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    Hello everyone. Apparently I am a tool and I cannot even identify my own signature. To be fair, I was sent a bad picture and an eBay listing that looked like a joke. I didn’t think twice about it. after a bit more research, it appears that my signature did change a lot over the years. I sign at least 200 comics at each con so, I guess that explains it. I never realized how radical it was. I am very sorry about this even though I have to admit it took my mind off more serious things for a moment, and don’t we all need that ? i promise to now keep track of my own damn hand writing evolutions somewhere to avoid further panic attacks. don;t put things on eBay with a joke price though, I will always assume it is fake. If my own signature was worth 28k, I would sign myself all my comps and retire in the south of France :P All my apologies S
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    HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL...I'M LOOKing to downgrade to a 5.5 or 6.0....otherwise one price. I might consider some grade Gold Coins even some rare early Silver dollars...if graded...and we can work out a price. That said....Postage is Registered Mail....you pay first $100..I pay anything over....Insured. Usual rules apply....Not sure if Paypal usable at this level . Certified check best. Should not be any returns..but if so...Fees both ways on Buyer. Only members who have been on boards for a year or more. If I forgot anything ..please lmk and I will correct or add. HULK 1 CGC 7.0 WHITE PAPER...very light marvel chipping..super bold colors...nicely centered.... Heads-Up: BTW I do have some items on the usual venue...some will appear here soon if they do not sell there.. $52,500....
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    Nominating RICK STARR

    The duplicate check is moot, because the seller reneged. He was offered a PP payment or another check. The seller declined because he wanted to keep the book. I understand wanting to keep books, it happens. But lots of stuff happens, people need to do the right thing and keep their word. The probation list means a lot to some of us, and it's good to have around so we can check it. Some of us forget the names without the list. Personally, I won't be purchasing from Mr. Starr. Not even so much for the lack of the transaction...but for the way he responded to the OP and here. It really concerns me and I don't want to be frightened about getting into a messy transaction. If I were the OP, I'd cancel the check, because $30 would save my peace of mind. We don't know if that check is lost in space somewhere and a friend of mine, just had a check stolen and someone changed the name and the amount and cashed it electronically. I would then ask to put Rick Starr on the probation list. As for taking him off the probation list, the easy fix is to sell the OP the book, but that's up to the OP, if he wants to accept a posted written apology and another book as a token of contrition, it might work, but that's up to him. BTW, @G G ® I'd buy from thewritestuff without hesitation. I'm sure a lot of others would as well, I'm not sure why you would think that others would look down on him for the incident. All he did was try to pay for a book he really wanted. Just like he was supposed to.
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    Nominating RICK STARR

    I agree. Many times I have seen people say when a seller refuses to sell to you, you really aren't out anything. On the flip side, when a buyer refuses to pay, they get put on the probation list. It shouldn't matter weather the person "wronged" is a buyer or seller. If a deal is made, money and book should both exchange hands, and if either refuses, they should be held accountable.
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    ComicArtTracker v3 is live!

    Hello everyone! Today is a beautiful day... for rolling out a new version of ComicArtTracker! I've been working on this new iteration throughout the past year, the last major update being in November 2019, and I hope you'll appreciate it. Main enhancements and new features: CAT pages have been reviewed for improved usability on mobile and a sleeker design. More than 50% of ComicArtTracker users are using it from a phone or tablet, so I thought it was time to tune the site with this in mind. This includes a new home page, a new navigation bar on mobile, a new search page and tabs replaced with an "infinite" scrolling. Performance has been improved and loading time reduced throughout the site with numerous code improvements. CAT users may now activate a personal short link. In your Settings / Account section, you can now activate this personal link which let you login without having to re-enter your username and password. You can bookmark this link in your browser or on your smartphone home page for faster access to CAT. Once activated, the personal link will also be used on the daily emails. For dark mode aficionados, CAT now has its own dark theme. You can activate it in your Settings / Preferences section. A new page called "Trending Searches" displays the most searched artists / characters every month. It's a great way to discover new artists! CAT now has its own "Comic Art Collecting Guide", with answers to a lot of questions you may have regarding ComicArtTracker or comic art in general. This section will evolve with time, feel free to PM me your corrections or if you have ideas about interesting resources that could be added. Many thanks to BCarter27 and Frank for their help on this section! A new version may come with its share of compatibility issues. Do not hesitate to contact me if you encounter any bugs. I sincerely hope you enjoy ComicArtTracker and will appreciate this new version! Nicolas https://comicarttracker.com/
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    Nominating RICK STARR

