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  1. My brother and I worked paper routes for extra cash and picked up pop bottles to cash in at 2 cents per each. Comics were a dime at the drug store but 5 cents at the local Mom and Pop grocery. After 1961, I was on an allowance which increased to 2 dollars a week by the time I finished high school.
  2. For every great buy there is an equal great loss in collecting. I traded away $10K for Four Color 199 back in the eighties. I am the older and less wiser of the two in the picture and "No" my copy of FC 199 was not that big. We took the pic in Disneyworld back in 1994.
  3. When I started collecting Uncle Scrooge, I had my brothers collection which started at issue 5 and jumped to 15. I probably traded his earlier issues for Superman comics. However, I filled in the gap and purchased the earlier issues. The final missing issue was the Christmas issue from 1963 which I purchased from Beerbohm. This underground classic was a favorite. (all of them were until about 50)
  4. I think I paid $20 for two comics but this was one of them twenty years ago.
  5. The Black Cat was a bondage queen like Betty Page.
  6. Hey I recognize that guy from Clue comics...
  7. It is kind of funny when you think that Harvey had to have a cat on the cover (or a guy in a cat costume) after they dropped Black Cat adventure for generic horror comics. By the time issue 46 came around they changed their logo to suggest the Mystery was no longer an issue and no cats were necessary on the cover.
  8. I like those Black Cat issues with motorcycle covers.
  9. In case you wanted to read the early Phantom story about the Sky Band and you couldn't find Ace 12-30. The story was also reprinted as a Big Little Book entitled Sky Pirates. It starts a little later than Ace 12, I think.
  10. I've been attached to Planets for a while. Caught in their web sort of...
  11. Supersnipe had a couple of covers which were deleted from someone's earlier post.
  12. Not really a war comic but Batman liked to practice with the water-jacketed machine gun just in case there was an invasion.