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  1. 1 week away We will be set up at Booths 1176, 1586 (Marat Mychaels will be there all weekend with lots of exclusives), 1899 and auto
  2. Two more deadbeats to add shortandsweetness & keben6098 Both won Auctions that ended on Tuesday night, sent them both reminders, eBay gave them an automatic warnings & No Response & No Payment.
  3. We will be there setting up. We will be unloading a lot of $1.00 comics. If anyone needs supplies, Let me know by Friday Jan 24
  4. We will be there this sunday, if anyone needs me to bring supplies (Cases Only), Let me know by Friday Jan 10 4 days to go
  5. add a couple of more Deadbeats to the list Both made offers Then I counter offered, they accepted, sent them both payment reminders and no response and no payment t4o-15 doingitright2010 (more like doing it wrong)
  6. 3 Months, 10 Days to go, Looks like we are heading to Beantown for the beginning of Spring
  7. We are unloading a lot of stuff to make some room in our warehouse. We have selected items (even supplies) at 20% off until November 30. We also have over 400 (and still posting) items up as auctions with a starting bid at $.99 with No Reserve. Lots of comics, slabs Variants and More. All Auctions are ending between Black Friday (Nov 29) & Cyber Monday(Dec 2) Our ebay Link hotflips-supplies-collectibles Check us out. We also have Board Member specials on supplies, you will have to call us at 1-800-922-3547
  8. We just finished our last major convention for this year. Looking forward to our first of 2020 3 Months, 20 days to go