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    I lurk on these boards several times a week, but haven't posted in years. While there are some really compelling things that I like to see and read in this forum, I really hate the large proportion of the conversation that is about values and whether a movie release will result in a bump in prices. And there is a certain degree of "one-upsmanship". Whenever someone posts a comic they are particularly pleased with, it is just a matter of minutes before someone else is compelled to show off their "better" copy. What if you were a beginning collector - happily posting the IronMan #3 that you found in a box at your parents house that you fondly remembered buying off the rack only to have it bumped to the next page within minutes because it became the stepping off point for people to show off their minty TOS #39's. Shouldn't this forum be just as much about the guy with the $40 book that he would never sell as it is about the guy with the $20,000 book he bought last year for $15,000 and will sell next year for $20,000? I started reading comics in the late 70's and collecting in the early 80's. I was in awe when I came across some books with a 10-cent cover price and from about 1983 onward I only bought 10-centers and a few of the earliest Marvel 12-centers. I found it a challenge to get all of the 10-cent Suicide Squad books in Brave and Bold. Frankly, I think I appreciated them more when they were a bit of an obscurity than when they became a commodity after a movie title was announced (that has nearly nothing to do with the original series). I love all of the development of Superman's universe that took place in the various Superman titles in the late 50's and early 60's. Because some book or list identifies issue No xxx as a "key issue" it gets so much love and monetary valuation from the comics community while the issue just before and just after it are barely even desired - even though the stories and artwork in those books are just as good. And condition... I love a book I can pull out of its bag and read. I love the sweet-acidic smell of decaying pulp. I grew up in the next town over from Boulder, Colorado and I would see Chuck Rozanski all of the time. I bought a number of comics directly from him. Like a lot of other people, Chuck told me "collect what you love and don't worry about the value." Now it seems like so few people "collect" comics. The view now is just like the stock market - buy low and sell high. Buy all of the Katy Keene's now (on 2nd thought, only the "key" issues) before they announce a movie release! Like Katy Keene? Does it matter? On the sales threads, you can regularly see things like B&B 28. I still need a decent #33, but no one will ever post one for sale until Cave Carson starts "heating up." I have been lucky. I have some books that are purported to be quite valuable. Part of me suspects, though, that once Baby Boomers start dying off and their kids don't know what to do with those boxes and boxes of dad's old comic books (and there is no room for them in their tiny houses), they will be a glut in the market and the value will fall through. Has anyone ever heard of the Tulip Collapse of 1637? They were just flowers with no intrinsic value. I for one, won't like my B&B #28 any less if/when its only valued at a few hundred dollars even though it might be in the $1,000's right now (especially since I bought for a hundred dollars years ago). Sorry to be a grumpy old man (is 47 old?). My ranting only applies to a portion of the people on this board. There are a ton of others who really seem to love their books regardless of what the rest of the world values them at. "Silver" comes to mind - I love that guys drive to complete a series! Are there any other collectors that are turned off by the "investor" point of view, or is it just me. end of rant.
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    I can resist no longer. TAKE! This one is dedicated to Straw man Billy Parker - wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for you, bro.
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    faster friends

    My Last CGC Book

    Thanks everyone. Medical bills, lost my Dad in August, got divorced in May but my ex and I have found our way back to each other and we hope to be remarried soon. You just don’t throw away 23 years. I am hopeful for the future!!
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    Guys I forgot to Mention this earlier....If we pass over 100k views tonight by at least 500 views and I sell a good amount of these books here Im going to do something fun at the end that I dont think ive seen on the boards before......I don't know if ive seen one thread break 100k so I wanna do something fun...those of you who will be here for the long night will see what I mean....will be fun,,,,can i get 5-10 likes on this to know someone read this lol..thanks
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    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Finally able to grab one from my top Ten list. Super excited to have this one arrive today.
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    Been thinking about this one since I saw it. Long time grail but never had one.
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    One book for sale tonight, usual rules apply. No vagabonds, troublemakers and if youre on the naughty list look elsewhere. Takeit guy or any variation thereof wins over PMs PMs are welcome Time payments available, up to 90 days %15 non-refundable deposit required. US/CAN only Check or money order for payment, payment will have to clear before the book ships. Returns not allowed for graded books A book that needs no introduction, Terrific 5. Maybe Alex Schomburg's best woman in distress cover behind Suspense 3. Terrific 5 is listed as scarce by Overstreet and is categorized as an 8 on the Gerber scale of rarity (11-20 copies are known to exist). GPA has been moving upward sharply over the last year. A 4.0 sold for $7900 in March of this year, whereas a month previous a 5.0 sold for $5700. This copy exhibits deep reds, blues, and a bright yellow background for the banner. A small piece is missing from the cover just under the top staple, but the cover is still attached at both staples. Two other small pieces out of the spine along the back cover and a small vertical tear on the cover about 1/4" from the top edge. Book is unpressed, I purchased it raw and subbed to CGC. $12000 shipped $10500 shipped
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    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Here's a Cigar I've been smoking a lot. The first of three covers that Lily Renee did for Planet Comics.
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    Influx of new sellers on the boards

