheers!
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    porcupine48 ?

    FLANGE! That's for you Steve 🧡 I've had a lot of crummy stuff going on,struggling with some things upstairs,health scares and all that lovely stuff. Still sober though.I'll try and make it on and read pm's ect( @Larryw7 Mike and Mike) .Right now though I have a very sick Penny to mind.If I can get my act together enough mentally I may even have a sale,as the surgery was very expensive.I can barely find my arse to put a hat on these days though,so don't hold me to anything. Anyone have an update on Jeremy,retrocomics while we're looking for folks? Thanks for the kind words everyone,brightened my day a fair share! Lotsa love Jimmers
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    Here are some of my pickups. I got beat up so bad as a consignor all I could do was try to buy some stuff.
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    A little this, a little that
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    After years of collecting silver age Spidey, I bought my first ever golden age book in June of 2018, a copy of Planet Comics #11. I then became addicted. I sold off the Spidey books to pursue the Planets and I have acquired 64 of the 73 issues so far in 2018. My 2019 goal is to complete the run. Here is the first golden age book I ever purchased:
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    Here are two of my favorite acquisitions this year. Marvel Tales is the White Mtn. copy and Captain Aero is from the Big Apple collection. Both are as glossy, bright, and white paged as you will find. Ken
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    Most people here know I buy and sell gold books but some do stick with me. Here are ones that went into the NFS box this year.
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    Wow, don't know where to begin. This has been my best year collecting, period! I went through 6 months of unemployment where I had to sell some of my most prized books; books I will probably never get back. Still, found a great job late last year, recovered from the financial strain, and I'm back baby!
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    Ok, this completes the year. Onward to next year! Onward through the fog!
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    Ladies and gents, I thought this would be a fun topic for a thread. This is not a for sale thread because the books are not yet available for sale but I know collectors like to hear about these sorts of things and this was an impressive find. Wanted to share with you a part of a new collection find I have been a part of for the last few months. Some of you might remember my post about the stolen Amazing Spider-man #1 from this collection, which was owned (literally) by two little old ladies after the owner of the collection passed. It seems that at some point someone came to the owner's place and switched out an original ASM #1 (1963) with a GRR reprint (1966). We know that the collection contained the ASM #1 originally because the owner at one point had the entire collection photo cataloged and the book was missing at the time of purchase. So far the ASM #1 has not turned up. These are the books from the rest of the collection. ---------------------- I got the call back in August about the possibility of these books existing. As it always goes, you don't put much faith in phone calls like this. Most of the time you're dealing with books that are either over graded, or not real (I was part of a large potential collection find once that was supposed to make the Edgar Church find look like small potatoes but it turned out to be an elaborate hoax), or stolen or the books just ended up getting scooped before you can get to them. Since then I had gone back and forth with the person responsible for bringing the books to market from the owners. A few weeks ago, after months of waiting and speculating I was brought in to curate the collection. The books were assessed by CGC for a Pedigree designation. CGC determined that the collection wasn't worthy of a Pedigree designation, not because the books weren't nice enough but because there wasn't enough depth and breadth. The collection consisted of nearly 5000 books ranging from the late 1950's to the late 1960's and covered many publishers including Marvel, DC, MLJ and Dell / Gold Key Many of the big superhero keys are in the collection. Strangely (and unfortunately) the collection is very scattered. Each major Marvel and DC title only contains one, or a few books but there are fairly deep runs of Disney and Pep comics from the 60's along with other assorted titles. We sent the top 22 books in to test the waters and we're very happy with the results. There are still several hundred books in the $300-800 range to be graded on slower tiers and there will be another 20 - 30 x 4 figure books being graded as well. All in all, it was a heck of a lot of fun handling a collection of such quality. It's the largest find I've ever been a part of. As you can see, for the most part the books were well preserved with exceptional page quality and low wear and tear. Here is a list of the books that have been graded so far. I'll post some pics when I can. Enjoy! Action Comics #252 CGC 8.0 OW Adventure Comics #247 CGC 7.0 OWW Amazing Fantasy #15 8.0 OWW Batman #121 CGC 6.5 OWW Brave And The Bold #10 CGC 9.4 OWW (WOW!! it was surreal seeing this book) Brave And The Bold #28 CGC 8.5 OW Fantastic Four #1 CGC 8.5 OWW Fantastic Four #4 CGC 9.0 White Fantastic Four #13 CGC 9.2 White Flash #123 CGC 9.2 OWW Green Lantern #1 CGC 9.2 White Incredible Hulk #1 CGC 8.0 White Journey Into Mystery #83 CGC 7.5 White Journey Into Mystery #84 CGC 9.0 White Justice League of America #1 CGC 8.5 OWW Showcase #24 CGC 9.0 OWW Strange Tales #89 CGC 8.5 OWW Tales of Suspense #40 CGC 8.5 White Tales To Astonish #7 CGC 9.4 OWW Wonder Woman #98 7.5 Lt/OW Wonder Woman #105 CGC 7.5 OWW
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    Should have bought this the first time back in 2004. At least I got a second chance.
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    Cool cover. Bought a while back but never got around to posting.
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    I'll start this off with two newly acquired grail pieces, the first in the Summer and the latter in the Fall of this year... The second grail item is my second George Rozen oil painting, this one destined for the June 1, 1942 cover of The Shadow... More later, ...now it's your turn.
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    Here are a few of my 2018 purchases.
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    This year was pretty amazing for me. I acquired a long time grail, Green Giant 1. I have been wanting a piece of Peanuts artwork for some time and decided this was the year so I tried to pick up a piece from Heritage but was completely shut out. Low and behold I was contacted by someone with a piece they were willing to part with and I had my first piece (which I absolutely love). Once you have one, you realize it isn't enough and I ended up picking up two more!
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    This weekend was crazy...bumping one of my favorite threads because I finally completed a long time collecting goal of mine. Captain America Comics #1 blue label complete Through perseverance, a boardie, lot's of messages back and forth, selling some pc books, and of course lot's of money...my dream has come true Thank you Riddler
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    This may be my favorite.... GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
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    Someone has to lower the tone of this thread before we all get nosebleeds. I'm here for you guys! 2018 was a year in which I could feel my priorities changing away from US-printed books and towards Australian GA, both reprints of American material and locally-produced stuff. Top of my list would be the "Cheetah collection" of Fiction House reprints. I saw these books pieced out on eBay by Geppi over a month or two more than a decade ago and was always kicking myself that I didn't go harder because of the disproportionate postage costs on multiple small shipments. Then they surfaced here in Cheetah's collection. I'd reached an agreement to buy them when Cheetah sold out of comics, but life took him off the boards and I'd (almost) given up hope of getting them back home. But 2018 saw Jeff come back and the 'consummation devoutly to be wished' finally came to pass. Here are the books sitting on a floor in their native land once again: Thank you again @cheetah for my comics highlight of 2018. In terms of Australian-produced material, I think the sci-fi covers in Silver Flash probably get the nod.
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    Out of all this years acquisitions, this may be my favorite. with this being a very close 2nd...
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