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    Why Whiz 22?

    Ok. Here’s my story. For those of you that wonder why whiz 22 is my favorite comic, sit back and I will tell you a tale of an 8 year old Shazam fan in 1975. Each summer my parents would drop me and my sister off at my grandmothers house for a little vacation. 1975 the Shazam tv show was my favorite. I wanted so badly to be captain marvel. I yelled “Shazam!” About a million Times that summer , hoping I would be transformed....naturally, never happened. But my “mimi” offered to make me a Shazam costume. Problem was, no vcr or digital cell phones or internet to capture an image of the costume from which she could sew me a costume. So we head down to the local used book store hoping to find a comic from which she could design one for me. And as fate has it, whiz 22 was available , purchased and costume made! Fast forward some 20+ years to the late 1990s and my “mimi “ was in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s. One visit my wife and I sat with her (always just a blank stare and no acknowledgement of who we were ) and in a surprising moment of lucidity, my grandmother asked me if I still had the comic and costume she bought/made for me all those years ago. And as I answered , the blank stare covered her face again. That was the last time I saw my mimi Alive. And so I’ve bought every copy I’ve ever seen since.
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    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    After 30 years of staring at it ...
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    Is this place deader than ever?

    Damn straight. Thanks to the wonderful people on the cgc boards, I was able to survive for a year after my heart transplant because of their generosity. I wasn't yet getting disability, and because I wasn't working, I didn't have a prescription plan and these meds are expensive. So God bless the members of the cgc forms. I'll never forget what they did for me.
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    Hey folks...so sorry for the lack of updates the last few months...honestly I'm pretty spent...only 4 days off since August 14th (the day we started to move in)...Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, and Jan 3rd (blizzard conditions that day and 12+" of snow). There have been a few days when I said to myself, tonight before I leave I'll post an update, but then the time comes and I just want to sleep lol!! Going to make this update short, but change it up a bit...there are so many things I can write about and probably even more stuff that I've forgotten!! I'm going to try to carve out a few minutes each week to write a small update...the suggestions and advice here is invaluable and I'm doing myself a disservice if I don't rack the brains of everyone here! What I think might be easier for me and more enjoyable for you folks is asking questions you want answers to as opposed to me just vomiting from the keyboard ! Each week, I'll update the week with interesting, funny, educational things that I've encountered during the week as well as answer any and all questions that come up! A couple of things that have gone poorly or not according to plan: 1) Time - I have nowhere near as much as I thought I would. Here is the most embarrassing thing, that I don't even want to admit...I have all the main DC titles priced up and organized...BUT I only have 1 row of independents, with only 4 titles (Walking Dead, Spawn, Rick and Morty, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)...and worse than that...I only currently have available Marvel titles from A-T...that's right...I do not have 1 X-Men comic out on the sales floor, no Wolverine, nothing (I do have Bronze/Silver/Wall books of these titles, but no back issue runs)...it's hard to even write that...Time...I just don't have any extra. There is no excuse though... Every time I set myself up to price books, something happens, phone calls, customers (I'm not complaining about that btw lol). My time management has never been great...and that brings me to 2) Systems - I have a few people helping me, and each day I am reacting to what's going on and giving direction on the fly, this isn't good for morale in general (although most people helping me out seem very happy)...I am not anywhere near as proactive as I need to be...I don't have opening, closing, down time checklists...I haven't used my quick books yet which is going to make tax time ridiculously hard and more expensive as there is much more work for the accountant to do now...I know what I want to do and what I need to do, but it's been a lot more difficult than I thought...I can go on and on about this topic, but you get the idea...I'm not even counting my social media, which is lacking as well... 3) New comic ordering...I've made adjustments to lower titles not selling as much just in time for, what it seems like, each week there being a hot book that's selling for $15 dollars day of release...hell, even Amazing Spider-Man 796 coming out next week is selling for $15+ already on eBay...I've had a few people bail on pull lists, which kind of stinks, but one of those people was pulling all the Dark Knight Metal stuff...so that actually worked out lol. I have about 15 people on pull lists now...I have the ComicSuite to help me with the pull lists as well as ordering, but I'm not using it efficiently...I"m still over-ordering on some titles, and I find myself still driving to other shops to pick up books I under-ordered on... 4) Space - I had to