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    GA warehouse finds of the past

    It seems that the knowledge of warehouse finds of the past has been lost except for us old timers. I base this statement on the bidding and pricing I see on books that are listed as scarce that are for GA books rather common. Did you know that their was a major Dell warehouse find called Poughkeepsie. In the early 1980s you couldn't do a show back east with out seeing 4 Color one shot file copies at every booth. There were multiples of most titles including Duck and Mouse one shots. PCH books are very hot right now, but are you aware that there were Ace, Nedor/Better and Harvey warehouse finds that had multiples of all the horror books and in the case of Nedor/Better that means yes those treasured Startling, Thrilling and Fighting Yank books were all there in multiples? If you are using the term scarce to mean tougher to find than a SA book, that would be true. But, in terms of what we have always meant in the past, it is untrue. One of the most satisfying aspects of collecting GA books is that you can't go to 1-2 shows and complete your collection, the only variable is price. When you collect GA books it can take several years if not your entire collecting lifetime to complete a title or a publisher. If you can't wait, then collect SA books to present books, GA books is not where you belong. More to come... Best, Ron Pussell, aka Redbeard.
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    We have an ask G.A.-Tor thread. Rick represents a more modern and current era of comic book dealing. Since we are lucky enough to have Redbeard finally join the CGC boards, thought it might be a good place to share stories about the beginnings of comic book dealing. Ron was here for the discovery of the Mile High, San Francisco and Cosmic Aeroplane collections and others. There have been a lot of discussions of these collections but we have always been missing critical details about them. He has known just about everyone in this hobby for over 40 years or so. I'm sure he has some great stories. We gotta preserve this part of the hobby we all love so much. First question, Ron. How did you get involved in collecting and dealing comics? What is your "Origin"?
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    Baker Romance

    Happy with the grade, not so happy with the Newton rings.
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    Bunky Brian


    That's it for this thread, hope you enjoy looking as much as I do posting, Have a great day bri
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    Pocket Comics 2 raw

    Hello All, One book tonight but it is one you dont see very often. Pocket comics 2, 100 page Harvey digest size with an astounding Nazi Ghoul cover. Also features the 2nd appearance of the Golden Age Black Cat. A former Voldy, this will ship with the label. FN- copy with Cr/OW pages. Rules No HOS or Probs US/CAN shipping is included Worldwide shipping I will quote direct from FedEx PayPal for payment, payment due in 72 hours from the time of invoice Returns are accepted if I missed something. Price is $1150
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    Point Five

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    I can't believe there are still cool GA covers out there I've not seen before. Here's an intense one I just picked up. New to me!
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    Batman #227 CGC 9.8 OWW (white flecks under the Batman logo are scanner artifact and not on the book) Asking $6500 SOLD!
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    Bet on BIRO!!!

    This week in the MLJ Tread there was discussion about how great Charles Biro's Zip covers are, and yes they are! One in particular is a book that will always remain in my Top 10 covers of all times! His Lev Gleason work is infamous and extraordinary! But there were some cool Centaur covers too! I'm sure there have been Threads on the Daredevil and Boy runs, but couldn't find one saluting cross publisher work, and if there is already , well here's another! Kicking off with my favorite Biro cover (and permanent Top 10 all time covers book for me, Zip Comics #13. Bondage, Torture, Double Needle, Electrocution, Fire Breathing snake man (The Rattler) what more could you ask for...
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    Good example. I was specifically thinking of the Wolverine #1 (2010) Campbell variant, but yours is an earlier example of the same concept. Your question may have been rhetorical, but let's use GPA and figure it out. " in hindsight, back in '06, how many 181s could I have potentially bought instead with that money?" ("close to $3 grand") Let's call it $2,800, since you said "close to $3 grand". In 2006: CGC 9.4 Hulk #181 was between $1,800 and $2,800, so let's say $2,300 = today it would be $8,000 CGC 9.0 Hulk #181 was between $740 and $1,275, so let's say $1,000 = today it would be $5,200 CGC 8.0 Hulk #181 was between $400 and $847, so let's say $625 = today it would be $4,200 CGC 6.0 Hulk #181 was between $223 and $400, so let's say $320 = today it would be $2,600 CGC 4.0 Hulk #181 was between $178 and $225, so let's say $200 = today it would be $2,000 CGC 2.0 Hulk #181 was between $130 and $170, so let's say $150 = today it would be $1,200 For $2,820 you could have purchased a 9.4, 6.0, and 4.0, so the total would be $12,600 For $2,800 you could have purchased 2 at 9.0 and 4 at 4.0, so the total would be $18,400 For $2,800 you could have purchased 14 copies at 4.0, so the total would be $28,000 Even though no copies of CGC 9.6 Hulk #181 sold under $3,550 in 2006, let's say you were able to get one for $2,800. It would be worth $11,000. Did everyone expect the correct answer for investing in Hulk #181 slabs in 2006 to be buying as many 4.0 as possible?
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    Appropriate to post this recent acquisition...not 9.8.
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    This post is titled: "I bought a book at San Diego Comic Con without leaving my house!" The story begins back on Dec. 9, 2017, with my not getting a ticket for SDCC. No surprise there. Fortunately, some of the boardies were clever enough to score tickets. Which meant that they attended SDCC, and importantly, took WALL PHOTOS. I have to single out @n2wdw, who first put me on the right path. In addition to his having the best comic cave ever, he took lots of wall photos and posted them on the boards. Here is one of his photos from the July 23, 2018 installment of his Tales of the Comic Book Room: Can you guess which book caught my eye? No, not the Three Stooges, as funny as they are! And I'm not really a Hedgehog kind of collector. So the next step in my quest (feel free just to scroll to the end if you can't stand the suspense) was to contact Terry @TerrysComics and inquire about the book. I sent Terry an email. The very next day I received the disastrous email reply that the book had been SOLD at SDCC! Figuring my path had led to a dead end, I contented myself with soothing my sorrows in the CGC Forum sales threads. Plucking my way through the threads, I happened upon the sales thread that @Nikelspot had recently launched. Idly reading through the thread, suddenly, lo and behold, there was the book! The very book! A few PMs later, I was the proud owner of the book. It's a bit the worse for wear since it hit the newsstand in 1940, but it is among the hardest of the early books in this title to find, in any kind of grade, and still has pretty great colors. So special thanks to n2wdw, Terry, and Nik for helping me bring this home from SDCC without ever leaving my house!!!
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    Batman 11, CGC 3.5 OW/W pages

