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  1. mysterymachine

    Batman who Laughs

    I think of the Batman who Laughs as DC's answer to Venom. I expect he will be around for awhile. But who can really predict the future?
  2. 29/100 Enough to pay for my retirement!
  3. mysterymachine

    Showcase 60

    The book still has nice color and gloss. I would say 7.0
  4. mysterymachine

    PGM Amazing Spider-man #7

    Looks 3.0 to me too.
  5. mysterymachine

    Why people hate most modern books

    I don't know about anyone else here, but I don't have the time or the money to sift through the hundreds of titles being printed today. I know there are good books out there but everyone has different tastes. I didn't think Miracle Man deserved the hype for example, and as someone else stated, there are way too many variants. Many of which don't even have good artwork. Money wise it is an easy choice to spend my extra money on silver and bronze age books that I grew up with over the modern day market.
  6. mysterymachine

    Results are in: Silver Surfer 1

    I thought it had a good chance at 9.4 as well. It's still a beautiful book regardless. Congrats!
  7. mysterymachine

    PGM Swamp Thing #9

    I think it has a good shot at 9.0 as well. Congratulations on your purchase!
  8. mysterymachine

    PGM Marvel Feature #1

    I'm a big fan of the early Defenders books, particularly the first 30 issues. I would grade this book at 6.5.
  9. mysterymachine

    CGC SS Stan Lee signed "Stanley"

    The notation states "Signed by Stan Lee" which is correct. What would be the purpose of having it changed?
  10. mysterymachine

    Silver Surfer 1

    That is a sharp looking book! Did you build a time machine and go back and buy it? Looks to be 9.2. Actually the more I look at it, I wouldn't be surprised if it came back 9.4
  11. mysterymachine

    PGM Torchy #3

    Nice book! I would grade it 7.0 due to the slight tear around the top staple, but it may grade a bit higher if the stars are aligned.
  12. mysterymachine

    Asm 101

    That right edge wear is rough looking but the picture is kind of blurry. I don't think a press would take it to 8.5.. Its hard to say with those pics.
  13. mysterymachine

    Best modern covers ever