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  1. Hmm he looks familiar...If only I can see his nose.
  2. i think with a key book(s) like that you want to be sure you can get the best grades possible. I would take the chance and have them all pressed and cleaned.
  3. The best thing I ever did was buy a heat press. it doesn't always bring the grade up to what it is advertised, but many times it has saved my butt from a slightly over graded book.
  4. I purchased a book that disappeared in the mail (this was in May of this year) and was eventually returned to the sender two months later so don't give up hope yet.
  5. Since the cover is a bit loose I am leaning to 5.0
  6. Well just from what we can see, they all appear to be high grade copies. Even those ugly #98's. Good luck!
  7. I'll have to say 5.0. The color breaks and scratches make it hard for me to grade higher.
  8. I don't see anything wrong other than the spine roll and maybe a couple small indentations. Unless I'm missing something, a press should bring it to at least 9.0 maybe 9.2.
  9. I think it would grade 8.0 as is. Clean and press should get you 8.5
  10. I would grade it a 5.0 at best. The staining and sun fade might drop it lower.
  11. Just from the notes, i don't think a press would help either book.
  12. There are a number of color breaking creases at the spine I don't think it would grade 9.0 even with a press. I think it would be best to lower your expectations to 8.5.
  13. Just like the cover says, that is an Amazing Book! 9.2