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  1. Those early Scrooge stories were great. I think "The Golden Fleecing" (upper left US 12) was a full 32 page story. I have to go back for another read. I guess they changed the name of the flying creatures from Harpies to Larkies due to the bad connotation of the original name.
  2. I noticed a news item on line that made me think of an Uncle Scrooge story. I wonder if Barks saw a National Geographic's story about Harpy Eagles.
  3. I used to have several books previously owned by Joyce. Suspense 3 was one of them. Anyone else have any?
  4. Those covers by Orlando and Wood just kept getting better.
  5. Most of my More Fun issues have Green Arrow on the cover but I liked those silly Superboy covers. His marble game was my favorite.
  6. I purchased remainders and IW comics from the local eastside Mom and Pop in Monroe for a nickel each or $5 for a hundred. Most are not worth much except for the Showcase 17. I like the early Mystery in Space issues but didn't keep very many from the fifties.
  7. I thought my Superman 6 might be from a pedigree collection due to the "PN" on the cover. What do you think?
  8. Landau could have been a pretty good Vulcan during his acting career. He worked on the Gumps strip but I haven't tracked down which pages he drew.
  9. I have a scan of Bob Horn's copy of number 1. He let me borrow it for a couple of days.
  10. I think Simon got credit for this Science cover. Pretty good job too.
  11. I like that goofy dragon on the cover. Isn't that a crossover issue with a cameo by Green Lantern?