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  1. Anyone looking for a place to stay, I have a line on a studio with kitchen and extra fold out bed in the living room, tv and great rooftop view of the city. About a mile from the convention center, easy walk or Uber/Lyft. This is the place I stay every year but the wife and I will be vacationing out of the country in July. Non-refundable.
  2. Does he have any of the signed and numbered Schomburg prints that were from that convention? I have two of those show books, one signed by Steranko, Royer, Chaykin, and a few others. Also have the signed Schomburg print. What a great find, Dave! Let me know if you find any Dave Cockrum prints or if that FOOM 10 is for sale.
  3. Just wait, there's something else coming down the pipe...
  4. Had a dealer friend of mine get in on a private signing with Stan. During the show the signing was at, my pal sent over two of his guys with all the books and cash, price had previously been agreed upon. Suddenly, Max was asking for additional money per book and wanted it in cash. From my experiences and those of others I implicitly trust, Max is one I would never trust and some of his associations confirm this for me.
  5. Have heard many, many accounts of Max being a con man. Had one experience with Max and he's a complete person_who_is_obnoxiously_self-impressed bag.
  6. Shipping is not included. Usually in a sales thread where the price of the book is, it will state shipped if shipping is included. Shipping usually runs $6 for one to five books. I see you're new to the boards and hope this helps.
  7. AMERICAN GODS 1 Dark Horse Comics ECCC Excsluive NM+ $19 each (5 copies available) *stock photo
  8. MERA: QUEEN OF ATLANTIS 1 ECCC Exclusive Foil cover, poly bagged with board (cannot determine exact grade due to polybag and board, all copies look NM+) $25 each (2 copies available) CLAIMED! *stock photo - this was difficult to photograph even under good light
  9. BATMAN 41 ECCC Exclusive Foil cover, poly bagged with board (cannot determine exact grade due to polybag and board, all copies look NM+) $25 each (5 copies available) CLAIMED! *stock photo - this was difficult to photograph even under good light
  10. Welcome to my Toasty ECCC 2018 sale! Hope you all have been well. This will be a light thread as I'm here hanging out with family and friends this weekend. My usual rules apply. - First, come on in and have some fun. This thread is not a serious affair. - USPS Priority shipping; - No returns; - Payment via PayPal; - First rules all; - I sell to those I want to, so PLers, HOSers, mopes, jerks, button humpers, and general turds are not welcome here - you know who you are. - If you're new to my sales thread, I only attend a few shows each year and have been selling on these boards for the last 10 years.
  11. Saw it this morning and it was good. Very colorful, great visuals and a good opening sequence. It wasn't the first Avengers movie, but what really can be? 8 out of 10 pieces of toast for me.
  12. A local gaming shop with some comics bought it from someone. Luckily they wrote a check and canceled it asap. I saw it, not that convincing to me - but to someone with little experience in comics it could be somewhat convincing. The box with the issue number did not have the month in it but had a 12-cent price on it. Pence copies of the book did not have the month in the issue number box, but US copies did.
  13. No amount of greed in this hobby surprises me anymore or the lengths people will go to make money. In my area I've seen a forged X-Men 1 and two bunk copies of Hulk 181.
  14. I don't get it either. It certainly changes the landscape for any show using 'comic con' or any variation of it now. The thing that likely worked against the SLCC organizers was a series of internal e-mails that popped up during discovery. That and (I believe) the trial was held in San Diego. The verdict is the verdict, and we all know it doesn't mean the jury called it right. Rose City Comic Con and a few others have preempted any legal problems by getting licenses to use the term comic con in their event names prior to the verdict. All other shows not seeking permission will likely take 'comic' out of the event name and just go with 'con', or wait for a cease and desist letter. It'll likely be the big shows getting those notices first. This , is going to cost some shows a good amount of money and hassle with buying new URLs, graphics, banners, printing, business registrations, and the like.