increase the table space for the gaming and have not increased the comic space...being that the gamers are paying my bills, I have to make sure my focus is on them, but I haven't set up the comic space the way I need in order to put more books out, which I desperately need to do...my back issue selection is lacking to say the least...it's not that I don't have the inventory, I do...in fact I now have more comics at my house than I did before I opened the shop!!! My sales are still 68% MTG and 32% other last time I checked (having issues with the computer, have a call into the helpdesk), so I don't have those numbers month to date...part of that issue is the lack of product available for sale. This last month I've had my brother-in-law helping me to bag and board books...4 hours a day, 5 days a week, just bagging and boarding. I also brought on a kid who knows comics...he will be helping me as well...hopefully this will help to clear up the logjam of comics. I also placed and received a very large trade paperback order! By purchasing ComicSuite as well as the computer system for some ridiculous sum of 6000-7000 dollars, you actually receive a "credit" of $6800 that can be used on trades/toys...now this sounds great until you realize you have to order from a list, and ONLY from that list...now, DC, Valiant, and Image had very good selections! Dark Horse had some nice stuff as well. Marvel and IDW were very disappointing...I was excited to get $1000 to spend in IDW...figured I'd get some Transformers, GI Joe etc...they only had something like 14 items to choose from...$1000 and 14 items...I ended up ordering 4 of each item and still had $$ left...nothing good, nothing that will sell at full price...I'll probably have to offer 75% off to get some of it to move...now don't get me wrong...I'm gratefull for ANY free stuff, but IDW is doing a disservice to themselves but not offering up a more diverse selection of what they have...the more different the selection, the better chance of someone finding something they like, and maybe buying their product...but what do I know??? Either way, my point was that NOW I have a full bookshelf of trades, which looks much nicer!! Some quick good stuff: 1) Lot's of collections - Way more than I anticipated coming through the door. One day I had 5 people come in to sell me comics...3 of the collections were multiple box collections...1 was paper bag and one was plastic bag lol. Turned 1 away, but bought the other 4. Lot's of MTG collections as well. I've even gotten referrals on collections as someone sold me their stuff, told me I was fair, and then sent their friends in . I've been able to keep my showcases full of magic cards and have been able to keep my wall full as well as turning over. 2) The community - The people have been great! It's been an amazing overall experience and I've met so many great people and groups. We have a group of high functioning disabled adults that come in for a "comic club" on every other Thursday, the group is SMILE and supports independent living. I provide a free place for them to meet as well as draw, read and discuss comics, watch movies, and play video games. I've also gotten involved with the local library and we have done an even where we teach trading card games (last time we taught Lightseekers and Magic the Gathering) and they allowed me to set up a table and sell items...I will be working with them going forward and am going to "sponsor" their free comic book day. They had asked me to purchase comics (2-4 long boxes) as well as purchase the "free" comics for free comic book day for them (as an aside, in case you didn't know EACH of those free comics you get on Free Comic Book Day cost between 20 cents and 30 cents each). They wanted 600 "free" comics as well. I'm going to donate to them to help the local community and build good will! They are less than 1 mile away...The customers have been fantastic! I always do my best to take time out to talk to people and find myself having 1+ hour conversations with people (TIME!! lol, this is why I don't have any). BUT, it's so important to make people feel welcome. I feel like I've done a good job with this as the reviews that I'm getting on Facebook reflect what I want the store to be. 3) I look forward to coming to work - THIS!! This 10000000 times over. For so long, I did not like what I did (restaurant manager). I worked for independently owned, I worked for chains (UNO's, Hooter's, Applebee's). I have yet to wake up and say "I don't feel like going to work today". There are days when I'm sluggish, day's when I'm overwhelmed, day's when I'm beyond tired, but there hasn't been one day when I've been unhappy! I'm glad I took the risk...I'm glad it's working out so far (knock on wood!!). I'll be even happier when I start to take a salary!! LOL...I've been re-investing into the business, whether it's inventory, cosmetic changes, or larger changes to the layout. I'm still paying off the computer system...my plan is by the 1 year mark to be drawing a salary...we will see how that goes... Thank you all again for the advice and suggestions as well as the critiques...I appreciate you all! I will plan on updating on Wednesday nights going forward and will try to do a better job of answering questions and responding to comments throughout the week! P.S. I apologize in advance for any/all spelling/grammatical errors as well as wandering thoughts...it's 1:45 AM and I've been here since 10AM Have a good night/morning/afternoon etc!!
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    $100 to Roshni

