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  1. I think many of the Bugs stories are pretty good but I think the early stories in LMM are better than the later ones.
  2. I still don't have the first issue but I have a few extra pages that may be from there but probably from early Famous Funnies.
  3. I had two copies of BB 12 but I sold one on eBay. I still have a complete copy of Blue Beetle 12 which is in very good shape.
  4. Feldstein and others contributed some pretty good good girl art.
  5. Yes, that is what I meant. I have Fantastic 4 but don't have 3.
  6. But the actual robot story is in Fantastic 4.
  7. I don't have a Ray gun but I do have an ad from a Daisy magazine.
  8. Columbia to Columbus Circle is a long walk (60th to 120th). We usually walked from Columbus Circle to the train station (Grand Central)and occasionally from the Natural History Museum (81st) down to 42nd street.
  9. Last time I walked across Manhattan, I was 65. I walked across the short way at 70 but I don't think I could walk all the way across the long way (42nd to 85th) now. I purchased a lot of fillers in the past 20 years. I started with a large collection of Uncle Scrooge that had belonged to my older brother but the first 10 issues were missing (I bought and sold two copies of those early Scrooge books). My younger brother liked the Christmas Parade stories (Gold Key). I purchased all of the Dell Christmas Parade issues to complete that collection. I struggled to find all of the four color Donald Duck issues but found it easier to find the Donald Duck filler issues.
  10. Even without art by Fine, the Flame has some pretty good splash panels. I think this is issue 5.
  11. I like all of those Blue Beetle comics but especially like those with art by Quinlan.
  12. I like this short run but probably just because of Simon and Kirby.
  13. By the way, I noticed that Joe Jinks was fight manager for Dynamite Dunn. Related strips I think.