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    10 likes !! It is now my goal to use my 10 daily "likes" before noon each day. I mean, you just never know when the zombie apocalypse is going to happen and I don't wanna be stuck carrying around some extra unused likes when I will needing that space for guns or bullets or food
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    Hey everyone, Just joined the CGC forums recently and found this board and thought Id show my current display. Been moving stuff around a lot but finally have everything where I want, and the pinball machine just brings everything alive. Display some of my original art and autographs in my cabinets as well as beside my spiderman pinball machine. As you can probably tell, Im a BIG spiderman fan, other than orignal art, I only collect spiderman collectibles. The other side of the room is my mailing desk and a shelf where I display posters, autographs, as well as my CGC comic collection, might post a pic of that soon. Let me know what suggestions you have!
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    Thank you everyone on the boards for the support. It's been a rough and long day. I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow and keep posting stuff starting at 12pm PST. I want to say thanks to an amazing Grandma who always supported my comic collecting as a child.
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    So now you are the Voice for 'most of us'. How can you make a statement like this and expect anyone to take your comments seriously ? Your statements are obviously not well thought out as you continually pull out random statistics to sound impressive. You have single handedly ruined this, and other, threads with your ridiculous comments in order to pump up books you own. Please consider taking a break from posting. We need a rest.
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    I have nothing to add, just thought I'd increase my attempt to bust my way to the top of the charts.
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    I have no idea how anyone thought this new format was an improvement. what a disaster.
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    There's nothing wrong with talking about money. There's nothing wrong with making money off comics. There's nothing wrong with comics getting more expensive. There;s nothing wrong with comics becoming extremely expensive. What can be a problem is the way it's done. If there is organic and general demand causing prices to rise, that is a healthy market dynamic. If there is market manipulation causing price increase, it's not only unhealthy, it was fall back and crash on itself. That's why in sales threads people call out sellers who only quote GPA high prices when selling. It's a form of market manipulation. And while you may not purposefully be trying to manipulate the market, posting only record sales prices does manipulate market perception. When you post only record sales prices AND also keep talking about how hot and awesome the books are (key books and not run issues or story lines) it gives readers the impression that you are pumping the market. Pumping the market is not looked at in a positive way by most people. As a dealer, I don't care whether prices get more expense or not. I'm still making money. But I've been a reader and a collector for over 40 years. What I do care about is the health of the hobby for the long term, because if the hobby becomes unhealthy that's bad for everyone. And personally, if you want my opinion anybody who only talks about money is not enjoying the hobby. They're enjoying speculation and the hobby becomes no different than a stock market ticker.
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    First of all, this IS the company that keeps Nick Spencer on the payroll. So forced diversity is their bag now. The guy is a hack But second, this whole forced diversity initiative has been one big game of trying to use a few market forces in concert with each other to keep their juggling act in the air long enough to create a 'new normal" The old normal had a lot of white male characters. The "new normal" they hoped to create was a new normal of a multicultural, multiracial, multigendered universe. So the question became "how do you change that much in a short period of time?" and the only solution is the one they've tried. But it hinged on 3 things. A theory, a market pattern, and an immutable law of the market: 1) the theory was that there is a huge untapped market that don't buy Marvel books because the characters in it don't look like them or have different bits between the legs. The idea was to replace the sizable chunk of the old readership that would jump ship due to these changes with this new untapped readership and then grow it over time due to the changing demographics of the western world. The risk here was that they didn't really have any proof that this theory was true except for anecdotal evidence from a handful of actors or writers that claimed that they wished or their kids wished there was a Spider-Man or whoever that looked like them. This doesn't mean that any of them would be willing to buy it or that they'd support it or they'd support the other titles that a change in something like that would impact or if the black boy would be interested in the accompanying change to turn another character into a white woman or a transgendered amputee or whatever. This is the reverse application of something that the social justice crowd calls intersectionality. Most people that subscribe to intersectionality do so to almost a religious level. But additionally, this whole theory of an untapped market has been proven to be demonstrably false or at least not as willing to actually spend money as they claim they are when making demands on Tumblr/twitter/facebook for more diversity bingo checking characters. Or they were unable to fill in the losses of long-term readership nearly as quickly as they expected. Like bad political polling, their forecasts were wildly wrong. 2) the market pattern they were hoping to utilize was simple: New #1's or character changes or re-titling or whatever get short-term sales boosts. Events get short term sales boosts. This is a demonstrable market pattern that stretches back decades. When you replace a character, even knowing it's temporary, it bumps stales. Relaunches bump sales. Events bump sales. But they're short-term bumps. 3-6 issues get a boost & then the boost fades & the true sales numbers settle back out. Done well, it can lead to higher "new normal" sales numbers in the long-term. Done poorly, it leads to a new normal sales average below pre-event numbers. So they did a LOT of them to hide the otherwise lagging sales. The idea was to prop up the sales while the target demographic showed up. 3) the law of diminishing returns. This is what they were racing against. They could re-launch or replace or stick an event in to get those short-term bumps in the hopes of buying time while this untapped market finally shows up. Except they lost this race. Like a cocaine addict, the relaunch/replace/event cycle would produce bumps in sales that would diminish over time. The more frequently they're done, the faster that the law of diminishing returns kicks in. The hope was that they could get to establishing the "new normal" of the Marvel Universe BEFORE the law of diminishing returns kicked their . If what would normally be temporary becomes long-term for long enough, AND enough of the audience is new enough that this is what they're used to, then it becomes the "normal" for the now shifted demographics of their audience. The problem was that the "new readers" either don't exist or didn't show up in enough numbers or fast enough before the law of diminishing returns made even events & character changes & new #1's no longer a viable strategy to prop up what would have otherwise been very lagging sales for a few years if they would have done this organically over time. Marvel also is falling into the same trap that DC did for a long time, in thinking that the mask was more important than the character wearing it. Or that for ever Wally West replacing a Barry Allen, there are 500 Lady Octopus replacing Doc Ock & that kind of change only really works with years or decades of organic change to groom a character to take over a mantle.
