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  1. Stan made me want to learn English. When I was eight or nine years old I bought a stack of Fantastic Fours at a local flea market and only noticed afterwards that they were originals and not the German reprints I was used to. And even if I couldn't understand a single word, the word balloons somehow looked "right" compared to the clumsy translations in the reprints. Thank you Stan!
  2. I would post the Ramones "I wanna be sedated" video if I knew how. And maybe a pic of Gregg Bendian's "Requiem for Jack Kirby" album cover.
  3. Impact 5 Incredible Sci-Fi 31 Weird Fantasy 22 Weird Science-Fantasy 24
  4. Strange Adventures # 25 1952 Nice colors with crisp ow pages. Mod. spine wear consisting of transverse stress lines along the spine. Small chip outer center edge fc. An attractive FN- copy. $ 76.00
  5. Space Adventures #1 G/VG 3.0 $170 $127 Marvel Tales #123 Good 2.0 $100 $75 Marvel Tales #118 Good - 1.8 $100 $75
  6. I'll buy something. If you don't run away like last time.
  7. Visited his store in the early 90s and if I remember correctly, he didn't have any 25 cent books. So I turned around and left.