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  1. I had a chance to buy a super low grade for cheap but I try not to purchase books that are too fragile.
  2. It has been mentioned before but just in case someone forgot. Planet 54 cover is inspired by Planet 24. It is a little better when the colors are bright. Later covers included a girl with a raygun which was probably a better strategy than hitting the villain in the head with a mace used like a polo mallet.
  3. My copy of 54 is a little on the orange side too.
  4. I purchased a small group of EC comics from Bob Horn several years ago and I was happy that cover was in the pile.
  5. I enjoyed the stories in those issues. My brother and Mom picked them up from the corner store back in my youth.
  6. Don't know if this was used in a comic but I like this big page by Milton Caniff.
  7. First page of action 21 is an ad page. Second page is a splash with start of story. Your page is the third page.
  8. I have Planet 42-44 but prefer the cover of Planet 22. Planet 59 was the first issue that I purchased at a local show.
  9. Since these old posts, I have found a couple copies of Almanac of Crime which contain a Phantom Lady Comic. I think this info was posted somewhere else but should post here too.
  10. Those issues look pretty nice. They probably will grade as Fine or better, 6.0 plus.
  11. I have a similar copy with a Four Color 256 interior. I think the interior was added to an extra cover that was found.
  12. Not all fifties but good representatives of the genre.