    To be honest, it still seems like a pretty cool place to me. For example, I just picked up a book from the Post Office that I had wanted a nice copy of since I was a teenager ........ It was a little out of my budget, so @mstrange graciously allowed me to trade for it. That sort of thing just can't happen on eBay ...... or at auction..... pretty much just here. GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus) .....I'm sitting here looking at this stupid thing...... and It seems like yesterday when I first saw a copy...... a beater at that...... and here it is, thanks to another boardie who decided to be cool....
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    What you refer to as 'defending the competition' is, in fact two things. First, as comic collectors and lovers of the hobby and the medium, most board members have the intelligence and sophistication to recognize the considerable value to the hobby of serious competition in third party grading. You should understand this too, by now, as the reasons behind it have already been explained by several different posters, collectors and dealers alike. Second, among long-time collectors we have friends and acquaintances working at the company that Beckett bought out. We like them. We respect them. We remember that the head honcho started CGC, and created their standards for grading still in use today by the company. We know the considerable impact this has had on the hobby. Finally, the distinguished competition needs no defending, but it would sure be nice if folks didn't make things up out of thin air and try to slander them in a public forum focused on our hobby. It would also be nice if folks didn't make things up out of thin air trying to trash fellow members of these boards.
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    In other news PGX is bought by Radio Shack
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    FYI Everybody!! After several years I completed my run of Junior Comics today I had to settle for a filler for #10 for now but still will have them all in 3-4 business days.
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    X amount of people are here!Time for me to start posting! How many likes can I get?
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    Same reason people say your post are stupid instead of what they'd like to say.
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    New pickup from Dale Roberts' site. (Thanks Dale!) Funny story though. After buying the book, I started thinking the staple-area wear looked somehow familiar. Checked my scan archives, and I owned this exact copy some 8-9 years ago. I can't imagine why I sold it nor where it traveled around in the interim, but now it's home to stay!
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    Unca Ben

    Some thoughts on the cover of X-Men 1

    While I do find the comments humorous, I love the cover and I think it is brilliant. In one quick glance, Kirby is able to communicate all the essential elements of the new superhero team. The major characters, sans the Professor, are there and their powers clearly displayed (other than Marvel Girl - I've often wondered if that was an edit - there's space in the white background to show the wavy lines that Kirby often used to delineate her powers). The main villain and his powers are also clearly shown. All of this could have been taken in by the reader with a quick glance while perusing the magazine rack. The cover art was not meant to be a pinup with thoughts of after-market art resale value, its primary purpose was to clearly and concisely communicate character and story while enticing the reader into buying the issue. It admirably performs those objectives.
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    I'm thinking you are going to be going home quickly.
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    Influx of new sellers on the boards

