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    Been busy with life and starting a new business lately...finally had time to finish up my office. Figured I’d finally join this awesome thread with a few pics of my own.
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    Thoughts on Baltimore Convention 2018

    I don't know if anyone is interested, however, I thought I would share my thoughts on this year's Baltimore Convention. As a collector primarily of GA, I did not find the selection of books I would have liked. This is NOT to say that there were not GA books there, as there were several big dealers, including New Force (Gator), Bedrock (Rich), High Grade (Bob), Reese (Greg), and several others. There was a decent amount of GA, just nothing I was REALLY looking for. I found a few books that I was marginally interested in, however, the grade was either REALLY low or the price REALLY high. I took a number of photos, with my phone. I am NOT a great photo taker, so I don't know if anyone wants to see these or not. The highlight of the show, for me, was seeing and talking with a few fellow board members. I was happy to see my friend @zolnerowich for the second year in a row. I met @comicjack who is perhaps one of the most knowledgeable people on comics, that I have ever met. He took time to tell me about many different comics spanning numerous genres. I really appreciate the time he took to do this. Let me post at least one photo of the IMO most awesome collection of GA in the room. New Force (Gator), had a Superman 1, Captain America 1, Sensation 1, Two Wonder Woman 1(s), Three Batman 1(s), at least Six AF15(s). As well as a host of other impressive books. Please forgive the poor photography....
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    Sitting at the airport waiting, so have a moment to chime in. As always I find the people the most enjoyable part of these cons. From baseball games and dinners to just chatting with friends old and new, that’s more important to me. Selling books is necessary of course, but while I don’t sell online etc, one easily could. The dealers that set up spend a tremendous amount of time and resources doing so, in hopes of providing a good shopping experience for the attendees. Sometimes we have books priced great, sometimes books priced rediculously for whatever reason. Sometimes have books we can discount and other times we have books that are in high demand that the price is firm! Sometimes we have just the book in just the right grade at just the right price and others we are miles away on. But as long as we can smile and have a good time , count me in!
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    Mancave has blackout windows
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    Three days of diggin and grinding.
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    sitting outside the CGC pickup room... supposedly everything will be done by 5! couldnt wait so i had to pickup the one book that was ready: had myself ready for as low as a 1.8, so 2.5 was a nice result.
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    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Arrived today:
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    This Week Back From CGC

    Okay, I took some quick photos of the first 25 books I got back yesterday
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    Pretty pumped about my auction wins today. It was a Magnus heavy day. Picked up 14 issues that I needed (and lost 4 others that I needed).
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    Fiction house anyone?

    Recent Fight Comics 37. Between Blum/Baker? Hooks Devlin and Lily Renee's Senorita Rio this issue may have some of my favorite interiors ever
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    Truly Dissatisfied With Service

    NWO, board ambassador, everyone.
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    In terms of grails, this one would go on my short list.
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    As a newbie, again, I scour sites, papers, stores and such for ads about comics... Yesterday, I came across an advertised short box of 100 comics for $40, but it looked to be a lot more than that...didn't quibble, didn't dig too hard, but after I saw the 2nd earlier ASM, I got out my cash and handed it over with a smile and a "Thank you!" It turned out to be a mixed lot of mostly modern, with a few silver age, and a few dozen bronze age items. The unexpectedness of seeing a Key or Minor Key item mixed in with a random assortment of superhero type books was well worth the time. The grades vary widely, but the fun and excitement of looking and finding was Near Mint!! I have left them as found, as is, but plan to clean and re-bag and board the better ones.
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    ..Another for the PRE Pre Code Superhero/horror subset, and a recent MLJ upgrade from earlier this year. So much to take in when you notice: The body with a knife in it's back, Mr. Justice rising from the body, The moving Train, the steam cloud coming from the train, the city in the background, the misty moon, the gun toting scaly green men and of course, the Woman in Red. Lots of details courtesy of Sam Cooper.
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    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

    Been collecting this title for years, have had a complete for probably 25 years now, but always snag an upgrade when I find one. It’s quite a test of patience to try to get a nice set, but I came one issue closer today:
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    I’m super glad that Jimbo made this suggestion because that’s exactly what I did! The partial trade made this deal possible for me.
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    Marvel Mystery comics #82 Namora🧜🏼‍♀️
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    Slow day at the flea market but still happy with what I found
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    Hey all, I've been reconsidering my collecting goals and have come to the painful conclusion this Flash Comics #2 doesn't really fit. (I bought it thinking I'd add a #1 later, but that was based on out-of-date prices.) The only sales I know of this year are auctioned books: a 2.0 sold for $3201 in March and a 7.0 went for about $8400 more recently. I only have one board sale kudos, so I will provide my eBay handle by message if asked. Flash Comics #2 CGC 1.8 spline split and fc detached. Asking $2200 shipped and insured in the U.S. Contact me if you're outside the U.S. Payment by postal money order or Paypal within a week. No probation or Hall Of Shame. No refunds. Ask any questions before purchase.
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    My newest HA win. Tied for highest graded and a Crowley copy.
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