    I'm going to send $100 to Michael without selling a thing.
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    There is a new #1 girl in my boxes
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    Update on Dr. Fate

    Many of you know that Dr. Steve Landman amassed one of the finest SA collections in the history of our hobby. He's generally considered to be the first (or among the first) to use bags and boards to protect his collection. About 5 years ago Steve asked me to sell his collection to finance a medical procedure he hoped would cure his rare neuropathy. Many of his books at the time were the single-highest graded examples. The collection, sold exclusively through ComicConnect, grossed over $800,000 with many books setting records. Before Steve decided to have this radical and dangerous procedure done he sought out some holistic advice and soon discovered some success at arresting the degenerative condition. Nearly 5 years later he's doing exceptionally well. He's not out of the woods but by any means, but he's slowed down the rate of decline to an amazing extent. I had lunch with Steve last week and thought I'd share this photo. He wishes everyone well and expects to be at the Chicago Con in August.
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    Is this place deader than ever?

    Well, I'm still here, for whatever that's worth. I didn't read through all 39 pages, but I skimmed through a little and saw some familiar faces, and other not so-familiar ones. Logan510's comment kind of hits it on the head for me. I've been here since 2009, and I lurked for a couple of years before that, so I've seen a lot here -- a lot good, a little bad, a lot of funny, and I've gathered an incredible amount of knowledge about comics and collecting that I couldn't have found anywhere else, and for me, that's made a huge difference. There was a time where I was on these boards literally every day for hours at a time. But I changed jobs (starting working a casino job that made the hours I was awake wacky compared to most people), I got sick (I had a mild stroke, was diagonosed with Fibromyalgia, and then sleep apnea -- which is getting worse, and has two of the best sleep specialists in the region baffled as to what's going on) -- so my health, even though I'm in my late 40's, is slowly deteriorating with my physcians unable to come up with any answers to help. My mother passed away last April, and I haven't recovered from that, and my father had a stroke in September, and his health is shaky at best. The last two years have been at times a nightmare, and there doesn't seem to be any reprieve coming. All of that means that the time I spend here has diminished, for no other reason than, as much as I love this place, other life matters have taken priority, and I'm not here as often as I once was. It's a stark, extreme example as to why there's plenty of reasons why people move on. A website can change its format. People move out of the hobby. People get ill. People have other priorities take precedent. There are still new people joining, and barring something out of the ordinary, they still will. As another example, I used to be a heavy poster on a popular fantasy baseball message board and stopped posting when they changed their format around (and I discovered THIS message board around the same time). I thought the board was on its death knell then -- much to my surprise, I recently discovered it's still ongoing today, nearly a decade after I stopped frequenting it -- not what I remebered it as, but still something worth going to. It's a reminder that things inevitably change, and that there's some level of irony in remembering how things "were" here, on a board centered around a hobby based largely on nostalgia. None of this means that things are perfect here, or that they can't be improved or tweaked for the community's benefit. It also doesn't mean that, as Logan510 said, I don't miss certain people or wish I saw other people who aren't here as much. There may be a day, likely sooner than later, when someone here may ask "Whatever happened to that ChiSoxFan guy?" as well, but my disappearance won't mean the end of the world for this site. The boards have evolved over the years, in both positive and sometimes not-as-postive ways, but that's part of the natural order of things. For now, I still like hanging around here, and I hope to so as long as I'm able. For familiar faces I like seeing post, whether it's in the sales forums or the regular forums, I hope I continue to see them. For new faces, hopefully they can integrate into the community (we were all new here once) and keep it going strong, so that these boards can be as much an attribute to someone new down the road as they once were for me a decade or so ago.
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    [CLOSED] [CLOSED] Closed

    Showcase 4 7.5 No longer available
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    Here's my haul. To say I'm happy is a quite an understatement
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    Been on a dry spell but just bought 9 short boxes of stuff....mainly FF, Avengers and Cap....not cheap but happy with the price.... A few of the highlights.......
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    Money saved for Terrycon but not spent while there was quickly spent soon thereafter...most of it on this that arrived today. Just need 14 and 18 to complete the set now!
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    My inner Sanctum... I am just a little partial to the work of Margaret Brundage....LOL
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    Terry's Con Report Part 7 - The Really Good Stuff It was about 3pm at the con, and I'd met the boardies I wanted to meet, and I'd bought the comics shown in my previous posts. So I was happy with the con. I thought it was worth coming. I was thinking about leaving. I was tired and concerned about traffic back to the airport. I had a lot of time -- my flight didn't board until 1030pm -- but I wanted to get to the airport, find a bar and chill with my computer and WIFI. I made one more pass through the room. I stopped at Elite Comics. He had a couple boxes of raw and a box of graded comics. I had low expectations, but then in the CGC box I found this. And then this: And finally this: I couldn't believe it -- 3 of my grails. And all 3 books hiding in a short box. That's what I mean about this con. There were as many gems in boxes as on the walls. It was the Airboy comic that decided it for me. I wanted all 3 books. So after a couple minutes of negotiation (and more pain to my paypal account) the books were mine. It turned the con from a good to a great con.
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    This week in your collection?

    First golden age book
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    A few of my fav surfer Pages

    I finally got slightly organized and took a few pre-frame pics of some of my favorite surfer pieces.
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    E.C. Fan Addict THREAD

    I’d also like to note that (finally) finding a nice copy of this one is the culmination of a 9 year quest for me. I bought my first Tales from the Crypt in 2009, a raw VF+ copy of 42 I found on eBay (surprisingly it was accurately graded - came back 8.5). I decided I would put together the entire TFTC set in 8.0 or above, starting with CP 15. After collecting Silver Age Marvels, I was looking for a challenge - books that don’t just come along every week in auctions or dealer sites. I loved scaring myself with the HBO show in the 90s, so it seemed like the right title to go after. I paced myself, expanded into other EC titles (still missing about 20 books in the other crime/ horror/ sci-fi titles), and found my way on to these boards along the way. I’ve made friends here, and when I’m excited about a recent purchase or want to discuss these great comics, this is where I come. Thanks everyone for the support and encouragement along the way!
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    E.C. Fan Addict THREAD

