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    Okay, first, I wasn’t sure where to post this, gold, silver or bronze because it kinda covers all sections of the boards. I’d like to share with as many people as possible because I thinks it’s pretty amazing. So, if you have a pal that doesn’t really visit CG that much, tell them to take a look at this thread. Id like to hear what people think. There isn’t really a huge backstory to this acquisition other than I’ve wanted it for years. Several years ago, a friend of mine purchased a collection from the brother of a collector who passed away. I went to his house to look through what he had bought and I was delighted to find a program booklet from Marvel-Con ‘76. I love things like this, buttons, promos, random ephemera. My friend said he didn’t want to sell it. I found out why. There were autographs that Jerry (the collector) gathered at the convention. I wasn’t prepared for what was on the last page of the booklet. I’ve thought about this booklet for years. Today, my friend decided to let it go. I think it’s awesome......what say you!?
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    My preferred way to handle returns would be: - if a return is due to something outside of the customer's own actions such that the items received aren't as described (our error, damage in transit, etc), then of course no restocking fee - if a return is due to the customer's good faith error (oops I ordered the wrong thing), or even if it's a buyer's remorse situation and they changed their minds but it's an honest mistake and first time, don't sweat it, accept the return with no restocking fee, let them know that although we do have a restocking fee for some returns it's not necessary here. The situation described in this thread sounds like it wasn't our error, but it was a minor oversight by the buyer and not a big deal, and I wouldn't have charged a restocking fee. - but if a buyer has repetitive return requests where we didn't do anything wrong and the buyer made an error or got buyer's remorse, or otherwise is not ordering/returning in good faith, then I have no problem charging a restocking fee. We're not trying to be Wal-Mart or Amazon where anybody can return anything for any reason as many times as they want. There are buyers that would take advantage of it if it were allowed, one example being buyers looking for 9.8 candidates among books listed only as NM, and wanting to return correctly graded books that aren't suitable for 9.8 slabbing. Or ordering a 6.0 FN book and returning it, not because they don't think it's a 6.0, but because they thought it was undergraded when they ordered it, and then after receiving it decided it wasn't undergraded as much as they hoped. We don't want people fishing for stuff like that and then returning what they don't like. We want to take care of our customers, but we expect buyers to meet us half way and treat us fairly too.
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    'til now, only one of these had ever graded, a 3.5. i'm pretty stoked about my little raw book going high, and with white pages to boot. lastly, it is just a super-cool painted timely. thrilled!
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    short answer is "yes" I started collecting Batman as a kid at about 12. Since then I have completed the run from 1 to about 620. This pic is from when I finished the run. Batman 10 was the last issue I needed to finish the run. I look like a zombie because I finished the run shortly after my son was born and sleep was a big luxury.
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    Here's a recent OO pickup from a recent inquiry:
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    HA May 16-18, 2019 Signature Auction

    Yesterday was an historic event for me personally. It marked the highest dollar amount I've spent on a single comic and I couldn't be more thrilled with the book AND THE PRICE!!! There are a small handful of big GA books I keep on my radar and Bats 1 was on that list until yesterday I generally chase the "tier 2" books, but I maintain a small list of tier 1's that I commit to pulling the trigger on if and when the price is ever right. Given those prices are under what I would consider market value, I rarely get the opportunity to bid live on these books because I'm generally knocked out before the live bidding begins. The Bats 1 was slightly under my max heading in so I got the chance to play. I was expecting this book to sell for closer to $250k so I didn't get my hopes up AT ALL. I used my cut bid right out of the gate figuring that it wasn't going to matter anyway. I'm pretty sure my heart stopped for a minute when I watched the bidding close and realized I'd finally get my hands on a book from this list. I guess the sun does shine on a dog's once in a while! I picked up a couple others too <--- this is seriously how I feel I'll have my new treasure proudly on display (with quite a few others) in Charlotte next month at HeroesCon at one of the GoCollect booths. I'd really enjoy meeting those of you I've yet to meet.
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    15 years on...

