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  1. Any point buying signed comics?

    An unverified signature on the cover that's counted as a grade-affecting defect (which it is in a blue label slab) will drop a 9.8 far below a 9.4. Think 8.0/8.5 grade range. For a high grade modern book, it's never worth it to take the grade hit by requesting a blue label.
  2. Signature Series Submit Ques

    They won't. The books you've seen are very, very old - when CGC did in fact list the convention on the SS label. They stopped doing that almost 10 years ago.
  3. Fan Expo MYSTERY BOXES 2017

    Stop buying mystery boxes
  4. The Good Morty

    Just call CGC and ask
  5. Certified Forgeries ?

    Most artists will not sign blank pieces of paper for you - those signatures look totally fake.
  6. Certified Forgeries ?

    These weren't witnessed (that I don't trust neither the PGX or Voldemort witnessing service is a different matter altogether), but rather came through the "verified authenticated" service where the sketches/sigs are "authenticated" after the fact. Voldemort uses CSA Comics for their authentication - a company that used to be the exclusive authenticator for PGX, then switched to working with Voldemort (and subsequently scrubbed all mentions of them working with PGX previously). They've only been around for 4 years or so, appeared out of nowhere and started claiming to be experts - even though they were (and are) complete unknowns within the comic book world.
  7. Certified Forgeries ?

    Their defense would probably be that they out-source their "authentication" to a 3rd party company and that they don't actually guarantee anything with this authentication - it's the same with Voldemort, if you actually look at their Terms & Conditions you'll find this little gem: Yet another reason the whole signature authentication thing is a joke.
  8. Celebrity Signed Books

    Some amazing books in this thread recently - a couple more of my new arrivals:
  9. CGC Case Crack. Should I Reslab It?

    Which would be a complete waste of money - it's not pressable defects that are keeping this book from a higher grade, it's the staining & tape pull.
  10. First time sending books to CGC

    The declared value is basically what your books are insured for while they're in CGC's possession. All tiers have a different maximum declared value you can put on each book - for the modern tier, it's $200/book. I've never seen any reason to *not* max out the declared value of whatever book I'm sending in - if I submit modern books, each book gets a $200 declared value. Even if you're having CGC ship back your books USPS registered & insured (which is the only CGC shipping option where the price changes based on the declared value of all books on the invoice), you're only talking a couple of $$ to have your books insured to their maximum value. It always blows my mind when I see people filling out forms where they do values like $5 or $10 for modern books - yes, that may be what you actually paid for the book, but if something happens to a book with a $5 declared value, you're only getting $5 back (even though the CGC grading cost more than that & isn't reimbursed). In regards to date on the form - no, it doesn't matter when you actually ship the books to CGC.
  11. Celebrity Signed Books

    That Malcolm McDowell book is killer - congrats!
  12. CGC Case Crack. Should I Reslab It?

    +1 Keep as is - it's a waste of money to reholder for this.
  13. Creep Engine Version of New CGC Slabs

    I cracked a couple myself that I wanted to keep raw anyway - I let them sit overnight and the paper relaxed back to being flat. Hope that'll be the case for yours too
  14. Creep Engine Version of New CGC Slabs

    At this point, I've had about 40 books reholdered that were in 1st generation new slabs - all were suffering from the creep engine issue. Some were only in the case for a month before a reholder, the oldest ones were in there for over a year - not a single one needed to be pressed when it was reholdered. CGC is still reholdering these books for free, so just send it in & they'll take care of it.
  15. John Byrne at NYCC 2017?

    The difference is that you aren't forcing other people to collect comics in the specific Logan510-approved manner.