    There's a lot of old members like that as well. I like the fact that Blazin' Bob (for example), who is a dealer, adds meaningful comments to threads, and doesn't just blaze through here every time he has a power bill due, like so many others.
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    SB is a class act, he's friendly and approachable, knowledgeable and smart, and he cares about the hobby.
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    If you say so. Any competitor that comes into a market second isn't going to take over unless they have a business plan that clearly overwhelms the first company in the marketplace. Not only should your business plan cover how you plan to attack the competition but how do you convince the largest customers to try your company? And those largest customers are dealers by and large. You have to work twice as hard as the established company. I have gotten the same price for competitor copies when the book is accurately graded. I have gotten crossover CGC grades from competitor books. I have also seen numerous copies that have not. When a company "needs the money" they will take on higher risk. Dead signature verification is one example which opens the company up for fraud lawsuits if those signatures are deemed fake. If a grading company cannot get you to grade high ticket books because they are cheaper and faster they will have to make the decision to "grade looser and take the money" or not. The risk then goes on the submitter if the higher grade is accepted by the buying public or not. As I've said before if you get a business reputation of being a loose grader that is not quickly undone. You may make some short term money but it costs you in the long run. There holder is not Cheap. If it was so bad why did CGC go to the same inner well material? Putting grades on non-slabbed books for a fee was not a horrible idea. Just opens up the company to criticism and fraud issues that weren't there before. There presence at major cons was limited due to CGC doing an exclusive deal with Reed. Not because they didn't have the money to be there which is what jaydogrules post implies. I have no problem if I have the competitor's books in my inventory just because Beckett's bought them.
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    Picked up a nice Kirby Twice up Thor Fight page. Good images of Thor in every panel, and of course great hammer action (hey now!). Double Bonus, signed by Kirby and its a 1/2 splash (and that panel is the definition of splash art to me). Getting another kirby wasnt high on my list, but it came around and im a fan of striking when the irons hot. http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=1435723&GSub=145535
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    Hi everybody, I just wanted to let you know that we found a compromise with Bill that we both like, which means that all dealers from the CAF Dealer Marketplace will soon be back on ComicArtTracker. And as good news never come alone, this cooperation with CAF will allow me to index the CAF Classifieds as well. So... thank you Bill! It will take some time to put everything in place but we expect to be ready by the end of the month.
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    And this just arrived ...
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    I've read this entire thread and I'm still a little confused. How much is Leifeld willing to pay me for letting him sign my stuff?
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    Holy sh*%$t. I used to order from Robert Bell when I was a kid. Sent him the primary want list and extensive "alternates" on the back of the same page and - get this - since I didn't have a checking account, I'd send cash(!) through the mail. He never took advantage and always delivered. Different times? Maybe, but I get the same good feeling from this community and its contributors. Just the recollections/impressions of an old man.
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    This arrived a few days ago 😀. I have been wanting a decent copy of this issue for a while now.
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    most beautiful GA I have ever seen (condition wise) Startling comics #19
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    Superman 1 Club

    But look at what I negotiated for today. WOO HOO!
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    I'm not 100% sure you're interpreting the comment on pricing correctly either as a "complaint" but regardless of that, let me make a slightly different take on that. In years prior, I believe that boardies discounted books to one another, or were more accommodating in terms of filling in folks' collections etc. Not everyone did this, but there were several people who did. When I originally started selling, I definitely took that attitude and I always wanted to pass on discounts to people I believed were trying to fill in things for their collection or give other dealers a deal too. The culture did shift and there's nothing wrong with wanting market value, but as the marketplace became more about sales and less about community, I think it became more of just another place to sell. And I'm guilty of contributing to that too as I had some massive sales threads that were very popular, but I was seeing it more as a place to sell and a little less about the people I was selling to. People are entitled to ask whatever they want and of course for books that are hot, they should ask whatever they feel is fair. I would say when I am truly interested in moving something I perceive as common, I discount to GPA because we are on a fee free forum. Cost of doing business if I go to eBay or I have to auction it, and I pass that savings on if I can. But I don't want to call out someone either for not agreeing with my particular philosophy because I don't know that theirs is wrong, I just have a different approach. If people feel "entitled" to a lower price then I agree with you. If people are endlessly heckled for not following the rules, I agree. But I think the overwhelming majority of folks here are welcoming and kind. This has to be one of the most active marketplaces on a board out there.
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    Since you tend to avoid responding to my posts lets try again. Venture capitalist startup money is used to bring a company to market, over time private equity cash's out and the company is then brought public. Venture capitalists funded the "other company", they are selling to a established grading company versus going public and selling stock to the public. That is not "going belly up or getting bailed out". That is how you get startup (Venture capitalist) money, they come in with a exit strategy and it is always sell and take their money out.
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    Okay, charging an extra 3% on Paypal transactions is legitimate on the Boards Sales Threads. It's getting scary because I am seeing it quite frequently, seems to be catching on with all the new kids here. The Boards are essentially free of fees, no auction or E-Bay fees at all. Why nickel dime buyers for an extra 3% ? Why do sellers here feel entitled to not take on any of the costs of doing business ? I am making a statement, a 'protest' of sorts and hope others follow my lead. If I see the extra 3% in the sales thread, I am not buying from you. I really think, to keep the Boards a fee less venue, this practice should not be allowed. It's so easy to simply embed in the price anyway.
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    If you ask me, the wrong people have left the boards.
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    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Northford Pedigree and way lone highest graded.
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    Always had a passion for cars. Here are a few of them I currently own. Next to last car picture is a 1960 Cadillac Eldorado that I’m almost done restoring. The last car picture is a 1954 Buick Skylark my oldest 2 sons are helping me restore. But my biggest passions are my 3 sons and beautiful wife.
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    This Week Back From CGC