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    Can we have less new boardie hate and more new boards hate
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    slowly but surely getting my runs of old Supes in slabs together.
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    INVEST in your happiness and you will never go wrong 👍 For me that was recently a V-Comics #2, a US Jones #2, a Pep #34, and a Weird Comics #20. These individually all ranged from about $2400-$4100 respectfully and I couldn't be happier with the investment. Just trading' paper for paper 😉 As far as your REAL question i like that WW you chose and DKs choices will never fail. These are pretty hot right now though like the Tec 69s of the world have had a pretty decent upswing. Hard to predict because while they seem expensive now they could look cheap down the road. I'd wouldn't, "invest" any big money on something without a classic cover or a 1st app. My Real answer is still the 1st paragraph though so if an uber high grade funny animal or dare i say western is your thing that's what i would buy. I don't think many of those will hit the 3-4K mark but you get my point
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    The Leader's Report on his visit to the Williamsburg Film Festival and the South Carolina Con The Leader visited the Williamsburg Film Festival 8-9 March and the South Carolina Comic Con 25-26 March 2017 and filed these photographic reports for your enjoyment. http://pristine.webspaceforme.net/Facebook/williamsburg_southcarolina/mainintropage.html
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    Hey guys! Submitted my AMS #14 graded 6.5 White Pages for review because I thought it looked way better than that. Just got it back and I was right! Came back a 7.0! Very happy with the adjustment
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    I feel betrayed by Marvel. I've read and supported the Marvel Universe for 40 years. Spider-man, FF, Iron Man, on and on, I've bought and read the comics since I was a kid. Does Marvel really think long term fans will enjoy them ripping up years of continuity and drastically changing characters for a quick, short term, pop in sales? Write more stories like Old Man Logan, Planet Hulk, etc rather than cheap gimmicks, character assassination, reboots, variants, and diversity. If Marvel wants more women, more racial diversity, why not create new, relevant characters rather than gender reassignment or color touching established characters with loyal fans.
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    Diversity is not the problem at all. I do not care whether the character is white black green or pink or male or female! It is a whole bunch of problems: 1. Changing long standing characters into someone else. It is the most ignorant decision they have made. They make movies that are great, and that can potentially introduce new readers that then go to a comic store to find Thor is a woman, Hulk is dead, Logan is dead, Punisher is a black guy, Iron MAN is a woman, etc. Just so baffling! 2. Killing selling characters. Hard to sell comics of a character that is DEAD you insufficiently_thoughtful_persons. 3. Constantly rebooting. Number 1's every year are a great jumping OFF point. 4. Massive cross title story arcs. I don't want to have to collect Squirrel Girl because the recent story of my collected character ties in. 5. Variants. 1:15, 1:25, 1:50, 1:75, 1:100, 1:200, 1:250, 1:500, 1:1000, 75 different covers, etc. Makes it impossible for the completist to collect them all. 6. Why can't characters stay unique? Spider-Man becomes Spider-Woman becomes Spider-Girl becomes someone else becomes Spider-Man becomes Spider-Gwen becomes Gwenom becomes Gwenpool, etc. So frustrating.
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    It's not diversity that is killing them, it is forcing diversity. Making old characters now be a new race or gender turns a lot of people off. New characters can be whatever you want them to be, but let them be new. I love the Punisher but when they suddenly made him black for no reason, I didn't really get it. It felt like a cheap ploy and for the first time I stopped collecting it. If it were a new Black character taking up the mantle, I could get that but to suddenly just change his race??? Doesn't make sense to me..
