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  1. Hopefully that will ease some worries. I get it though, the other company is desperate for market share. What’s a little misinformation, right?
  2. I emailed Brittany at CGC regarding that video. Those are different bags, CGC has tamper proof tested bags.
  3. Yea I’m pretty sure he’ll sign it the way you want. Especially since you’re paying a good amount for his signature.
  4. No that was my fault. I asked him to sign his name instead of printing it. He was so fascinated by his signature he started asking people if they wanted it signed instead of printed. So much for being (somewhat) original huh? Full disclosure that's not my book on ebay
  6. Here's a new one. I didn't realize how terrible the new PMs are until I needed to search for a previous thread. Oh sure you can find the top 5 real easy. That's clear. What about a PM thread a few pages deep? I figured well theres the search function right there. I can just enter the guys screen name (or a keyword) and it should pop up. Right? Wrong. It seems we carried over the search function from the last site. Great work! EDIT* NVM. I see I can scroll until I find it. Its only slightly annoying (as opposed to having the list in full view)
  7. What a disaster of a movie. I knew giving Mangold (or Hackgold as I refer to him) the opportunity to come back and properly destroy everything was a bad idea. The opening scene and the hotel/casino scene were the only enjoyable aspects. So two fights scenes. It really amazes me to be able to watch a movie and know that every scene could've been improved in some way. And whats with the nonsensical cursing? I found this, it sums up my feelings perfectly
  8. And it doesn't quote my original post. Love the sub sections of the emojis too.
  9. Thank you. Not sure if you referenced that before, but if so it was definitely worth noting again. I guess that issue will be glossed over until others point it out.
  10. Is there a way to eliminate the row of 5 recent PMs (on the left side), so that I can view a PM conversation across the whole screen? Otherwise its a compressed message section. Similar to the boards before the revision.
  11. Gotcha, I haven't even bothered visiting the site on my desktop yet. I think my point was that CGC isn't doing themselves any favors.