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  1. Two More Deadbeats Both won auctions, Sent reminders, messages, No Response & No Payment. lal8508-h18nvgpv97 alezasengat
  2. Another one brokecollegekid Made an offer, I accepted it, No Payment, No response, Total deadbeat
  3. and this one ferociraptor2099 Won an auction, Sent a reminder, No Payment, No Response
  4. and this one geekytreasures We all know that the USPS is backed up and the depots is overloaded. This one seems to have a personal thing against me. I do know this guy, set up next to me at one of the conventions. but he said I deserve the negative feedback because the USPS picked up the package on time and never scanned it & showed up late. (that was removed to) He did not want to listen to reason that the USPS is not in my control. He did get the book, There was no damage.
  5. another one, kevcronk Left me a Negative feedback (was removed) I listed a comic in VG shape. Then said it was worst than that & I didn't know how to grade and I didn't know how to ship. So I decided to look at his items for sale. I saw that same book exact comic he was selling for at mid grade (miraculously rose up to a better grade), so I decided to buy it. Then he removed the feedback and kept apologizing.
  6. I have most of these on my list, You can add this deadbeat yukevin328 Made offers on a few of my items, ten accepted. But made offers that were lowball offer, I declined it. Does not want the entire deal because of 1 item we can not agree to. At least ask before you make the offer. It was a few items I accepted for $40 each, asking $50, Then there was a $400 item & offered me at first $75, then $100.
  7. Over 300 auctions went up last night, many more being added tonight. Starting bids are between $0.99 and $1.29. Also check out our eBay store with many items being added every day.
  8. Hi guys, First off, i hope all of you are doing well and staying safe. We have been going through our warehouse and sorting a lot of comic books and stuff that we have had sitting here and are finally putting them up on eBay. On thursdays (tonight!!) we put up about 200-300 auctions starting at $0.99 with no reserve. We have about 300-400 items going up in our eBay store with more items being added daily. Here is the link to our eBay store Hotflips  eBay Store
  9. We are going!! (Booth 6-200 outside artist alley, second location outside artist alley as well, and our booth at the celebrity signing hotel. Might as well plug our booths) Please read on to explain why we decided to go: Since ReedPOP inception with NYCC on a cold weekend in February, 2006, Hotflips has exhibited at every single one of their pop culture shows. There are many factors involved but i will give you the two most important reasons, above all else. First is there commitment to the fans and exhibitors to ensure everybody has a good time and the shows are deemed worthwhile in attending from both perspectives. Attendees and dealers alike all have great stories and memories to share after each and every show. The second reason, and to us, the most important, is that Reed has been at the forefront as far as safety for their attendees and their exhibitors since the start. They were one of the first companies to install metal detectors as well as extra security at their events. I have no doubt, Reed will take appropriate measures to ensure the enhanced safety of all of us during the show next week. So, with all that being said, respect peoples space, wash your hands and let's all use common sense. Now lets geek out, have fun, and create more of those memories and everlasting stories!! Jeff
  10. No, It is not this weekend, the date for next year is set to be the first con of 2021 1 Year, 2 Days away
  11. 1 week away We will be set up at Booths 1176, 1586 (Marat Mychaels will be there all weekend with lots of exclusives), 1899 and auto