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  1. Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    There's nothing particular hard about finding this book in high grade.
  2. Wizard World Chicago -- August 24-27, 2017

    Yeah, I'll be at the CGC booth as always. It's just a shame because of how good this show used to be.
  3. Storing Mylar WITH Poly?

    The poly bags won't have any effect on the mylar bags.
  4. Wizard World Chicago -- August 24-27, 2017

    Pretty impressive how Wizard has managed to take their largest US show and give it a comic book line-up that wouldn't be out of place at a Saturday show at a Holiday Inn in Des Moines. And here I thought last years guestlist was weak
  5. **** Case Swap video Real?

    How is there more than one side to this? What he's showing in the video isn't exactly news - I've cracked a ton of Voldemort slabs for customers who wanted their books CGC'ed instead and it's insanely easy to open up their case and put it back together again without it leaving any noticeable marks. It's always been one of the reasons I've stayed well clear of their books (well, that & the rampant over-grading straight out the gate when they launched).
  6. The glue on the edge is from the sonic sealing process - it's totally normal. "White pages" doesn't mean the pages are blindingly white - your book looks fine.
  7. There's nothing to it - go to the CGC booth, tell them you want to submit some books and they'll take it from there.
  8. Yeah, the policy was changed a couple of years ago.
  9. Anyone here know David Crawford

    Friends & family paypal payment to some random dude on Facebook
  10. You can submit books for reholdering at any show that CGC attends. In general, they won't do the actual reholders on-site at the on-site grading shows, though.
  11. CGC stopped allowing "chased" SS books years ago - the company on the other side of the street seems to have no problem with them, though.
  12. Anyone who has triple signed Sandmans ?

    I haven't updated my collection on in a while - I checked and I currently have 36 issues of Sandman that have 3 or more signatures. But, yeah, Gaiman signatures are very rare these days.