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  1. I have that as well. It is the closest I will get to owning an Action Comics 1.
  2. I keep postponing my next MSL submission as I'm hoping to get the graded comic books back in 2024.
  3. I don't expect to receive my graded comic books from CGC for my next modern slow track submission until the cows come home, leave, and return.
  4. What the Hulk does in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas. Great books!
  5. If the individual that assisted you is the one that always assists me with such issues, she is extremely helpful, clear, and courteous.
  6. This is the copy I purchased around 1980 at my LCS. The price was too good to pass up.
  7. Tec-Tac-Toe


    Following-up, although clearly I am a Batman fan, $5.99 even with a pre-order discount it is still a steep price to pay for a comic book (even Batman ). Of course, the price of Detective Comics will rise to that level likely sooner rather than later.
  8. Tec-Tac-Toe


    So many other things to do with $5.99 times x, including saving it.
  9. In 50 days I may no longer collect comic books.
  10. With the current sale prices of this comic book I'm glad that I have my copies. Of course, as I always lament (joke?), when I decide to sell my copies they (not "it") will be worth the cost of _____________ (a loaf of pumpernickel bread).
  11. Soon even my collection will be worth a few US dollars.
  12. I will get my scissors and soon I will have many rare comic books to sell.
  13. I still can't believe that eBay blocked the sale of pieces of toasted bread that resemble religious figures. Or was it that some ate them?
  14. I submit straight, if you will, (no prescreen) to CGC and examine every comic book, Golden Age or otherwise, outside, inside, up, down, sideways, at every angle, and blindfolded ... no, not blindfolded (sorry, it is Saturday), for every submission.