    Just noticed I've been visiting for 15 years. Where did the time go. In that 15 years, my collection has more than tripled in size and value. I've completed personal grails like owning the entire runs of Justice League, Conan and DC Comics Presents. I've acquired books like Flash #123 and GL #76 which I thought would never happen. Naturally, I'm not a prolific member but I enjoy reading the posts, seeing books, etc. Maybe most importantly, I've learned a lot about grading and am a better collector for it. Thank you for letting me participate all these years!
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    Been on a bound volume kick this week. I have picked up many over the years and shown a lot of them here. An inexpensive and fun way to read GA comics. So many surprises await in those some times un-marked volumes. Many are usually one of a kind. Publisher's file copies down to the ones that fans had done to preserve and read their books. Am I alone in loving these hard cover books? Post 'em if you love 'em! I'll get the ball rolling with these. Was at a flea market one day and spied a nice bound volume of Hot Rod Magazine open on a dealer's table. It was a complete year for 1953. Well, it looked cool and figured that if I didn't want it, I could easily sell it to a local gear head for a little profit. It had no markings on the book and if closed, I never would have known. I asked the guy about it and he said "The Hot Rod is $15. and the comic ones are $10. each". The comic ones??? I quickly pawed through the pile of books he had and came up up with 3 un-marked bound volumes of comic books from 1951-1953. I quickly thumbed them. One looked like all PCH, One was a mishmash of titles including Crime, GGA, Superheros and one was mostly humor until I hit Mystery in Space #1 and Space Detective #1. I quickly just paid the man full asking price and took off. I couldn't wait to get home with them. Some guy apparently just had his comics bound by year.
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    I’m still furious

    I’m going through old letters from the 60s 70s and 80s written by my mother to her mother/my grandmother. Came across this gem. (I was 14 when it was written.) Now I’m looking for the order form which I probably kept 😂😂😂 I think it was a Mile High order form - prices would have probably evened out by now.
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    A recent arrival from ComicConnect. To @G.A.tor... I'd just like to say thanks!!!!!
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    So, I was at the estate auction today. So was a lot of other people that were interested in comics. There was also at least 1 comic shop owner there with a younger gentleman, who kept running back and forth from the books to his (dads?) car, during preview. We were about 1/4 mile from the Canadian border, in the middle of nowhere. I couldn't get any service to look things up but, I guess they were able to. After watching a bunch of rusty stuff sell for $1 to $10, they brought out all the boxes of comics to auction off. They were in maybe a dozen boxes probably 400 books, most all in the early to mid 50's. There was a decent size box of remainder copies, too. It was real heavy on romance books. There was a box of horror. The collection had a wide variety of titles. Not that many books from the same title. Not one superhero comic. So, before they started with the comics, a whole different set of rules were laid out. I didn't understand at first, and let him know. They seemed unfair and let him know that some of the boxes were worth more than others. They decided on bid for choice of a box or multiple boxes. That seemed more fair. The shop owner and I bid against each other for first choice. I opened at $100 and we went back and forth at $10 increments up to $920 Luckily, I was in an isle seat in the second row so, I rested my hand on my thigh and only had to raise one finger each time. I won. The shop owner, who was about 30 feet away said they wern't worth that. Well, he was willing to pay $910 I went up to pick my box. I went through every book in the horror box because, I have seen people switch book in the past. I decided to take the horror box. I declined on 2nd pick (that would be foolish) Then, they started another auction for next pick. I was in up to $550 and another couple won. The shop owner didn't bid this time. There was two sweet boxes of romance left. She got one. I also bid on the 3rd pick up to $350 which the guy in front of me one. There was still 3 or 4 boxes of nice books left but, it was about 40 degrees with a strong wind. my wife grabbed a blanket out of the car. So, with buyers premium, I spent $1012 There is at least 1 incomplete book, and another missing a back cover. Not all but, a lot of these are low grade.
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    A Significant Sale of Graded PCH/ Crime/ Science Fiction and GGA Books, nearly all are new to CGC boards, will be offered on the Gold/Silver/Bronze Sales Forum Starting Wednesday May 1st at 5:30PM EST. This will continue on Thursday afternoon. I will not be able to give previews or pre-sales but I will post a few highlight pics here in this post shortly. This is a quality collection in on trade and they will be offered here first. Here is a small sampling for you guys. If I missed you, My apologies. @ThothAmon @jeranimal @Roddulate @sacentaur @october @n2wdw@Ltpink2002 @Mystafo @surfcitycomics @Philreal @Changer @Dreamtoreal1 @BuscemasAvengers @Junkdrawer @ebixter@dem1138@oceans11@thirdgreenham @goldust40 @JustJimN @NikoSleeps1991 @dannyboy @Gregd @retrocomics @misterrmystery @SOLAR BOY @path4play @Robot Man @Readcomix @SuperGrover @entalmighty1 @szavisca @X_Phile @bounty_coder@mwotka @jimjum12 @JB123 @Supernerd @Norrin's lawyer @MustEatBrains @mdean2437 @atomised @toto @newshane @Patriot6 @OdinsSecrets @gino2paulus2 @Yosemite @Bunky Brian @Drummy @BriD. @miraclemet @rabidwolf @khoo75 @BEAUMONTS @Frisco Larson @Zolnerowich @Inaflash @shortboxed @adamstrange @Microbia @SkOw@Casablanca @JRBaxter @comichut @ChiSoxFan @eschnit @Joshua33 @Spyder! @kazoo @mrlatko @comicquant @goldenacase @Comcav@Markentoth @mustang33guy @comicnoir @dannyboy @Ghastly542454 @Mike maio
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    All the new collectors are out for 9.8 variants with 50 different covers Give me SA/BA any day of the week
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    Mask Comics 1- CGC 3.5- OW/W- Sold vIA pm LB Cole masterpiece.
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    Got this little Prize in the mail yesterday!! Was looking for a blue label and this one has nice OW-White pages...check er out @sagii
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    F.F. 1 - 645
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    Soooo, ummm, kind of got interrupted last night by A BABY BEING BORN (11 am this morning when he finally popped out), so make haste with those baby names!! (and hopefully I'll find time to post a few more books from my laptop here at the hospital ) Thanks for all the well-wishing, mama & baby are safe & sound! - A solid 9 lbs even though he came a week early
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    won three... As you can see, my grade range is all across the board.
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    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Scored a nice upgrade to the most important set in my collection to me
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    Another long time goal was to get a Kirby pre-hero splash.
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    A thread after my own heart. Non-horror horror covers are (honestly) my favorite thing. I need more.
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    Finally, I have the last big grail that was on my list and eluded me. I was very close to buying a nice Universal 1.5 for more but I really love the look of this copy and it saved me a few bucks too.
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    My 2 wins.. I'm happy...
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    Mystery Men 3 cgc 2.5 classic Lou Fine asking 3250.00
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    This week in your collection?

