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  1. I only ever had one Eldon and one Curtis book. Neither was special except for the name written on the cover. If I ever had a Cookville, I did not know it. I wasn't around when they were made pedigrees but I assume it was fairly controversial.
  2. Similarly graded Church and Crowley copies.
  3. This is just my personal appraisal of the Crowley Pedigree. It is not considered a 'high-end' pedigree because the books generally rate at cream to off-white page and have an overall dingy appearance. That aside, they are typically structurally sound and grade fairly highly. I don't recall a lot of 9.8 copies but 9.4 are found in abundance. For most of the Fawcett titles, I doubt you could ever complete a full run in high grade without have a large number of Crowley's books. Crowley copies come in two flavors, the normal, C/OW copy and the BFU stamped FILE copy. For me, the big Fugly stamp is a total turnoff. I picked up a few early on in my collecting but avoided them after just a few copies. Some folks like them because it clearly shows what they are. I found the stamp to overwhelm the cover art to a degree it ruined the book. again, just my personal opinion. In general, I would call the Crowley copies one of the poorest pedigrees as far a desirability but one of the easiest to find on a regular basis. I am sure that I have owned a ton of issues over the years but never hesitated to upgrade to a better looking copy if one came along, even if it had a lower CGC grade
  4. I didn’t accidentally buy multiple copies but I had my own ‘cheetah rule’ where if I looked for a book for a long time and finally found one and bought it, a better copy would become available within a month.