    Hi folks, I am starting to sell off some of my collection. Up for sell is a copy of Batman 11, CGC 3.5, off-white to white pages. Asking price is $3800 which is by far the lowest price for a copy of this book currently on the market (just take a looking at the asking prices on eBay). Rules of the game 1. First, I’ll take it trumps all else. 2. If we are negotiating on price and come to an agreement, you must post I’ll take it in the thread to close the deal. If someone beats you, sorry. 3. Shipping to the US is $25. If you live outside the US, let’s talk about the most economical way to get the item to you. Payment can be made a variety of way 1. Paypal 2. Money order 3. Cashiers check 4. Wire transfer 5. Gold bullion 6. Magic beans 7. Beach front property I am posting a crappy picture but will get better images up in the next day or two.
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    I still can't believe I am doing this, but the heart wants what it wants, and my heart wants to buy more Planet Comics. So here I am selling my biggest key issue. Up for sale is 1 copy of Amazing Fantasy #15. It is a well loved copy, to put it nicely. I submitted this book myself a few years back. It is a CGC .5 Universal. The label note reads "Back Cover, 1st wrap & centerfold missing, affects story. Front cover re-attached with tape. INCOMPLETE" Case is in great shape. And hey, no Newton rings, so it's got that much going for it. Here are the rules: No probation list of hall of shame, no one from my personal bad list, nobody who cannot provide several references here on the boards. Ships to the US only and it ships for free. Returns within 5 days of delivery, only if it is damaged since it is CGC graded and you know what you are getting, buyer pays return shipping with full insurance. Payment via Check or Money Order only. I have done deals with dozens of boardies over the years, here is my kudos: OK, so here is where I make it a bit interesting. As someone who could only afford lower grade copies of some of my favorite books, I know how hard it can be just to enter the market. I would love to help a Spidey fan get their grail on the cheaper side. For the first hour after this thread is started, no one who currently owns a copy of AF15 can post I'll Take It, only someone who doesn't own a copy can. After 60 minutes, it's open to all, first I'll Take it wins. Here is the book, in all of her beauty. Price is $6,999.
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    I was just going through some shortboxes and saw some comics that I know that I love more than most of you. I was hoping that maybe others could share some of their favorite comics that are generally unrecognized. I can start obviously. One of my favorite comics of all time is written by Alan Moore but is one most people have not read or are unaware of. I have posted about this comic before. It has early (the first?) art by Carlos D'Anda, who laughed and told me all about the assignment when I told him how much I loved the comic. The official name is Wildstorm Spotlight #1. It incorporates a bunch of characters from the Wildstorm Universe in a one-and-done comic that tells the story of the end of time and the birth of the universe. Yeah, good stuff. Another one of my favorite comics ever is Gotham Central 24. I have talked about this one before as well. Michael Lark really kills it on that series. He was a bit shocked I think at my intensity for this issue when I talked to him about it in person once. Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka worked on the series together, I think that they co-plotted and then traded story arcs. Issue 24 reads well enough as a stand alone issue but really packs a powerful punch as the culmination of the series to that point. It is a pivotal issue for Renee Montoya in the book, before everything changed dramatically for that character! Anyway, these are some good comics that are greatly overlooked in my opinion. Check them out if you have the time and inclination!
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    I'd bet nearly everyone had one of these if they grew up in the late 60s/early 70s. I think they were a mandatory Xmas present (along with Doodle Art and Lite Brite) and if I recall they came with a disk showing the Seven Wonders of the World. But for me Peanuts were always my favorite, the colors so vivid and the 3D so real I would stare into it endlessly, trying to wish myself inside that Viewmaster.
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    BLUE BOLT WEIRD TALES #116 CGC Grade: 8.5 VF + Price: $3,000 DEC 1952; Off white pages. OUTSTANDING L. B. Cole skull cover. Jay Disbrow art.
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    Can't beat that particular pair, RM, so how about these?
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