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  1. I’ll see if I can get to my copies. I think I had 2x eccc but may have only gotten one. Btw I own the cover of the ECCC.
  2. cgc 9.8. Mine's posted in the Del 'Otto Thread.
  3. cujobyte

    Amazing Spider-man #194 club!

    Haven't added pics on the new forums yet but super glad I kept my copy. This was one of the only few books I have that I had to buy in 9.8. I sub'd what must have been 6-9 copies all hitting 9.6 only. I think I paid $600-700 for this quite awhile ago. .
  4. cujobyte

    CGC v CBCS v PGX

    +10000 RMA may rub some people the wrong way, but I’ve never read nor encountered (yes we met yrs ago at Phoenix comic con) a more passionate, informative comic collector in my life. Thanks RMA for the info on CBCS. I only have couple of their books in my collection but may sub them here.
  5. cujobyte

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Is there a Hulk 181 club thread, or 180 for that matter? Curious as I looked a few pages back. Thanks.
  6. cujobyte

    WTB Fantastic Four 48 CGC 9.6 CLOSED

    Huge book good luck!!!
  7. cujobyte

    This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!!

    Nice pick ups everyone!
  8. cujobyte

    Anyone else find this egregious?

    This really surprises me Rock. Figured you for a blue label on pre 1980 books, not sure why I thought that though. Lol.
  9. Hi, I'll dig thru my sandman collection tonite/tomorrow to see how many #4's I have. Almost all of mine I have graded have hit 9.8 (I can press as well). I may have it already graded as well, you can look at my registry as I started to do that some time ago.
  10. cujobyte

    The high cost of FF # 48

    Completely agree with Blue here.
  11. Is this the ABQ variant? Dang I'll have to keep up with some of these variants lol.
  12. Hey Gang, Selling this original cover art to Fables #36 from James Jean. Been in my collection for years. Thanks, if any questions, shoot me a pm! Nick