    I mentioned in a recent sales thread that I was paying for a grail. Well, I finally have it in hand, and let’s just say I’m pretty happy about it!
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    Biggest scores: buying three large high grade silver age OO collections in 2009/2010/2011 for nickels on the dollar. Biggest regret: selling three large high grade silver age OO collections in 2010/2011/2012 for dimes on today's dollars. Overall though, comics have been AMAZING for me. Any regrets, cheap sales, opportunities I have passed on are far outweighed by how great the hobby has treated me on a financial, social and enjoyment level.
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    who are you? are you even serious? Do you know how many of the "old guard" paid for funerals, replaced burned down houses, helped members when they lost their homes, gave money to those who were in NEED, and NEVER asked for even a thank you! You want to talk about the character of those men and women like you are capable of telling your hole from the one in the ground? Are some of the guys a bit snarky, yes, do they like that the sense of community has lessened in time? Yes. But I am shocked that a guy who has been here for such a short time knows SOOO much about what made this place to begin with. Even I missed some of the best times on this board, and yes we are a little reserved in who we take in after countless scammers, frauds, and thieves have made their way in over the years? Damn, there are reasons for things and maybe if you listened more you would understand why people are the way they are. I wish the "old guard" would come back because alot of those people were good people and are missed, especially when they provided some awesome conversation.
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    OK, here's what I think as a mere member of 16 months. I would normally type this offline, fine tune it and then post it. This is off the top of my head, as I can't really be bothered if I'm honest (which is part of the problem). Broadly speaking, there are old comics and new comics. We have all run out of things to say about 'old' comics. Every aspect, every nuance of old comic collecting has been mined to the point of tedium. Consequently, all we really see are variations on a theme. Everything has been done. All 'new' threads are actually old threads in disguise. There is no new lifeblood, or interest in 'new' comics on the boards that I can find. That is probably due to the fact that the 'old guard' dislike new comics in the main. I know I do. They are not what they used to be. Younger members have no home here, and probably find the place and format off putting. Is anyone aware of a thread that discusses the latest ongoings in ASM? Spidey is most peoples first choice character and yet these boards do not have one thread or discussion point dedicated to the review of his latest exploits. If that exists, it is probably on Facebook or a blog somewhere, where the 'kids' hang out. If you want something to be successful, you have to nurture it. CGC and the Admin staff of these boards do not nurture it. It is a 'new' board, but is actually very stagnant. When the boards changed to the new software the management of the change and communication was appalling. The blinding white themes put people off, and a lot of members saw it as a jumping off point. The staff did nothing to promote the good stuff, just ignored protest and belittled genuine concerns. Then we had long periods of not being able to log on. Another jumping off point for many. It was painful, and when I banged the drum 'come on guys' I got stick for it. If you are into comics, and you find this site, where do you start? It is rambling and shambolic, full of repetition and ill placed features. I could list out now 20 'cosmetic' changes that I know would have broad appeal and have an instant impact. The fact that these things are not done as a matter of course shows that no one on the staff cares, either by design or otherwise. What are the boards for? Often, the non-comic traffic outweighs the comic traffic. Incident in Chennai? The boards come alive! What!? What would a newcomer make of this place? Why do they leave questions unanswered in the questions section for days / weeks on end? Is it really so hard to look there once a day and respond, even with a holding reply? Why are system abuses ignored? Because it's too much effort to police them? Why create divisions with special titles? Are we not all equal? The last 'change' proposed on the boards was Arch and his 'super cool thread stickies' idea. He unpinned the top threads in CG, threw his toys out of the pram when he was rightly criticised, ignored every one who posted and then abandoned the idea, leaving the old threads unpinned. A total muck up. Meanwhile, when I enquire as to when the old and new journals will merge, he says he 'doesn't know'. I think the journals have died a death because those with existing ones fear they will lose content when they merge, and those wanting to start new ones are reluctant to do so because the format is poor and merge uncertainty stops them doing it. It's been a year - when will they merge and what is the plan given that they are in incompatible formats? When will PMs be sorted? They are a key requirement for those selling and yet are clunky and un-user friendly. We can split the atom, but we cant make the latest PM show first? All these things make the experience unappealing. Moderation? I can't even be bothered to go into this, so silly it is. I have this idea in my head where CGC invest in the forum with a view to making it the absolute go to place for all things comics. No barred subjects, user friendly software that encourages people to share their stuff. People would say " You're into comics man - you've gotta join the CGC site, it's amazing". A bit of thought and investment, to tailor the boards to the requirements of it's users. The absolute one thing that is missing is a staff role that sees a person or persons actively engage on a daily basis. Not log in once a week, post once a month. Someone who listens, responds to questions, acts on suggestions. Imagine if they held a meeting where comic enthusiasts worked with them face to face to help design the be all and end all of comic forums. Imagine the selling opportunities for CGC, if anyone with an interest in comics was here because the place was so damn cool! Pipe dream I guess though. If you look across to the Ditch Fahrenheit site, it has no traffic now. It's dead. I can see the same thing happening here. There is no dynamism. No optimism. The software just sits here, warts and all, with nothing changing. There is no God given right for things to continue, just because they've always been there. Things die out, if left unattended. This is a brain dump, and I could've made a much better fist of it, if I sat down and planned it. I haven't even touched on the members and the cliques and the fact that the like button kills posting. I could go on and on. And that's the problem. That, and the fact that no one cares. So I have stopped caring too. All I do, like most people, is enjoy the bits I enjoy and ignore the rest. I try to help when I can, especially new members, and try to keep my own threads going by making sure everyone who posts gets a response. It's amazing how many people don't do that. You wouldn't ignore the guy talking to you in the pub, so why do it online? Anyway - @lizards2 - have a go at that wall of text mate As I've said in the past, release the hounds!
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    When I say I can't stop buying I mean it. Here is a sampling of just the last 2 weeks
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    This week in your collection?