    RICK STARR is free to not complete this transaction, but based upon the rules, if the OP wants him added to the PL, he should be added to the PL. You can do what you want with your stuff, but you can't avoid responsibility for backing out of a deal on the Boards by ginning up a "payment not received" excuse.
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    Appreciate the feedback, @James J Johnson If you have a question you're welcome to PM me about it, although that's not intended to be a normal customer service channel and I don't expect anyone to seek that out other than regular board members. As others have said, we also have a web site, with a Help link at the top of every page that has a contact email address and phone number for customer service: https://www.mycomicshop.com/help As for our eBay account not having questions opened up, it's been set that way for many years. If the only questions we got were from serious buyers inquiring about $3000 purchases (or even $50 purchases), it would be easy to take questions. But we also have hundreds of thousands of $2-10 comics. Many of the people that ask the most questions are the least likely to actually buy anything. Another semi-complication for us is that with most eBay sellers, if you contact them to ask them something that requires them directly examining the comic you're asking about, it's relatively easy for them to access the comic from a box in the next room, take a look, and answer you. For us, our inventory is filed in a big warehouse, or in the case of expensive comics, locked up in a vault. Our inventory isn't easily accessible to our customer service department, and usually once the comic has been filed it doesn't get accessed again until somebody orders it and we're pulling the order. If it's a serious buyer for an expensive comic, sure, we're happy to do that to answer a legit question. But that's not a level of service we're generally interested in offering for the huge number of lower price range comics we also carry. All that said, it has been years since we first turned that off; we do have a lot more higher end inventory now than we had 10 years ago; and our customer service staff is bigger now (multi-person team where it used to be one person). I'll discuss it with them and perhaps we'll try opening the account to questions for a month or two, gauge the response, and then decide if we want to keep that open or turn it off again.
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    The only thing my wife knows about comics is that her husband has an unhealthy obsession with them. Nevertheless, she grabbed these for me when she saw them at a local thrift store but was concerned she may have overpaid - $4 for the lot.
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    This is me on my 14th birthday in 1979...my parents surprised me after my baseball game. I was stunned...this had been priced at the outrageous sticker price of $65 at my local comic shop and I never thought they would get it for me!
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    Weird Tales of the Future 7 FN-. Very gnarly (and influential) horror cover from Bernard Baily. Classic PCH. $3950.
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    The Meaning of Joe Sinnott