    Very low grade, but very happy to add this to the collection. Completes my pre hero #1 ‘s Thouught this would need a new group shot.
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    This Week Back From CGC

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    It took me years and years of collecting, but I completed 10/57 to 12/79 from Marvel Comics. Kinda close for completing all the Curtis Marvel mags too. Thanks for tagging me in this thread boys!!! At least a few are impressed with true OCD collecting. Haha.
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    Golden Age group shot

    got to cross post, padding my post count
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    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these boards are awesome! It’s been a weird month of second chance books for me. Planet Comics #5! Arrived today. Less than 11 months ago I purchased my first Planet Comics book ever, a copy of issue 11. Now I have a full set of “rivet” issues with the arrival of #5 today! I’ll probably try to post a pic of all 22 together soon. I just love these books.
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    I picked up a second "Hey Kids" spinner rack at the Calgary Expo off a fellow CGC board member. 50 pockets to go with the 50 pockets on the other spinner = 100 total pockets. I put my Marvel Value Stamp collection into them. There were 100 marvel value stamps in series one so to me it was an excellent match!
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    Dude, you just offered me $85 for two books I have priced at $325. Don't ever PM me again.
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    I never really completed any goals. I used to have a HG Four Color and western collection. Around 800 books. After that, I spent a decade collecting only Action Comics. I had about 85 slabs from #1 through #100. I never had any of the 4 mega keys, with the exception of the 1st wrap of Action #1 All were 4,0 or better with the exception of #3 and #12. They were all sold in 2013, and the money was used for a house. I do still have this, though.
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    This day and age of entitlement makes me sick. You as a consumer buys a product that you clearly made the wrong choice, then MCS tells you that they normally would charge you 3 dollars for a restocking fee but will waive this fee upon your items return. You're ultimate thought was to come on here to shame a respected business, and a respected board member? Stop, just stop !
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    Well, as one of the resident “flippers”people may be surprised how often I make “crazy pants” purchases for books I really love, stretching well beyond what I would anticipate getting back, at least anytime soon. These two books I got recently were those kinds of must haves for my PC that required letting go of other stuff I really like and a bigger one is being worked on now and should conclude in a few weeks.
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    Friday, May 17th, 3 PM EST, More Amazing Books Coming to Gold/Silver/Bronze thread. Probably 30-40 new books and some re-offerings. Mostly golden age in this thread but may add some silver and bronze at the end. A few Planets, a Mask 1, some Matt Baker beauties and much more. @ThothAmon @jeranimal @Roddulate @sacentaur @october @n2wdw@Ltpink2002 @Mystafo @surfcitycomics @Philreal @Changer @Dreamtoreal1 @BuscemasAvengers @Junkdrawer @ebixter@dem1138@oceans11@thirdgreenham @goldust40 @JustJimN @NikoSleeps1991 @dannyboy @Gregd @retrocomics @misterrmystery @SOLAR BOY @path4play @Robot Man @Readcomix @SuperGrover @entalmighty1 @szavisca @X_Phile @bounty_coder@mwotka @jimjum12 @JB123 @Supernerd @Norrin's lawyer @MustEatBrains @mdean2437 @atomised @toto @newshane @Patriot6 @OdinsSecrets @gino2paulus2 @Yosemite @Drummy @BriD. @miraclemet @rabidwolf @khoo75 @BEAUMONTS @Frisco Larson @Zolnerowich @Inaflash @shortboxed @adamstrange @Microbia @SkOw@Casablanca @JRBaxter @comichut @ChiSoxFan @eschnit @Joshua33 @Spyder! @kazoo @mrlatko @comicquant @goldenacase @Comcav@Markentoth @mustang33guy @comicnoir @dannyboy @Ghastly542454 @Mike maio @Gamma Ray Comics @cmcfan @jhm @Omaha-CGC-Comics @Top City Comics @surfcitycomics @Spyder! @Tim Weaver
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    This week in your collection?