    Today is a good day! Glad to make this my own
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    Can't let it get away.
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    Here is a different style group shot of my Planet comics collection. The average grade of the 27 universal graded books is 8.97 and 1 5.0 restored (The first GA book I ever bought).It includes several pedigrees : Rockford, Okajima, Ohio, and Toledo. Very proud of my 1 and 73 (Title bookends) both being Toledo copies. There are 28 different issues total. I thought I would share as this will be one of the last pictures taken of these books all together.
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    Why Whiz 22?

    I do own it
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    Batman #2 CGC 5.0 OWW Asking $8500
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    Bedrock Sales Thread

    Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies 1 - CGC 8.0 off-white/white - $13,500
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    This is a sale I've been wanting to do for some time now, just haven't been able to get around to it. I've got a big inventory of well north of 10,000+ s/s slabs. 90% of which are probably 9.8 and range from copper to modern. There's a few older books in there, but that's the majority. Doing signature series for 12+ years, the stuff builds up. Tonight, I'm heading with a buddy to his office where there are multiple scanners, and we're going to scan between 200-300+ slabs. When the books start going up, it's going to be a mix of new books as well as books you may have seen listed in previous sales threads, and probably some older stuff that I just never got around to throwing out there. Here's how it works. When you hit a and claim a book, you are gifted a second slab by me. Via PM, you let me know what your tastes are. Do you like Star Wars, Suicide Squad, Daredevil, Batman, Spider-Man----are you a Marvel guy, a DC or Image guy, or maybe small press? What creators do you like? Capullo? Snyder? Geof Isherwood, John Tyler Christopher, Moench, Campbell----give me something to bounce off of. While you are going to end up with a 2nd book for every ONE (1) that you purchase, at the end of the day, I decide what I'm sending. You're not promised or guaranteed a 9.8 freebie, but you're not getting trash either. Odds are HEALTHY you'll get a 9.8, worst case a 9.6. And while I'm going to be doing my best to cater to your tastes via your wish list, that doesn't necessarily mean I can make it happen. It's a jumping off point for me, but at the end of the day, when your box arrives, what's inside will be a surprise. I'm not going to have time to run options by you of "would you like Book A" vs "or do you prefer Book B", and you're not going to be getting $200 gifted books either, just to set your expectations from the get go. The idea is that hopefully we'll have some fun, we'll move a few books, you'll enjoy your freebies and I'll unload some extra inventory. Because this is a two for one sale where you're getting a free book along with you purchase, it's unlikely that I'll be discounting. If you're on the probation list or HoS, stay clear of this thread. It's not for you. My return policy----there are NO returns. Unless a book is damaged in the mail, and then both books are sent back to me and you get a full refund. There is no buyers remorse. Payment is due via PayPal in a relatively timely fashion, I want to get these out of the office and in the mail stream toot sweet. Shipping is free anywhere U.S.A. but anyone in Canada or international, I have to bill you for shipping costs accordingly based on weight. Once my convention season starts up again, I'll be swimming in books, juggling shows. Finally, if you all have some suggestions as to what you'd like to see listed in the sale, LMK. INVOICES Blue 2 Inv. 2938 Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #1 (Artgerm variant) MDR123 Inv. 2968 Action Comics #647 CGC 9.8 s/s George Perez & Kerry Gammill MultiSig Mike Inv. 2967 Deadpool #1 (1994) Circle Chase s/s Fabian Nicieza MultiSig Mike Inv. 2939 Wonder Woman #152 CGC 9.6 s/s Adam Hughes SHIPPED 9407809699938193649333 digitalbc Inv. 2940 Wonder Woman #84 CGC 9.8 s/s Brian Bolland & William Messner-Loebs SHIPPED 9407809699937372625144 Iron Fist #7 CGC 9.6 s/s Claremont SHIPPED 9407809699937372625144 Mister Miracle #1 CGC 9.8 s/s Tom King & Mitch Gerads SHIPPED 9407809699937372625144 digitalbc Inv. 2954 God Country #1 CGC 9.8 s/s Donny Cates & Geoff Shaw SHIPPED 9407809699937372625144 digitalbc Inv. 2971 Hellboy Wake the Devil #4 CGC 9.8 s/s Mignola SHIPPED 9407809699937372625144 HighRadArt Inv. 2948 Liberty Meadows #1 (2nd print) CGC 9.8 s/s Frank Cho SHIPPED 9405809699938217566570 Taxmick1 Inv. 2941 Liberty Meadows #1 (2nd print) CGC 9.8 s/s Frank Cho Taxmick1 Inv. 2952 Marvel Comics Presents #99 CGC 9.8 s/s Sam Kieth Taxmick1 Inv. 2959 Eclipse Graphic Album Series #15 (Twisted Tales) CGC 9.6 s/s Bruce Jones Taxmick1 Inv. 2986 Civil War II #2 CGC 9.8 s/s Jim Steranko meadowman22 Inv. 2942 Wonder Woman #139 CGC 9.8 s/s Adam Hughes & Yanick Paquette Daredevil #325 CGC 9.6 s/s signed & sketched Scott McDaniel All New Wolverine #19 (copic variant) CGC 9.8 s/s Artgerm Dustin Inv. 2945 All New Wolverine #19 (copic variant) CGC 9.8 s/s Artgerm SHIPPED 9405809699937345553223 SamPool Inv. 2946 All New Wolverine #19 (copic variant) CGC 9.8 s/s Artgerm SHIPPED 9405809699939693185460 DavidtheDavid Inv. 2943 Kingpin #1 (1/50 Sienkiewicz variant) CGC 9.6 s/s Bill Sienkiewicz SHIPPED 9405809699939693191119 imabat Inv. 2944 Batman Adventures #12 CGC 9.8 s/s Dini & Timm ignimbrite Inv. 2947 Wonder Woman #97 CGC 9.8 s/s Brian Bolland & William Messner-Loebs Tnexus Inv. 2949 Reborn #1 CGC 9.8 s/s Capullo convention exclusive rjhan98 Inv. 2950 Deadpool #33 (Jim Lee trading card variant) CGC 9.8 s/s Jim Lee SHIPPED 9407809699939707633046 Nemogollom Inv. 2957 Old Man Logan #23 (1/25 Sienkiewicz variant) CGC 9.8 s/s Bill Sienkiewicz SHIPPED 9407809699939718940850 Rick and Morty #4 CGC 9.8 s/s Justin Roiland SHIPPED 9407809699939718940850 X-Factor #15 CGC 9.8 s/s Walt & Louise Simonson SHIPPED 9407809699939718940850 shreepatel Inv. 2953 Old Man Logan #23 (1/25 Sienkiewicz variant) CGC 9.8 s/s Bill Sienkiewicz SHIPPED 9410809699939711176335 Amazing Spider-Man #24 (Jusko corner box variant) CGC 9.8 s/s Joe Jusko SHIPPED 9410809699939711176335 Wonder Woman #174 CGC 9.2 s/s Adam Hughes SHIPPED 9410809699939711176335 sor3bt Inv. 2955 Batman #608 CGC 9.6 s/s Jim Lee, Sinclair & Williams 3319comics Inv. 2961 Man-Thing #5 CGC 9.6 s/s Mike Ploog Old_Man_Adam Inv. 2970 Deadpool #45 CGC 9.4 s/s Gerry Duggan & Todd Nauck Hellboy Wake the Devil #3 CGC 9.6 s/s Mignola ArcaneMallard Inv. 2966 Astonishing X-Men #1 (2nd print) CGC 9.6 s/s Joe Madureira SHIPPED 9407809699937360895290 Hellboy in Hell #1 CGC 9.6 s/s Mignola SHIPPED 9407809699937360895290 ArcaneMallard Inv. 2979 Astonishing X-Men #1 (J. Scott Campbell cover B variant) CGC 9.6 s/s Campbell SHIPPED 9407809699937360895290 deadleg Inv. 2965 HELLBOY: Weird Tales #6 CGC 9.8 s/s Mignola Dark Horse Presents #100 CGC 9.8 s/s Mike Mignola 143ksk Inv. 2973 Betty & Veronica #1 s/s Camila and Lili Batman Gotham Adventures #9 CGC 9.8 s/s Bruce Timm & Paul Dini 143ksk Inv. 2987 Life with Archie #36 CGC 9.6 s/s Fiona Staples Stoupes22 Inv. 2972 Batman Adventures #3 CGC 9.4 s/s Bruce Timm roach04 Inv. 2980 Sandman Overture #1 CGC 9.6 s/s sketched Kelley Jones MattC Inv. 2984 Thor #412 CGC 9.6 s/s Ron Frenz & Joe Sinnott Darkhawk #1 CGC 9.4 s/s Mike Manley & Danny Fingeroth Ron C. Inv. 2985 Batman Beyond #1 CGC 9.8 s/s Paul Dini & Bruce Timm wamh0416 Inv. 2989 Semper Fi #1 CGC 9.6 s/s Larry Hama drbearsec Inv. 2990 Flash #22 CGC 9.8 s/s Jason Fabok
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    [CLOSED] closed

