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  1. You must also be a Lizard fan. There aren't that many villains wearing a lab coat but he seems to look good in it.
  2. I probably like Hit covers more than others but have more Police and Plastic Man than the other titles.
  3. Nice scan and great color. The Spirit is a fun series to collect. Did you have any of the newspaper comics? I found a few of the comic book size and the tabloids.
  4. Unfortunately several pages are missing from the comic book plus file for Feature 27. Help is still needed. What are the ad pages. a photo or a note would help. Doesn't need to be a good scan.
  5. Fred did such great work for Smash but I think he borrowed this splash for Marksman.
  6. Does anyone have a scan of the inside front and inside back covers of Feature Comics 27. That issue contains the first Dollman story but I am just trying to identify the ads on the inside.
  7. I like those early WF issues and the middle 30-70 numbers too.
  8. Still not a golden age comic but looks like one, I like the Lupoff-Schomburg collaboration found in "The Comic Book Killer".
  9. The early Shadow covers are fun because they are from the pulps and the later covers by Powell are pretty good too.
  10. I didn't know the story was reprinted but it definitely was edited. The Cattle Kate story from Woman Outlaws is at the bottom of the page. I think Kate was also in the Fox giant.
  11. I think many of the Bugs stories are pretty good but I think the early stories in LMM are better than the later ones.
  12. I still don't have the first issue but I have a few extra pages that may be from there but probably from early Famous Funnies.
  13. I had two copies of BB 12 but I sold one on eBay. I still have a complete copy of Blue Beetle 12 which is in very good shape.
  14. Feldstein and others contributed some pretty good good girl art.