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  1. Lovely silver age Marvels, Robert! Good luck with the sales thread . . .
  2. Claudio is one heck of a conservative grader. His books were gorgeous on arrival, securely packed, quickly shipped. I'm very happy with my purchases and happy to have become one of his customers. Looking forward to his next sales thread. Bravo!!
  3. Crassus (Robert) has received ten pages of positive kudos over the years. Wow. What a super-hero of a seller. I just received six silver and bronze age books from him. Perfect packaging, fast to ship, fun to communicate with, and super-strictly graded comics received. I guess that explains the TEN pages of positive kudos from his fellow boardies. Thanks Robert! Happy Holidays!
  4. Excellent seller, excellent packaging, have done many deals with Jeff. Never a worry, the books are always great! Chris
  5. Thanks Robert. But after you said "This will be a short thread of raw SA and BA Marvels. I'm almost out of my financial hole, but then I just keep diggin'...besides saving money is boring..." I see you're digging a hole over at electricprune's romance thread tonight. Does your wife know?
  6. Thor 155 (cracked out 9.0 white pages with cert.)
  7. FF 169 and FF 178 and FF 184 (the freebie)
  8. It's the hockey theme, an over-looked sub-genre in super-hero collecting . . .
  9. I agree it's not Wally Wood. This stuff is rather similar to artwork from either Sheldon Moldoff or Bob Kane (or both) done for the early "new look" Batman stories (circa. 1964-65). But whoever has inked these pages is not likely the one who inked those Batmans.
  10. That didn't take long. Nice copy of the toughest Strange Tales of all . . . Congratulations to the buyer and seller.