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  1. Hi Robert, Nice thread. Some of my favourite silver age books in here . . .
  2. Thanks for the link. I found a raw copy of the Supergirl book (#7). Your slab of the Flash book looks nice, but I'm presently looking for a raw copy of the Flash book (#8). Chris
  3. Hi, Looking for a copy of Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 (Death of Supergirl) and a copy of #8 (Death of Barry Allen Flash). Would like to buy both if anyone has copies of both that they are willing to sell. No grade lower than an 8.5. Thanks! Chris
  4. Just received four books from Randall from his last thread. Super-sharp grading, perfect packaging, fantastically fast shipping. I look forward to buying more of his books! Yay! (Thank-you Randall, I appreciate all your efforts . . .)
  5. What can we say about Robert, who is one of the best and most consistent sellers on these boards? I just got a nice box of books from Robert (Crassus). Master of customer service, expert grading on raw books, a pleasure to deal with. Fast as heck on the shipping too. Thanks a lot!!
  6. Hi Robert, Re: FF 103 and 106. per our PM conversation . . . Thanks!
  7. Thanks, Jeff. I bought two Spider-man slabs from Jeff only a couple of days ago and they are here already!! Jeff gives you super fast shipping, super strong packaging, great prices on great books. A real superhero on these boards!