    Take Hulk #1
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    Might as well add these to. We gave the living room a makeover at the same time. There used to be really ugly wood paneling on the walls. This is now my wife's "woman cave". Can you tell she is an Aliens fan?
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    New batch of goodies for sale!

    I'm sorry, but this is just too deserving @porcupine48
  36. 10 points

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Finally, a pre Robin Tec. Only the second I've ever owned(the other was a Tec 37 with the wrong back cover).
  37. 10 points

    Batman Hush Covers - The Poll

    Coincidentally, that was the first time I ever sold something in my keeper collection (over 10 years ago). Some people might be willing to stick to their guns and say a given piece is not for sale at any price, but that was the first time I realized EVERYTHING in my collection is for sale...given a high enough price! It was a revelation to me! I really love this stuff and never thought of myself as a seller, but that Batman 608 sale forced me to see things a little differently. It's like I lost my innocence or something.
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    Byrne 1981

    I just wanted to share this photo I posted on Instagram this week of when I got to meet Byrne in 1981. Fantastic Four 232 came out that week. I'm wearing the bootleg Wolverine shirt. Byrne had art with him for sale and I remember one was X- Men 139 the double page spread asking $150. And Avengers 188 page 7 for $80. He was sketching for $15 but no X-Men his sign said. I picked up one sketch, still have it and posted it Feb 2017 on my Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/comixculture/ Enjoy!
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    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Been searching for this copy for years. I collect Nic Cage pre code copies for some odd reason and I have a ton but this has eluded me for years...until now.
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    So, after seven years of obsessing over this page, I've finally landed it! If this was an ordinary acquisition, I'd just post it in the "This Week..." But this is no ordinary acquisition. This has been my number one want since I knew of its existence and whereabouts. And today, it's finally here! One of the most spectacular splash pages of the Bronze Age (imho)... Nestor Redondo. Black Orchid. Splash. http://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1449654
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    I got these for free on Friday. A co-worker dumped this tub of books at my desk in the afternoon. Someone told him I collect comics. He said they were left in a house he just bought and was going to throw them away. I had no time to look at them because I was getting ready for Terry O'Neil's show but took a quick look. Nothing earth shaking but about 250 SA and BA books in decent condition. Second photo is a few of the better shape ones. I will be taking him in some cash today!
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    Baker Romance

    Finally had a chance to pull some APCs' and scan them. The # 14 ranks right there with the #7 through #11. Plus it is very tough in any decent grade. Last issue of the run.
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    A few of my fav surfer Pages

    This one ranks top 3 for me
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    I've been selling off a bunch of my comics lately. When I do buy a book, it feels like I get the book and immediately put it in a box, rarely to be seen again. It's (almost) to the point in which it feels like I'm just crossing items off my want list and little else. As if it's the checking of that box, checking it off the list, that's the fun part these days. Is this a fairly common phenomenon? I've been incredibly introspective lately, and as I enter what might be my midlife drama period, I'm wondering if this is just part of growth, or if this is a sign that the end is near for my collecting. The thrill of the hunt is still alive and kicking, but the actual ownership of a particular book I've hunted isn't what it was was.
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    THE HUNT has finally ended !

    SILVER STREAK #14 This issue completes my run of Silver Streak #6-17 (all Daredevil issues) and Daredevil Comics #1-134 plus a Slugger #1. All the Silver Streaks are slabbed as are the first 35 issues + 8 later issues of Daredevil Comics. Fifty years to finally get it done! The memories.... Lots of mail orders in the late 60s-80s. Passaic Book Center, Donald Puff and many others. Buying up copies at Creation Cons in Manhattan & Philadelphia plus Fred Greenberg & Bob Horn shows from NY, NJ, PA. Thank goodness for the internet since the late nineties-current, keeping the hunt ever moving forward filling in many remaining holes. My first DD key was the #1 from a nice gentleman named Richard Hoffman, who lived outside of Buffalo, NY. He ran an ad (1981) in Comics Buyers Guide pricing it at $350 and was kind enough to let me make time payments. I have his short letter somewhere around here thanking me for the purchase after I paid it off. I called him about twenty years ago. He told me pretty much everything he advertised 20 years earlier was sold but I told him I just wanted to thank him again for making the book available. The book was submitted to CGC many years ago and received Blue Label 5.0. I won the Silver Streak #6 (1st appearance) in a ComicLink auction 8-9 years ago. A nice 7.5. Bought the DD #11 classic bondage/torture cover at a Creation show in NYC for $100 around 1980. CGC grade 7.0. I traveled many times during the 70s-80s to all the comic shops in NJ, PA & NYC. Scored some later issue buys at Quality Comics in Somerville, NJ & Comic Investments, Philly suburb. Those were good times.... What next? I'll continue to upgrade these books and of course, pay off comic book debt. Thanks for reading!
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    Francisco is doing this for a good friend who’s in a bad place right now so some tact would go a long way. While that should be enough; he’s not obligated to read your PM for any reason he wants. He’s only obligated to honor an “I’ll Take It”. I can’t imagine the time Francisco has and will donate toward helping Brian (listing, packaging, shipping, responding) so having someone buy in bulk is probably a relief; especially to a well known boardie who buys a lot of books. Instead of getting wrapped around the axle for missing out on a book pay the list price.
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    Saw it yesterday. Well done Marvel. Well done. Im really impressed and proud that Marvel took this movie to that level. Thats the kinda thinking we need more of in comic related movies/shows nowadays. For awhile Marvel was blamed for meddling with their classic characters (ie black Cap, Female Thor etc etc). The whole time they had a classic African character (named Black Panther nonetheless) just WAITING to be embraced by older and newer fans. What took them so damn long?? I have to admit that I never read any Black Panther storylines, with the exception of owning some random Bronze Black Panther books (sold my FF52 awhile back sigh), so I dont know if the movie's story is faithful to original source material or was created specifically for this movie featuring known characters from the Black Panther books. I suspect the story was made for the movie? While I was stunned from the reception of the movie prior to watching it, I did expect it to have some harsh political statements and preach to its viewers, as some here mentioned. But I felt like it preached more to the African American community than it did to other races. Sure there were jabs about how African people were colonized by other races, but that sentiment dwarfed in comparison to the true challenge that African Americans face nowadays WITHING THEIR OWN COMMUNITY. Which is where the brilliant storyline takes a turn. 2 different cultures within one race fighting to crown their king - The humble country men vs the rebel modern thinking african. WOW, what a concept. This movie is not about black ideology vs white ideology. its a movie about an ideology crisis within one people. Clearly, the villain in the movie was Erik Killmonger, although he may have had reasons to turn his anger against his own people he chose evil over good to achieve those goals. That is what the viewer is taking home after watching this movie. That negative thoughts never pay off no matter how right they may feel to a person bearing them. Also, what was so pure about this movie is the showcase of African people as proud people and a proud nation, there was no emphasis on the all too often decadent urban lifestyle portrayed in 99% of the movies featuring African American themes. What a shock! This movie was a solid production. From the self contained storyline, Brilliant cinematography (that one long shot/no pauses fight scene in the casino -wow!), CGI, excellent acting, to the amazing percussive soundtrack. Everything was spot on. I enjoyed all of it. I was thinking to myself, does Marvel need to do a 2nd Black Panther? I mean, Im sure they will, but to me this movie was a brilliant crossover between Avatar and Boys n Da Hood. Not like an Iron Man or GOTG where youre expecting a sequel. I would be worried that a bad sequel ala IM3, will take away from the prestige of this movie. Great acting by Danai Gurira, Michael B Jordan, Chadwik Boseman, Andy Serkis.. I went with my friend and she thought they all played well. We both agreed that this movie had no ONE favorite character... They were all excellent, fun and good. Im sure Marvel is happy with the results, and are probably kicking themselves in the head that they didnt release it anytime earlier last year. As I suspect that this movie wouldve earned many academy awards this year, who knows it still may next year. Wouldve been kinda fun to see Stan up there at the podium A&L, a very happy viewer
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    Dick Pontoon

