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  1. CGC doesn't accept COAs as proof for their Signature Series program. There are ways that an artist can submit a book they themselves signed or sketched directly to CGC and have it qualify for the signature series, but as Antyreal mentioned it's all about the chain of custody; once it's broken, the book is no longer eligible for SS.
  2. They've been grading TPB's longer than I've been a member of this board.
  3. It's called Thorn: Tales from the Lantern - was published while Smith was still at college by the Ohio State University Press (and only available there). Of all the books mentioned in this thread, it's probably in the top 5 when it comes to rarity.
  4. The pre-signed WD #100 Lucille's caused so many issues that CGC has stated they'll never do this again - the OP's comic definitely won't qualify for a SS label.
  5. SCS was an issue with the previous generation of slabs - I've yet to encounter it in the new slabs. I wouldn't worry.
  6. You can also just send it to CGC directly in the competitor's slab. No matter what you do, it's considered a regular grading (eg. the graders will have no clue this book was previously graded & what the previous grade was).
  7. Yes - you can do 25 books pr. invoice, doesn't matter which tier it is.
  8. Your best bet is to contact a local cabinet maker, explain the situation and have them come out to look at your space. It doesn't really matter that you're going to be using the cabinets for comic book storage - cabinets are cabinets - and the pros are used to dealing with odd & specific storage requirements. Good luck - this is not going to be a cheap project!
  9. It's a store variant Chaos City Comics did for this particular issue - they basically printed their own cover and had it stapled around the book. Copies show up on eBay from time to time - they usually sell for about $20 (I think I paid $10 for my copy). Not truly rare, but not that common either. Please don't say stuff like "the comic hasn't been out of the plastic", because whilst it may have been sitting inside this standard comic book bag whilst it's been in your possession, you obviously would have no way of knowing who handled the book prior to that.
  10. Those are magazine slabs (and they do have an inner well), but CGC hasn't released a new version of their magazine slabs. I'd still call them, though.