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  1. Block this complete Total Loser at all cost tonich97 I am surprised this one is not suspended, Check out his feedback Left for others He is saying that he never got his comic book even though the tracking says delivered. I told him, file a claim& all he said "I Just want a Refund" I thought looking at his feedback left for others was a joke BLOCK, BLOCK, BLOCK!!!
  2. Another Loser shecr_8474 Bought an item, got notified with no response and never paid
  3. I will be stopping by, If anyone needs supplies (Cases only) Please let me know by Friday Oct.9 the latest. If you need packs, See Ray
  4. Here is another one, This one is a doozy This buyer is from Canada, He leaves me a Negative feedback (ebay removed it) because his package is late. So he believes it is my fault. The order was placed Sept. 2 and shipped out Sept. 3. Tracking shows its journey and t is still in transit. Now he is asking for my help. I told him that you have the tracking number contact his post office or ebay. I don't think he understands this and not sure how to explain that "I am NOT the post office". He still keeps asking me when should I expect my package. Must of messaged me a few times asking me that. and it is the same answer, you have the tracking or call your post office. He only has 2 feedbacks and one of them was me giving him a Positive from the beginning of September This is just a headache rickol65
  5. Another Deadbeat perrytouw Goes back and forth with offers, finally agreed, Gave a notice, friendly reminder & Never paid
  6. eBay Customer Service Number 1 (866) 961-9253 You can speak to a Live person
  7. Another Loser kmhcom-66, bill-6027 - These 2 are the same person Tracking shows package was delivered but the carrier lost it and still it is my fault he did not get the package. Tried to help out to find out what happened, but didn't like the results. Expects me to take full responsibility for the actual delivery. I did go out to help and keep him updated. Didn't want to listen to reason that I am just a messenger. I told him what the carrier told me and still blames me for the carrier losing the package. Tracking shows it was delivered but didn't want to hear that. Ungrateful person both have very little feedback and may have other accounts
  8. Another one that blames his kid, I guess he will have to change his password from his son twitch-1041 New message from: twitch-1041 (49) I’m sorry, but can I cancel this order please? My son placed this order without asking me.
  9. Hello Everyone, It has been awhile since I posted on the boards, Hope everyone is doing well and stay safe SPIDER-MAN #1, Torment Clayton Crain Dress Variant $25.00 shipped US states Only I have 15 Available First 15 Sold with get it
  10. 1 (866) 961-9253 It is tech support, there is always someone live that will answer you and help you.
  11. Two More Deadbeats Both won auctions, Sent reminders, messages, No Response & No Payment. lal8508-h18nvgpv97 alezasengat
  12. Another one brokecollegekid Made an offer, I accepted it, No Payment, No response, Total deadbeat
  13. and this one ferociraptor2099 Won an auction, Sent a reminder, No Payment, No Response