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  1. Thanks for clearing that up. I’ve been wondering where she was getting everything from. Her claims of “hustling” never made any sense.
  2. Got it.
  3. Is that the rat looking monster with the P e n I s nose? I just ran a search on google. I’m not going to post what I found because I will definitely be banned. It’s a naked Sienkiewicz holding a gun in a most offensive pose. Jeez i respect Bills talent and art but sometimes that guy is waaaaay off.
  4. That reminds me of the Stan Lee cockroach. It’s legendary at this point. it’s true. Things can always be worse. I realize these are first world problems.
  5. Haha. Well I didn’t say anything bad about it. I’ll consider it a social experiment.
  6. Lol you think so? Only if someone humps the report button. it’s artwork. If they want to censor me it ultimately means that the artwork influenced their emotions. Which is what art is supposed to do.
  7. You have to be pretty good at this point. My favorite is when I’m at dinner and someone says draw me then hands me a sharpie. It’s like great thanks. Slightly off topic, a friend of mine is friends with an artist who is a die hard liberal (as most artists are). He loves to buy lunch for him but the guy can’t leave his booth. So I always make sure to do a drawing on the to go bag. He rips me but still has a great sense of humor about it. this is my political post of the day. Hope it doesn’t trigger anyone.
  8. Yep sorry I wasn’t more clear about that. I agree with you though. It’s executed perfectly. Every line has a purpose. And as artists that’s what we should aim for. Having said that, artists are crazy and ultimately will do whatever they want. It’s the game we play when commissioning someone. You know how that is.
  9. I think it’s the fact that his back is in the drawing that makes me see it as a 3/4 from the rear. Since you’ve pointed out that it’s more profile I’m actually more angry about it now. Since i despise profile sketches. See most neal adams....or maybe Adam Hughes is a better example of cutting corners.
  10. “Oh ya, don't go after anyone and to that point, Joe Rubenstein last year had a bunch of half started sketches... and I picked one for finishing, he started by doing one thing and I think may have ended with another. It was obvious it would be Logan, so I was happy, I asked if he'd give him a cigarette..... He labeled him "Happy Logan" when I picked it up But sometimes just knowing the intent of something takes the sting out of a "different situation", imo, from this experience I've learned that if Sinnot had a bunch of stuff out for sale, he probably just wanted to make each "unique for that day". While unintentional and not meaning to be difficult, he probably thought it was the most unique of the hour or day I'm glad you seemingly got through it ha. I'm glad you didn't say everything you were thinking at the time makes for a good story!“ Yea I’m not crushed over it. I’ll be ok hahaha. Joe Rubinstein is a cool guy. And that’s a good sketch, I’m sure it was a reasonable price too. Hes funny, he rips me every time I see him because he considers me to be too tall.
  11. Yes you are correct. It isn’t the complete back of his head. It’s not exactly a side view though is it. Since you can see the back of his head. It’s like a 3/4 shot but in reverse.