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  1. We just finished our last major convention for this year. Looking forward to our first of 2020 3 Months, 20 days to go
  2. We will be there, If anyone needs me to bring supplies (Cases only), Let me know by Friday, It will be easier to call the warehouse and LEAVE A MESSAGE (otherwise we will not know if you called) 1-800-922-3547
  3. Cant wait for this show. Rosemont is great, the guest list is great, Gibsons is great. Its going to be an awesome weekend!! Jeff
  4. ACE Comic Con Chicago, Oct 11-13, 2019, Donald E Stephen Convention Center It has been awhile since we have to at this place, Looking forward to returning to this great convention center. Easy Load in and Load out 4 Months to go
  5. Don't forget, "Are you REALLY interested in moving this book?" Then bam!! Offers you half asking price!! Weeeeeeeeeee!! Ive seen it, and seen it at Bob's booth FYI. Jeff
  6. Another Loser to add peru_collector Placed a bid and then asked to cancel it. a month later, he leaves a neutral feedback. He asked me to cancel. This so called buyer has done this before. ebay removed the feedback.
  7. This sales thread is now closed. We will relist soon