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  1. I would also say 5.0. Because it looks too good to be 4.5 but not good enough to be 5.5. (How do you like that logic.) Doh!
  2. Well Mary Jane wasn't into Kung Fu but she is a redhead so I am half right.
  3. Peter Parker 24? Maybe the redhead was Mary Jane Watson.
  4. Lots of wear at the spine .Large corner crease. I would say 4.0. Still a nice looking book for the grade.
  5. I was thinking 4.5 but it looks a bit worse on this thread. 4.0
  6. There must be something I'm not seeing... It looks 7.5/8.0 to me.
  7. I was thinking 6.5 to 7.0. Getting that back cover cleaned would certainly help.
  8. That may be the sellers grade but CGC would give it 6.5 at best.
  9. Is that a crease under the green box? I would say 7.0
  10. That's a tough decision. Which one do you think you will regret selling the most?