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  1. +1 There's no way to open the new cases without it being very apparent that it's been opened. This one looks fine.
  2. Very nice - that ebay auction was a steal.
  3. The BCW boards and poly bags aren't archival safe (and the boards aren't truly acid free either) - they're not suitable for long-term storage and will need to be replaced after 5-6 years. Mylites2 and fullbacks, on the other hand, are completely archival safe.
  4. Get a larger monitor.
  5. Yeah, "real" mylar (Mylar type D or Melinex) is completely inert, so it won't yellow over time. With boards it's easy - if they have smooth surfaces, they're not archival safe.
  6. If you'll pay $1500, I'll gladly sell you my copy. I'll throw in free shipping too
  7. Wow - you truly missed my point by about a mile.
  8. Respect for what? Yeah, CGC completely dropped the ball by not simply paying him when he went to their booth. But the fact that his very first FB post was a general rant about grading companies & slabbing books, how they are a scam and rip off customers, and now suddenly he's announcing that he'll happily sign books for the other grading companies, means that I have a very hard time taking his "principles" seriously. All over a measly 3 books - jeez
  9. Books of Magic #1-75 Dead Boy Detectives #1-12
  10. You never had to be a CS member to submit books at a show. But, yeah, everything (including return shipping) is calculated and charged at the booth.
  11. Not in the slightest. My wife has never read the book and she's thoroughly enjoying the show. I am merely pointing out that it was fairly obvious from the very first episode that this show would depict graphic sexual acts & nudity.
  12. Bilquis absorbs a man through her private parts during sex in the very first episode.
  13. You were offended by the graphic depiction of gay sex in a TV show based on novel that contains multiple instances of graphic depictions of both straight & gay sex that you yourself chose to watch. See the difference? You're free to be offended by this, just like you're free to float your opinion that the show's director should have censored that particular scene as to not offend your personal sensibilities. Just like I'm equally free to point out that I believe this would disingenuous to the source material.