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    Huh. Complain about the fact some people think it's useless, then threaten people who use it. Yeah sounds like a measured response to me. I thought this was a 18+ site? Who outside of middle school would even remotely care about leaderboards and likes?
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    The real question here is why I can't like any of Arch's posts? Why is he excluded? Won't that make him self conscious? It would me, because what other people think of me is all I live for. Please like this so I can make it through another day. I'm so sad.
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    The problem with the "Like" button is that it only tells half of the story. I can only imagine what would happen if we had a "Hate" button
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    Well, these are some pretty cool Archie and a couple pretty sweet lower grade Bakers. No action in several hours. No interest? Prices too high? I think the prices are probably too low. Please note a 10% INCREASE to all posted prices.
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    Helped a boardie pick out this 1:1000 and sub it to CGC on site grading at the show.
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    Just got my GSX #1 back yesterday! Hoping for a 7.0 but came back a 6.5 WHITE PAGES, still happy to have it graded!
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    Reading comics in the 1970s, I was blown away by Jim Starlin and his epic storylines in Warlock ("The Magus Saga") and Captain Marvel ("Thanos War"). Starlin's captivating tales of the cosmos taught me valuable lessons about the universe, God, death, matter, energy, philosophy, etc. and proved a "Great Escape" (=> my forum name) from childhood anxieties....all this from treasures found while diving in 25-cent comic bins. Over the years, I've enjoyed the evolution of Starlin's universe with The Death of Captain Marvel, Thanos Quest. Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Watch and excited for the Infinity War films as the culmination of today's Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanos was and continues to be a central figure in all the stories, and one seriously baddass dude. I believe uber-collector Jim Woo still owns much of the prime Thanos original art, but 10 years ago he agreed to sell me the piece I coveted most...the Warlock #9 splash where Thanos is introduced into the Warlock saga. I consider this my favorite and IMO best Starlin Thanos images ever published. Thanos earlier appearances (ie, Iron Man 55) he appeared more human, but this is a more powerful and awe-inspiring Thanos portrait befitting a demi-god. Here it is: Link
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    Some real nice off the rack stuff near the end
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    Haha !! I am only allowed to give 10 likes per day !! .....otherwise, I mean, I would totally have liked your FF 84 book, but y'know.... I can't like anymore today, so I guess your post will have to go UNLIKED !! at least by me.
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    My Wonder Woman group shot issues #6-#9.
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    Apparently a lot of people care as they have chosen not to be here.
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    Absolutely not. March Madness was a nightmare on the new Boards. The worst ever. That's why I started it on the old Boards. I couldn't place large images directly into a post. The PM system is so goofy that I couldn't find PMs to enter peoples grades. I asked Arch to keep the "search by username" enabled and he never got a round to that. The <spoiler> function isn't easy to work with. We had about 80 contestants this year instead of the normal 130-140.
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    Thanks to NostalgicAttic for letting us run this Tournament. Thanks to sckao for dealing with the spreadsheets and the bracket images. Every year at the end of the Tournament, I tell sckao that it gets easier each year, which is true. This year was the exception. This year was a pain. Thanks to everyone who participated. Let's hope we have a larger number of participants next year! Thanks to thehumantorch for running the prize thread. Thanks to my $2.26 HP scanjet 7400c for pumping out some sweet, sweet scans.
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    Probably should not have made the comment that this format was a disaster. I just don't like change., and should give things a chance. Probably just venting due to the krap I'm trying to swim out of the last year and a half. I don't post much personal stuff on here regarding my immediate family but I've had a dose of disaster myself. A few on here know whats up but its been kept to phone chats and messages and I hope it stays that way. Lost all my interest in comics, all of it. Not sure what my next move is but I'm out of here for now.
