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  1. I think you are exaggerating a bit. It doesn't appeal that much to you, fair enough, but it's objectively better than you're making out :-) Pay off at the end? Hadn't occurred to me. It's been paying out extravagantly and consistently from the start. Still it isn't groundbreaking or anything, just an enjoyable entertainment for those that like that sort of thing. I liken it to a blend of 12 Monkeys and Twin Peaks directed by Wes Anderson.
  2. Aha! Found my proper login. Ignore that imposter above :-) What's up with my custom title? That's a mess.
  3. I saw it last night. To say I enjoyed it would be like saying I 'enjoyed' Leaving Las Vegas, but OK yes I enjoyed it. Sombre and sad. Prof X and Logan are very well played. X-23 has two jobs for 90% of the film: sullen and feral. There seems to be a message in there about recognising and appreciating those little islands of happiness and meaning in an otherwise bleak and futile existence.
  4. One thing though, I can't help thinking kyber crystals are unfortunately named. Sounds like something you stick up your Khyber (as in Khyber Pass).
  5. Bloody marvellous prequel. Borrows well from Seven Samurai, which is an excellent and fitting thing to do given Star Wars' origins. A fantastic band of memorable characters which I will be needing in toy form. Also, my 8 year old daughter says it is now her favourite film. She came out of it considerably more enthused than when we saw Fantastic Beasts (and she's a big Potter fan)