    The following is fairly personal and was not easy to write. But, I thought I owed it to him. On the day that I heard Joe Sinnott had died, I found myself harkening back to days from my childhood. If you could transport yourself back in time as well and were searching for my younger self, you might find me mowing the lawns or working in various places around the family property; the garage, the basement, the attic, the cars and so on. Where ever there was work to be done, you would find me. I felt free and away from harm in two situations during childhood. Running through the woods that surrounded our property with my German shepherd or escaping into new worlds in the comic books that I read. They were my sanctuaries. I need to remember. It was October 1974 in New England where once again I found myself recuperating in a Massachusetts hospital room. I had been in and out of hospitals throughout my childhood. Even at that young of an age, I always tried to look at the bright side of things. At least on this occasion, I hadn’t lost massive amounts of blood. I remember waking from surgery to the image of my Mom’s smiling face. She was a month away from her 53rd birthday (she was like a Mom/Grandma in one person). She also was the only one that came to visit me that day. She told me that everything was going to be fine and that I did well. And as she said this, she reached into a bag that she had brought in the room with her and handed me my very first comic book experience; the very large format – Marvel Treasury Edition 2 (stories from Marvel’s Silver age and first family – The Fantastic Four). This was my introduction into the world of comics. “The Coming of Galactus!” and the first appearance of the Silver Surfer captured my imagination. It had such an impact on me, that I worked for three years in order to purchase my own Celestron-8(inch) telescope at the age of 15. Even, with all the moves around the U.S., it is still with me to this day. I started working at the age of 12. I would catch a ride every Saturday morning with Mr. Kenneth Hale to travel around town in his beat-up van cleaning bars, apartments, bathrooms or whatever. You name it, Ken Hale Maintenance cleaned it. I didn’t get paid much, $1.50/hr, but at least I was making some money and out of the house. I looked forward to running over to the local package store, located about the length of a football field south of the church, at the end of every Sunday Mass. It was only the three of us (Mom, my sister and I) that went to church. Dad stayed home still sleeping off his hangover from the previous day. I’d ask my Mom if it was OK for me to find out what new comics arrived before we drove over to my Aunt Mary’s or Auntie Vee’s. She always said yes with a smile. You would have a hard time finding me during the day (My sister and I constructed a tree fort in the woods) or at night (under the covers with a flashlight) long past lights out, reading about the adventures of my favorite super heroes. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Many years later, I was in Charlotte at a Heroes Convention in 2005 when I discovered one of the two artists most instrumental for my love of comics, stemming from the introduction in that hospital bed some 30+ years earlier, had made the journey as well. I was about to meet one of my childhood heroes, Joe Sinnott. And at that moment, I was surprised by my own reaction to the news - That I was so happy! I need to remember. Life in our family could best be described as chaotic. Yet, no one outside the immediate family ever knew what was taking place in the house located 3 miles from the center of that small town in western, MA in the 1970’s. My Dad (25) was 15 years younger than my Mom (40) when they got married. Ever since I can remember, he would arrive home from work M-Th around 5:30pm. But, on Friday nights, he would go out (directly from work) drinking with his buddies until the early hours of the following morning. When it first happened, I probably was 5 or 6 years old. He arrived back home around 3:00am. I don’t think I heard the sound of the front door being opened or his dress shoes as they came in contact with the hard wood floors of the living room. I became much more aware over time, as I would first hear the front door being opened. Eventually, I was able to detect the garage door being closed. On that very first occasion, I first felt a jarring shove and heard the words: “Get Up!” In general, he would typically start by calmly telling us to eat the cold pizza leftovers he brought home from the bar and eventually 2-3 hours later, the violence would peak. This played out every Friday night for the next 7-8 years of my childhood. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** I have shaken many hands in my life; athletes, movie stars, comedians, regular everyday folks. I can say without question, when I walked up to Mr. Sinnott that day in Charlotte, he is the only person, before or since, that I have shaken their hand with both of my hands. From that very first chance meeting in Charlotte and since, he could not have been kinder. We began a friendship that involved speaking to each other by phone every other month for the next 3-4 years. We spoke for hours and the majority of the time, it was about a love we both shared - baseball. I remember the time he spoke of when he was a youth sitting in the stands at the old Yankee Stadium near the home town team’s on deck circle and none other than Babe Ruth was loosening up. It’s seems different when I reflect back on those chats now. I didn’t even realize he was still working until 2 years after we began speaking to each other. It never even occurred to me to ask. I was just so happy to think of him as my friend. It was towards the end of one of those calls when I told him that I was leaving for the SD Comic Con in the morning and I had not yet finalized the travel arrangements, so I was going to have to get going and he said; “Hey Mark, if you get a chance, let Stan (Lee) know I’m having a difficult time with the paper he’s been sending me.” Maybe, a couple of seconds went by before I replied somewhat puzzled; “Joe, you’re not still working, are you?” I just assumed he had retired a while back. And he shared with me that he was still working on the Spider-Man strip for the National newspapers. Another time, Joe told me he was going to be set up at the New York Comic Con a few weeks before I was planning on attending. I told him I would see him there. I talked my friend into joining me in Joe’s sketch line. I greeted Joe and introduced my friend and stated we’d love to each get a sketch from him. (Btw, I’ve never gotten a sketch from anyone before or since). Joe, spent so much time on my friend’s Captain America sketch, that I happened to notice some kids were now in line behind me. I stepped out of line and told his son Mark that I could wait for another time as I felt this might be the only time the kids would have a chance to get one. I spoke with Joe the following week and he asked me if I had ended up making it to the show. I said; “Joe, that was me that introduced my friend Ken to you. That’s why I thought you spent so much time on his sketch.” He laughed and said he didn’t recognize me and that he was a little harder of hearing than he’d care to admit to. We spoke through the years and at one point, I went outside the immediate family and let him know what Jack Kirby and his work meant to me. What he meant to me. I wish I could have had those kinds of conversations with my own Father. He touched my life through his collaborative works. Not so much for its style and beauty, but more for what it meant to me. It gave the younger me hope for better days. It helped me run out of the woods.
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    FF #5: One of the hottest SA keys and a must for any Dr. Doom or FF collector! Five years ago, I saw this book as being undervalued. Last few years now it is finally getting respect. Book has bone white pages and no marvel chipping. It is climbing higher and higher it seems. Price: $22,000
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    Halloween Photos 2020

