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  1. Wow I need to press my copy to hell and send it in for a grade.
  2. I don't mind variants if they have fantastic covers, but I don't understand why any comic company would pay so many mediocre artists for ugly covers. If you are a completest, that has to really hurt to see those in your collection.
  3. 2000-2010 'Paper Age' 'Drek Age', back to basics focus on stories, fewer gimmicks, ie what goes on the paper
  4. I would say 8.0. It will definitely beat your 7.0 book.
  5. It could be minor insect chew. Silverfish like eating paper.
  6. Does anyone know anything about Immortal Hulk 41 Alex Ross being recalled or is this a red herring?
  7. Yes, it looks like its already been pressed. I agree that it should grade 9.2-9.4 .