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  1. Bag looks to be 9.0. Book looks to be 6.5
  2. I would guess 4.0 because of the foxing. The splash page is amazing! Great book!
  3. Is Kraven the Hunter still dead? Never mind. I see he is still alive. I haven't really followed Marvel much since the mid 90's.
  4. +Someone already mentioned Comic tropes. His sight is the most informative and entertaining. I also enjoy watching Captainstrangelife.
  5. The Golden Age Artgerm is the only one I like but it is already at crazy prices.
  6. The most important book I ever held in hand was a coverless Marvel Comics #1. A local dealer purchased a nice golden age collection of books of mostly Batman, Captain America, and Marvel Mystery.
  7. Intact is one word. Sorry, its a pet peeve of mine. The book looks pretty nice. I would say 8.5.
  8. I would get the grader notes on the book if you haven't already, just to be sure there isn't something you didn't see. It does look like a 4.5 but they can hit a book pretty hard when it comes to water damage..
  9. Just speaking from my experience , MCS usually grades their books a half grade lower than I would grade them. You just have tp be careful of some of their pricing of commissioned books.
  10. It looks good enough to get a 9.4 IMO. That isn't disastrous.
  11. I don't think anyone will tell you if that is a 9.8 without being able to hold it in their hands and get a really good look at it. The most I would say is it looks like a 9.4
  12. I did not know that thanks. I agree with them.