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  1. If you send a book in for a reholder, it'll get regraded in the following scenarios: 1) multiple corner posts have been broken (if 2 are cracked, the book can be slid out of the case) 2) the case is cracked in a way where, again, the book could have been swapped out 3) a cursory inspection of the book shows defects that just wouldn't be allowed in the grade it had previously (eg. you send in a blue label 9.6 book where a piece is now torn off)
  2. Probably around $125-150 - nowhere near the $900 you listed them for on ebay.
  3. Neither - both of the scans are blown out.
  4. No.
  5. With the new slabs, there's no gap for you to insert a piece of a paper, unfortunately.
  6. There has been absolutely no indication that this has been the case in the past. Books that look fantastic for their grade sell for a (slight) premium with or without a CVA sticker.
  7. Yes, one full-back is sturdier than 2 half-backs. The calcium carbonate buffer that it's in the half/full-backs isn't there to absorb the off-gassing from the comic book - it's there to ensure that the half/full-back maintains a neutral pH (eg. remains acid-free). There's no point in rotating these boards.
  8. Because any modern book that has 200 CGC 9.8 SS copies signed by the same person really isn't that rare. Because pretty much any half-way decent convention exclusive at a large show (which in this case was Wondercon) will sell out during the show. Because there's 10+ copies available on Ebay right now. Take your pick
  9. It's a nice book, but with 200 CGC 9.8 SS copies signed by Gadot saying it's rare is a bit of stretch. To the OP - if you want a copy, now is definitely not the time to be buying one. Just be patient and you'll be able to pick up a copy cheaper than what it's currently going for.
  10. That explains it, then - when I looked at the page last week, the Value tier value had been bumped up to $400. Guess it was a typo when you guys were changing the page.
  11. Go to the Control Panel in the Registry, click the Custom Sets tab, then the Add a Custom Set button at the bottom.
  12. There are plenty of people who don't fall into either of those categories who'd much prefer not to have their collectibles personalized as well.
  13. By a mile. I didn't hate BvS, but I didn't think it was particularly good either.
  14. Just came back from seeing it with my daughter - great movie, DC's best since the Dark Knight series by a mile. And Gadot was terrific!