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    So I was away from the net for a few days and just got a chance to read up on this thread. As a facilitator here’s a few things I’d like to touch on (some have already been talked about) in no particular order. And my apologies if any of these is a little confusing as I'm typing this while being a passenger is a car. WITNESSING FOR CGC When I facilitate a signature for someone I am the person handling the book. This means that a witness I bring, or use from the CGC booth accompanies me but I do not give the books to a witness to get signed. If I will not be the person actually handling the book (for instance if I have to cancel a trip but can still get the book done through another facilitator) I am up front with the customers and this gives them the chance to cancel if they don’t feel comfortable. If I sent in a book of mine, I would want to know who is actually handing the book. When it comes to witnesses, I know some facilitators who will “divide and conquer” by taking one witness with them to one signing and send another witness to another creator. Personally I believe that the CGC Signature Series program should have two sets of eyes on each book as it’s signed but I know other people do not agree and believe that an independent witness is ok. To me why would it be ok for a witness to be the only person at the signing but not the facilitator. The argument I have heard is that the facilitator is the person who is benefiting from the book being signed and I can understand that reason but personally still feel two people should be present when a book is signed. If CGC is going to allow a witness to be at a signing by themselves without the facilitator I have no problem with this as long as the witness is not in the industry such as a CGC dealer. (This would be in addition to the current witness restrictions of relatives, employees, owners, etc). When a dealer witnesses someone elses books there is too much of a chance that they might do their own books (and I know this has been done before as I have seen it done). I know there have been times where “witnesses” were at a convention and later they were selling comics on their ebay stores that were signed at the convention they were working at. There is too much of a chance for fraud (ie a dealer witnessing their own items) in that instance. PRE-SALES First, I believe that pre-sales should be allowed in certain instances. When you have guaranteed access you should be able to “pre-sell” which is no different than just taking orders. When you can order any amount of a book you’d like, when you have an agreement with a retailer, publisher, etc. The one instance I do not think should be allowed to pre-sell is convention exclusives where you are not guaranteed to get book. People have brought up the issue that pre-sales shouldn’t be allowed because you can’t guarantee grades. This is true, but I don’t think this is an issue if you are upfront with people that if for whatever reason you can’t get the appropriate grade a person is not required to purchase the item. If I go to a store and pre-order an item and the item comes in damaged, or the store gets the wrong item, they would not require me to purchase it. There’s no difference between that and pre-selling comics. But when dealing with convention exclusives, that would be like an appliance store pre-selling the newest game console when they aren’t even sure if they are getting them. With pre-sales, I believe that requiring a deposit is acceptable. But I don’t think a dealer should take a full amount months in advance in most situations. When they are pre-selling CGC 9.8 or CGC 9.8 SS and taking money months before a signing, I do not agree with that. (Facilitating for SS when a customer is sending in their own book is a bit different as it’s not a pre-sale). If CGC does allow pre-sales, they should be regulated and transparent. That means there should not be any PM sales threads. I don’t do them and don’t believe others should either. There is a selling forum for a reason and sales threads (pre-sale or regular) should be there. PRICES All I will say is that the market dictates things through supply and demand. Something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay. While some people are willing to pay money for a Rolex, others may not. We all have things in life that are important to us that we will spend money on. And we all have creators and/or celebs that we will pay for their sig and some that we wouldn’t pay a dime for. Someone said that some creators charge of their own account…this is correct. Someone else said that some creators charge because other creators tell them they should. And yet another person said that some creators charge because a dealer tells them they should..again that is correct. The bottom line is this...we all (collectors, dealers, facilitators, CGC, etc) want the best for the hobby/business that is comics. There are some issues out there as I see it and I hope that over time we all come together to make things better.
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    In general, I would say our posts contribute to define us (at least in other people's eyes).
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    I think the game board was overturned, and the teddy bear taken home.
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    It's not a real thread until people are accused of being racist.
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    FedEx brought me some joy yesterday
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    Moved in to a larger house a few months ago. Got a larger home office and had lots of time to plan what I wanted it to look like. Here's one corner of the room. I tried to make the room as changeable as possible. Slab displays at the top, poster flipper for sketches, shelves for raw books, and a couple of options for action figures. If I ever have the time and motivation, I can easily swap things out.
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    Just got my latest custom bound books in.
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    Picked these up today at WonderCon Chad Hardin Mark Brooks
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    Not a key and actually a GREAT story !! Single digit early XMen..... 1st Unus the Untouchable!! XMen couldn't stop him ! he was completely untouchable ! they finally figured out the way to defeat him was by INCREASING his powers !! they had him begging to return him to normal ! just like the King Midas touch CLASSIC ISSUE !!!!
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    War Victory Adventures 3, bought as Avison, but I'm not too sure. I see Avison in the central figure, but the ones in the foreground are more detailed than his style....
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    I'm having problems with the search function as well. I've used search engines for years, you put in a search term, hit enter, it works. Here I'm trying to follow all the boxes that need to be checked, but I'm getting back items that are not related to my search terms or the name I'm searching for, I've tried both. SOMETIMES it seems to work, but not most of the time. I like a lot of new features, but I'd LOVE this one to be more useful...at least for regular people like me who are not computer geniuses like you guys;) I'm also feeling a little disorganized. I keep trying find these change requests, but they seem to be all over the place and sometimes you can no longer vote. Would it be possible to do a poll? Put it on top for a few days, list all the requests, people can only vote once (and they need more than 3 posts to post (to prevent the shill stuff )? I think it would just be easier to see in one place and we are kind of used to those polls. The voting thing is a nice idea, but maybe later, after we get used to the other changes.
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    I'm just not seeing that, it might not be quite as busy as it was, but look at this thread with over 10,000 views... It really should be no surprise why a thread titled "I hate the new boards" is one of the most popular threads on the new boards.
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    Still amazed how inexpensive the true first in costume ant man goes for. Great book and nice looking copy 👍
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