    Always wanted to do this and finally managed it...upgraded my grail book! A nice step up and by far the #1 book in my collection. Special thanks to Absolute Comics!
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    Death of Shane in Walking Dead #6 Grayson leaves the Batcave, having given Jason Todd his Robin costume, pre-Nightwing, in Batman #368 Emergence of King Arthur, in Camelot 3000 #1
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    Fiction house anyone?

    My six favorite Fiction House books in my collection.
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    I just completed my Action Comics run this year, 15-63, complete and all slabbed. It took me 15 years...
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    My addiction may be getting the best of me
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    I’m still furious

    Later that year: December 1980 Dear Mom, David is at it again. This time he tried to send $44 to someone for 2 shares of stock in FRUIT COMPANY!!! A Fruit Company?!? Can you Believe it? That stuff literally grows on trees and he's going to spend $44 for a couple of shares? What do you get from that a box of Red Delicious every couple of months? Worse still the company is located CALIFORNIA!! That fruit will never make it un-bruised. I am glad I was here to intercept it...I mean who names a company "APPLE" anyway? We can make much better use of that $44. XOXO Your Daughter
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    I have completed many collecting goals. One is a complete run of Amazing Spider Man from AF 15 , ASM 1- 700 I am having a hell of a good time collecting Warren horror books. I have completed my Vampirella, Creepy, Blazing Combat runs. Still working on my Eerie run.
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    Beyond thrilled to have the highest graded copy of my favorite Sheena cover! Thanks to @cheetah I have had this one a couple times in the past and always wanted a copy like this. This one goes in the "keeper" box.
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    Great art is great art. Some of the covers are beautiful, and would look good framed or as a print. That said, I find that they somehow detract from the contents though, as they stand alone from it, unconnected. If I see a comic with a key scene from the book, I may go "Wow, Spidey gets unmasked in this one", or "Spidey fights the Hulk in this one, I've got to buy this!". Or at least would have as a kid. If I see an - admittedly - beautifully drawn 'pose' cover, the only reason I would want that is because the cover looked nice (unless I was a run collector, or a fan of the cover artist). So if the only reason I want it is because the cover looks nice, then the comic has become secondary to the cover. Personally, and at the risk of sounding like one of those 'tired old guys', I prefer comics that look like this... ...to ones that look like this (alright, I know it's a variant): That's just a personal preference though. My own view is that comics have evolved - they are no longer what they were and have become to a degree showcases for certain 'hot' artists work. I used to collect ASM, and there was a spell where every cover was just Spidey in a pose. Nothing connected to the story. So I have no idea now, what the comic contains. Here's what I mean - five consecutive issues that tell me nothing: Now, I know what happens in these ones... But they do seem 'old fashioned' now don't they? Maybe that is because comics have moved on. It's a matter of personal preference whether they are better, worse, or just different now. And my preference, whilst I can appreciate a lovely piece of unconnected art, is that the old books with their story telling narrative / key event cover spoilers, are more in line with a medium that makes sense. That is, to tell a story and to entice the buyer to want to read it.
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