    Just got my FF #5 back today and must give another huge thanks to @joeypost for the amazing results on this book. I sent this to him as a 3.5 and it came back a 5.5! Awesome!
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    I personally think distinguishing between books that are going to CGC and books that are staying raw when setting signature fees is ridiculous. So, to me, this is doubly so. Creators are free to charge whatever they want for their signature - just like I'm free to avoid getting books signed by creators whose fees I find to be silly. What I do with my books after they've been signed, however, is none of their damn business.
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    Robot Man

    Influx of new sellers on the boards

    It is getting to the point with me that I rarely buy or sell anywhere but here on the boards. I rarely buy at the big auction houses (high prices), ebay (high prices and questionable descriptions), Cons rarely have what I want. Selling on ebay is a shoot. I only sell stuff to support this expensive habit anyway. Frankly, I don't care one bit what one does with a book once I have sold it. If it is for your collection, great, always happy to help out a fellow collector. If you flip it and make a profit good as well. I sold it for what I needed to get. If you make a little, you might be back for more. If I screwed up on price, that's on me and I can live with it. I've heard the "it's for my collection" or "it's my "grail" forever from flippers. Doesn't matter to me. Now, since I have been here, I have developed relationships with other board members that I like and respect. I often offer them the book or item direct before I throw it out to the public because of this. If I don't know you, I don't feel that need to do so. Sometimes, I really don't know the true market value on a book. That's when it goes to ebay. I let the market decide. I often get a lot more from ebay than I would get here. I have offered books here that didn't sell and seen them double or tripple on the bay.
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    Pretty excited to get this Matt Baker Fight 53 page in today.
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    You've only been here for a few years. I suppose you'd have had a coronary had you been around for the discussion when it was revealed publicly that CGC had been running in secret for select customers an in-house pressing operation. Contrary to your view, collectors and dealers have used this forum for over 15 years now to discuss a variety of important and contentious issues in the hobby that have involved CGC in the discussion, and not always in the best light. Like when microtrimmed comics were getting unrestored blue labels. Or when the in-house pressing service was distorting the appearance of high grade comics, worsening their appearance all the while they were receiving higher numerical grades. Or when spine realignment was getting upgrades and unrestored labels on books. Or when the holders were leading to a number of comics suffering structural damage from 'shaken comic syndrome'. That's how it works with adults who care deeply about the hobby and feel like stewards of the old comics.
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    Sometimes I wonder where people get this from. I've been friends with Steve or almost 20 years. Steve didn't leave because he knew better. He went to work for Heritage before "other grading company" was started. He wanted to be a part owner which is what the venture capitalist firm granted him. I have never had Steve bad mouth the competition to get me to get books graded and frankly I have NEVER shied away from being honest and direct with him or anybody else that worked for the company. I have always been available to either of the grading companies when it comes to improvements, grading issues, the holders etc. My belief is that the grading companies should help me sell the book, not hinder it. Loose grading, lousy holders, etc all make it harder for me to sell the book. CGC hasn't suffered from the competition.
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    I know I'm probably risking getting flamed here, but I feel compelled (as on of the newer members) to say that I lurked here for years before I had the courage to start posting. But I love collecting runs of silver and bronze books and occasionally posting some pics. I don't ever sell my books, so the money is only a factor in what I blow on funny books to fill holes and complete runs. Just saying, not all of us newbs are here to make a profit. I like to think that I'm a genuine fan of comics and have been since I was a kid learning how read with Spidey Super Stories in the '70s. Are the boards better or worse than they were several years ago? I dunno, but I think there are plenty of good guys around here still (BAF, KirbyJack, Oakman just to name a few) and plenty of good conversations about comics to be had too.
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    Such an odd and convoluted story. Not quite sure what to think to be honest, but would like to piggyback on previous sentiment that what has always amazed me is the relative lack of customer service IN GENERAL in the OA marketplace since day one. In the "real world", spending 4 or five figures, much less 6 or more would generally have sales and management absolutely fawning over your every need and comfort. Reinforces to me that this hobby in NO WAY reflects the "real world". Scott
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