    Well, I’ve posted these everywhere else; no point in being shy now.
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    Nominating RICK STARR

    I was just going to write this. I've bought from Rick many times, and his threads are a "click immediately" thing for me. He's (usually) a great seller with lots of interesting offerings. That said, I know the lengths I would go to in order to remain on the boards buying and selling, off the probation list with a good reputation. I hope he weighs all of those benefits against a single $1900 semi-reluctant sale and makes the right call. A deal was struck, it should be completed. Period.
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    Nominating RICK STARR

    Reverse the situation though, and I'll use a current transaction of my own as an example: Several days ago I put in a take on a four figure book, and payment isn't expected till the thread closes sometime next week. Say next week rolls around, and instead of paying I tell the seller "Oh sorry, I spent all my free cash flow in the stock market last week during the downturn. I can't buy your book anymore." The seller naturally gets upset with me, and I come back with "well its my money, and I've been in the hobby for x amount of time, and I've done transactions with persons x, y, and z, and my rep is great. And after all, its only money." Do I get a reprieve from the PL because I've been around the boards for about 5 years and have paid for 100% of my previous takes? No, in fact I should know better than to renege on a deal like that, and my dumb*** should be on the PL until I've made things right by the seller I wronged.
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    New Avengers drawing - mixed media

    It’s been about 7 years since I did my first Avengers drawing. Wanted to do another. On its way to make some prints for family. Thanks for letting me share!
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    Really interesting month or two in Moderns and Copper books. I continue to see great sales overall not as much as a few months back, but well better then previous Summer and fall months by far. I am only hampered by my work schedule or I could sell more I think. Keep in mind I am a 90% raw seller as well. Static 1 has been a monster for me this summer by far. Sales are now reaching $70 for a raw and Platinum sale over $200 raw. I feel sorry for some thinking they will open those poly bag books and slab a 9.8. Sorry it wont happen. Moon Knight 20 is an easy sale currently at $20 or higher probably soon. Ms Marvel 1 7th prints is a monster and is really hard to find had no trouble selling mine. NP selling multiple copies of Paper Girls 1, ASM 360 , & DC vs Marvel sets for BINS. Sold multiple copies of Batman vs Predator with Sets of III selling the fastest probably due to scarcity compared to other sets. Early Invincible issues are $50 to $100 raw and slabs of 9.6 and 9.8 I have sold for $300+ pretty easily. NM copies sell fast priced lower. Be on the lookout for Marvel Team Up 14 difficult to find for some reason and sells well. All early preview copies of Invincible are grabs if you can find them cheap. TPB out of print Omnibuses and HC are really easy sales. Don't ask me which ones try doing your own research.(Don't PM me either about it.) Adam legend of Blue is absolutely smoking great job if you held till now. We live 1 is picking up speed and what I like best is the A cover is the one that is looking like a winner.(Ton of variants.) BTW the story looks to be great enjoyed the 1st issue. Strange Academy 1s are still selling well enough so that I am holding the copies I have left and wish I would have held more copies of my signed Campbell covers. Boom studios is producing quality books. Now some hate their reprinting of their titles but try to find a copy of Once and Future 1 8th print. Ive stopped selling Young Avengers 1 and regret selling my Wizard copy. I am now buying again any chance I get. Viz and Scarlet Witch 1 to 12 series. Go buy it cheap easily triple or more your money. Spawn books are out of reach for me for profitability now. Cash is all I can say Cash in. While I am tempted to keep Batgirl 50 for awhile just run with the money. Same with Last Ronin. (I never liked Turtle books so easy sales for me.) Dont look now, but now Icon is moving up in sales. Hardware will probably be next. Some of those later issue Milestone titles are just impossible to find and I am looking hard. Static issues any Static issue past 25ish is gold. 44 or 45 are platinum. Late Copper and early Modern horror has a big audience for high grade.
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    What's new?

