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  1. I am missing 324 Shadow pulps but found a nice copy of one of them at the flea market.
  2. I have listened to Orson and later versions of the Shadow but didn't notice much difference. Sometimes the quality of the recording isn't good. Sometimes the plot is more mystical. The deep voice of the Shadow was played well by several actors.
  3. Don't need All Star 30, 36 and 55 but still want All Star 7, 9, 20 21, 28, 29, 38, 48, 54 and 57 I could still use a few Batman comics. Looking for coverless or incomplete copies of Batman 76, 84, 91, 93 and 96.. No I don't have All Star 3 and 8 or Batman 1 and 2. I have a lot of other comics to trade or will purchase.
  4. I like Big Little Books and other similar books like Fast Action and Big Big Books but the Shadow has been hard to find. I try to collect BLB, with related Sunday Funnies and Comic Books.
  5. Joe Kubert did interior art for this mag. Some of his splash pages for other issues were pretty good.
  6. It is hard to accept Hit 5 and Seven Seas 4 as classics without including Exciting 60.
  7. It would be tough to nominate another Hit comic for classic cover since Hit 5 and 11 are already listed but I would nominate Hit 12 or 17.
  8. A quick look at issue 12 (above) and 4 reveals a cover attached at the end with free access to the staples. My copy of issue 1 is the same but the cover is missing..
  9. What about a Bongo Comics Group Spectacular Limited Edition (#883)?
  10. Headings by Everett changed many times. Sometimes the colorist kicked in an extra bit of glamour. I think this scan might be from a fellow boardie but I don't remember where I got it.
  11. I only have a few that belong in the club but most of those early Actions are pretty classy. Burnley did a great job on some of the covers and was a great loss when he switched to Batman.
  12. That song book goes with the Cristmas Carol book by Dickens with Foster illustrations.
  13. Oh...never mind You are right, I must have fallen asleep while I was still typing.
  14. Many stories were printed in the Big Little Book format.