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  1. Spider-Man #1 Platinum CGC 9.4 Asking $300 SHIPPED *Case is cracked across back,bottom right corner*
  2. Howdy Gang *US Seller* No probies of any kind,blah,blah etc. First IN THE THREAD trumps all else.But PM's are welcomed. Shipping will be $12 for the first graded book and $2 each additional.Raw books will be $8 for unlimited amount. Toys (if offered) will be priced shipped.Movies (if offered) will be $3 for unlimited amount.No overseas shipping at this time (Due to "mysterious" disappearances,especially with Canadian Customs) Paypal and USPS MO's are preferred.Returns are always accepted within 7 days with return shipping covered by buyer and packed EXACTLY as was shipped Loiterers and vagabonds allowed,but no If you have any questions I'm only a PM away.
  3. You need to add form of payment accepted and a return policy. You can find the selling guidelines at the top of the forum page. Good luck.