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    The missus got me this for Christmas.
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    Is this place deader than ever?

    Speaking as a very old git who has been on here for the last 14 years and counting... I've enjoyed this thread, and a lot of posts have pointed out some very worthwhile things here (a tip of the hat to Marwood in particular). But it's all a bit twas ever thus. I remember discussing the fragmentation of the boards and everyone becoming a dealer with fellow vet chromium years and years ago. We tend to rose tint the past, and claim that the old boards were better. But yeah, earlier on, from around 2003, when I joined, to 2011, there seemed to be more of a community feel to everything - every time i went to a U.S. show, there'd always be a boardie get together, and that certainly made me feel part of something. There were some great forum dinners at San Diego back then... But things do eventually get old, and although General is still the hub of the forum I don't come here like I used to, as for the most part I have seen it all before. I still check out some threads here but rarely post. You could call that fatigue, which it is. My interest in taking part has gone down for other reasons (I suffered a major personal tragedy in 2016 which was part of an ongoing situation since 2012 - something I have rarely if ever mentioned on this forum, or anywhere else, for that matter). Nevertheless, such threads are new for some, and need to be there - and yes, I obviously could do more. I'll always applaud a fledgling collector who comes on here and understands how much there is to learn about this fantastic burden, I mean hobby, and brings something to the table. I agree with Marwood - there are good points to the new look forum, which were presumably a necessity. But I still can't figure out how to find old threads, or PMs, or my favorite watched threads (where did they go??). Yes, I am aware of the search button in the top right corner. And yes, the moderation is often draconian to an absurd level. Granted, it means that it's much harder to troll here, but then that will inevitably lead to a blanding out in general. Back in the "wheels are in motion" days of Illuminati, Ian Levine, Supa, Dupcak's litany of i.d.s, JC, Red Hook, Deathlok etc. there was a cohesive buzz about the place, where people who didn't get along would still talk to each other (ish!), and General was the place to be for the latest throwdown. But those days are long gone, replaced by countless FB groups if you're after that sort of thing. I actually don't really miss much of that except for the cohesive element. A lot of forumites from back then have long disappeared - a few were banned, most just drifted away from the hobby altogether. I would hope that I haven't behaved exclusively to newbies, but at the same time, although I still read some new books, I'm not an advocate for them (I never ventured into the modern section much in any case). As for GA and SA, thankfully there's guys like Jimbo who are keen to talk about the content of books as well as the value. I still like this forum and will continue here as due to circumstances it's been a tonic, even if I only really infest the GA and WC sections these days (and yes, the marketplace). I don't think, given what people have correctly pointed out in this thread, that it can be much better than it is.
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    So I'm downstairs working when I hear my wife yell down to me, "Santa's here." I'm like, what the heck is she talking about? I walk upstairs to find another box from Dwayne. I should've known. It's a smaller box than what he's sent before, but for the first time in my life, I've learned that size doesn't matter. Look at these beauties. I'm a huge fan of Hughes, so those two are going right into my PC. The Spider-Man comic is all ages, so my son will dig the heck out of it I bet (we were just talking about the character this morning, so great timing). Meanwhile, there's the X-Men and Avengers. What the what? Heck yeah! I've been reading the X-Men and Avengers Epic Collection reprints, starting at issue 1, and now I can't wait to get to issues 48 and 101!!!
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