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  1. I thought the same thing, the buyer never contacted me to let me know that there was a problem, just left a negative
  2. You have to keep calling until someone on eBay agrees with you. most of the time when you speak to an eBay rep, they are willing to help you out I did reach out and there was no response
  3. Here is another LOSER to block schena7 Bought something from me and leaves a negative feedback, doesn't even send me a message to say what is wrong, (Has a habit of doing that, check FB left for others). Messaged this person, waited a week, No response. Ebay has already removed the negative feedback. Another one dondall-0 won a few items on my ebay auctions, all won at $.99 each, kept emailing me that he would pay on wednesday (six days after auction ended) then emails me on wednesday to say he is having issues with his credit card (final price was $6.93), then no response
  4. This convention surprised me in a good way. The crowds were huge and George Perez had massive lines all weekend. Looking forward to next year's show.
  5. We will be returning once again 3 Months, 14 days to go
  6. We will be there, see you Sunday Less than 3 Days to go
  7. Hello Everyone, We have posted over 500 + Auction items on eBay with starting bids from $0.99 - $19.99 with No reserve. We need unload a lot of Comics, Toys, Cards and others. There are lots of Silver Age to New one, Variants , Action Figures, Magazines. Everything must go In case you need to ask, you will save on shipping on multiple items (cannot control international, Sorry) Check us out hotflips-supplies-collectibles