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  1. Haven’t been here in mos, it’s my bday and just wanted to see what’s been hot lately in modern comics.
  2. I have a nice 6.5 cgc blue.
  3. I have multiple copies of 22. Just never bothered to sub but am pressing some stuff this weekend to sub. I’ll check my copies to see if any are worthy.
  4. Long overdue!! BUT Now I'm pss'd cuz I was going to buy a 9.6 but it sold fast today LOL.
  5. Been away from comics for quite some time (work, life, magic cards etc), and spent 2 hrs at the bar last nite researching prices on Sandman books. WOW, may have to sell my collection due to the prices of some stuff. Just in shock. Now i need to see what else I've missed lately.
  6. Hey Pie, oh yeah forgot 3rd prints have the red too. I'm thinking those are what I got from Terry himself. I bought the issue 7 cover and got a bunch of these from him (and his wife) directly. So at least you know where they came from, kind of neat I'll post iphone pics, or pm me your email!! That'd be much easier in fact.
  7. Been off the boards for awhile, I'm sure this has been discussed but Shocked at the Umbrella Academy comics and how hot they are. Found 14x NM #1's in my stash with various variants. Figured if you hadn't discussed before, well now ya know lol. Btw, what's going on with Goon? Shocked to see prices as high, will have to dig all my copies out.
  8. Just dug out about 4-5x 9.8 quality RR #1 Red copies. Can scan/pics later tonite after work. I'm willing to let 2-3 go. I have Green 1st prints as well. I can press as well to pretty much insure 9.8 quality.
  9. I’ll see if I can get to my copies. I think I had 2x eccc but may have only gotten one. Btw I own the cover of the ECCC.
  10. Haven't added pics on the new forums yet but super glad I kept my copy. This was one of the only few books I have that I had to buy in 9.8. I sub'd what must have been 6-9 copies all hitting 9.6 only. I think I paid $600-700 for this quite awhile ago. .
  11. +10000 RMA may rub some people the wrong way, but I’ve never read nor encountered (yes we met yrs ago at Phoenix comic con) a more passionate, informative comic collector in my life. Thanks RMA for the info on CBCS. I only have couple of their books in my collection but may sub them here.