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  1. Lot of pretty good Blue Bolt covers. How do we pick the best one to collect?
  2. My golden age flash collection ended up mostly Hawkman covers.
  3. All I have is one page from All Flash 30
  4. I believe Lily Renee did some of the art for the Abbott and Costello series. Eric Peters did the layouts and characters but Renee added her touch to the females in the stories. I think this has been documented before but I noticed the arrival date stamped on the copy I found on ebay is different from the arrival date on my copy. Shipping must have been pretty slow back in the old days.
  5. Those are good and I like the Air Ace cover too.
  6. Huh, my collie, Winnie, ate our couch and she did it all by herself.
  7. and the first Tracy appearance in comics...
  8. Those early issues of Batman caught me attention when I read them as a freshman in college. I spent an afternoon reading microfilm comics at the Eastern Michigan library back in the sixties. I didn't see this cool PPE splash until 10 or 15 years ago. I liked the crime story that appeared in Batman 4.
  9. ASM 16 is my best followed by 19 but 11 looks good.
  10. August Schomburg used the double-tiered signature and usually made covers for Flying Aces and other aviation mags.
  11. These are all coverless and I have a few more coverless. That's a coverless AS 30 in the back and another copy of All Star 19. All but 30 have a copy of the cover (All Star 6 has the best reproduction of the cover but the interior is a little chewed on the corners.
  12. That cover is probably by August and not Alex. August Schomburg did a lot of airplane covers and he signed his name differently from Alex.
  13. Looking for All Star Comics for sale or trade. I have a small group of coverless that I could trade. I need the following: All Star 8, 9, 20 21, 28, 29, 30, 36, 38, 48, 54, 55, 57 Looking for coverless, incomplete or complete...or just covers.