    6 months you say? Well a lot has happened. We had a guy from England get upset that his Back to the Future Promo was not listed as the 1st appearance of Back to the Future and started calling a lot of us "Whoppers" which ended up pretty "Conic" we also had this come up .which sparked debate. which also led to many other discussions. Eventually the same person decided to post this. Which after attempting to have his books graded lead to .. Which since almost every topic involving said person all have ended the same. So much so they started a topic about locks. Mean while .. @kav has been trying to collect Greggies all while several Greggy threads have appeared. Greggy has only while just continuing to dominate the TAT , This week in your collection, and Back from CGC threads. There have been a BIG up tick in nominations for PL and HOS including one who attempted to buy a slabbed book , crack it out and return just the broken slab, while keeping the book and trying to keep the money. Turns out the boards were all over this. And found out that which lead to the money being refunded and the seller made whole as well as the buyer being outed and added to the PL/HOS. Plus if you used your moderns for toilet paper, well you may have just SH!+ on some decent profit as turns out speculation is good for driving the prices on books WAY up..
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    So to line item #13 do you think it is fair that you stuck vastly overgraded books to 2 buyers? Honestly, your way to do business choices are some of the worst I have ever seen. As a dealer it is your job to do the right thing, accurately grade books, be fair, accept returns and not take advantage of others which ruins the business for all of us. Nobody likes to tell a buyer that they were taken advantage of.
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    Detective Comics #71 7.5 $13,500
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    NEWBIE just came in !!!

    Well... Was collecting passionately in the 1990's but have slowed down quite a bit. I thought I would introduce myself with the help of my super low grade Spidey Here is my first American comic book I bought when I was 5 years old (with my mom) in 1968. She knew I liked the Spiderman TV cartoon back then so when she found it in one of the bins, she bought it. I dont remember how much she paid for it but she told me before she died that she gave the store owner a $20 bill for 4 comics and she got change back.
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    Nominating RICK STARR

    A disclaimer .... I consider John T to be a friend and have done transactions with him for over a decade. That being said, we have the list for a reason ... to serve as warning for problematic buyers and sellers. This presumably to reduce the disappointments from our self-policed market place, It is to identify buyers and sellers who refuse to honor a transaction. "Break a Deal, get The Wheel ... " Tina Turner, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. I would've had second thoughts on the book in question as well.... awesome book, but once listed, we have obligations to follow through , from the pauper all the way to the King.
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    Batman #23 CGC 7.0 WHITE PAGES - $4500 $4400 $4300 $4200 - $3950 Label Front Cover Back Cover
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    CGC Pressing = big mistake!

    This will end well.
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    CLOSED For Sale X-MEN #2 (1963)

    Or...you could just not comment on someone's sales thread about price. Usually the correct option.
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    Nominating RICK STARR

    A seller refusing to follow through with an agreed upon sale (especially after acknowledging the purchase, providing his address, and directing the buyer to mail a check) completely undermines the integrity of the For Sale threads on these boards. If sellers and buyers can refuse to follow through with any transaction “just because”, then what’s the point in having a place here for buying and selling?
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    A "Streak" of funny books from Lev Gleason Publications!
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    Halloween Photos 2020

    Here's my two boys in front of our graveyard display. We have piping with holes drilled in along the piping, then put wood chips over the pipe. To give that illusion that the fog is coming up through the ground. Its quite cool in the dark.
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    MR SigS

    This week in your collection?

    Having completed my ASM and Avengers runs, I'm focusing on the FF again, replacing issues I sold here several years ago, upgrading the ones I kept, and getting the tough ones that I was unable to get in those days- Once I got my #1 and replaced my 48-50 & 52, it made sense to focus on competing a Silver to Copper Age run. 2 & 4-6 are still going to be tough, especially now. I had a choice of getting all these, or trying to get one of those early ones. I went with these.
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    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    So I bought a portfolio because I was quickly running out of wall space in the comic/poster/statue room. It was perfect, big enough to hold 24 x 36 prints. The problem of course is where the heck do you store something that big. And then my wife came up with the idea and built this for me. Shelf under my table. I can still get two rows of comic boxes underneath.
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    Diary Secrets #28 (1955) Awesome Matt Baker cover 2nd Highest graded in the census behind a 7.0 $3200 obo Trades Welcome
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    Domo Arigato

    Nominating RICK STARR

    I just read this entire thread and don't know the seller or the buyer at all. What I do know, is that some of the posts in this thread made by long time board members are absolutely ridiculous. Based on the proof that's been posted and by the sellers own admission......this is probation worthy. It's so frigging probation worthy that it's practically a textbook example of what the probation list was created for. In fact, if you look up Probation List in the dictionary, they should just provide a link to this thread. A deal was agreed upon. The buyer was making every possible effort to make sure the seller got the payment and in the method that the seller requested. The seller decided to back out of the deal instead. The seller deserves to be added to the probation list and future buyers on the forum deserve to be warned about his ethics as a seller.
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    Greetings everyone! Just listing a couple of SA mega key Fantastic Four books . Prices are firm at the moment (subject to change). No HOS's or probies please, serious buyers only! I am open to short time payments up to 3 months w/ a 20% non-refundable down payment paid via check (only form of payment I am accepting). Check must clear first before book is shipped. Shipping locally in the U.S. only. Buyer can request whether they want the book shipped via USPS or Fed-Ex w/ signature, shipping included in price. Any other questions, please ask. Thanks! Return Policy: I can accept returns up to 7 days starting from when you receive the book. Book has to be returned in exact same condition as received. Buyer responsible for shipping costs back to me. FF #1: Presents nicely for the grade IMO w/ no marvel chipping, pages are offwhite. There is one currently up for auction at Heritage, same grade 4.5 already at $18,600 w/ around 8 days left. Will it break $20k when it is all said and done? I think it's quite possible!!! Book is in an uptrend. Price: $19,000
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    I really feel the need to mention MrBedrock, G.A.tor, GreatCaesarsGhost, Straw-man, Timely, Mitch and so many more who’ve been helping me through this difficult time. Rick and Bridget were phoning nightly before Rox passed offering consoling words to both of us. Richard offered to drive up from Houston in the middle of a pandemic if I needed assistance. GreatCaesarsGhost came over last week to lend an ear. Tough times on top of tough times and my heart goes out to everyone who’s making the ledge we’re all on a little wider.
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    Thank you everyone for understanding and for your kindness. The warm welcome as well. i guess now I know why having witnessed signings makes sense now hope you are all well , times are weird but hopefully the next convention is just around the corner. take care
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    Domo Arigato

    Comic Covers featuring Greggy

    Got this copy for free. I overpaid.
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    Sometimes you just have to share great works by rising comic artists - That is a Mr. potato head inspired new avengers member in case you can’t tell 😂 If you want to inspire new talent - nows your chance
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    My restoration is complete. I'm not terribly skilled, but I'm happy with how it came out. I spent $20 for the machine, $12 for 2 new locks, $9 for spray paint, then $25 for paint supplies to fix up my paint job with the spray paint. I cleaned the chrome with a toothbrush to get the shine back. Everything is now operational on the machine. I made the advertising/cover using vending machine stickers from my personal collection. I mounted them in penny sleeves - no stickers were harmed in the making of the advertising. While cleaning the machine, I found the original support/contact sticker for the manufacturer, which I added to the bottom left of the display. My daughter requested I paint the pulls her favorite color (teal). I bought some stickers on eBay of their current favorite shows and put them in the machine. They are excited to get a sticker as a reward.
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    This week in your collection?

    Not sure how this one slipped by me in my all first appearance quest but glad I got it! Thanks Gary Dolgoff if you are on the boards!
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    Sorry to hear about all this. Hopefully the electricity gets on soon. That is a cute puppy! I hope this makes you chuckle, no prize needed
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    Baker Romance

    My Baker buys in 2020.
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    My dad in the early ‘50s stationed at Camp Pendleton. I eventually tracked down the issue he was reading on eBay and gave it to him as a Father’s Day gift one year.
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    Halloween Photos 2020

    Officially underway. Full sized candy bars, I’d like to point out. Also, this pic looked much better in the dark, on my phone. Apologies to anyone seeing it full sized.
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    Vault of Horror #35 (1954) CGC 7.5 Creepy Christmas cover by Johnny Craig 2150 obo Trades welcome
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    Nominating RICK STARR

    "c) The 30-day rule is suspended if the accused refuses to complete the transaction or if the transaction cannot be completed due to, for example, the item being sold to someone else."
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    Went to an auction Sat....this is the only thing I came home with....one of my favorite SA comics.....
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