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  1. I didn't start collecting Planet Comics until much later than Jumbo, Jungle and Wings. I didn't finish my run until a little before I stopped collecting. Based on all the beautiful books I am seeing in this thread, I had only begun to scratch the surface of great books that were out there. Definitely makes for one of those moments when I wonder how things would have been different if I stayed the same course as before. My humble addition to #20. Just average, a little dingy, oranges and yellows are okay but not like the inker likely intended.
  2. Lol, I spent a lot of time tweaking my scans so they represented the book as accurately as possible. I switched scanners at one point and was really dissatisfied with the yellows and ended up getting a different scanner. crazy but true
  3. The colors are a bit weak but you can't have everything.
  4. Structurally near perfect but the front cover stain about the planet was pretty severe.
  5. Things have changed, I'm sure, but Heritage tweaks used to be fairly severe at times. I've also see boardie tweaks that have made me cringe.
  6. For a moment I thought you had my old copy. But the colors on yours are better.
  7. I couldn't say which was harder. 13, 14, and 15 were all books that I bought the only copy I ever saw. I think the three made up the weakest books in my collection. This one looks nice but the brittle pages was disappointing.
  8. The only copy of this book I ever found. IIRC, Michael was gracious enough to tell me it was listed on eBay because it had been mis-listed.
  9. You've got nothing if you don't have a sense of humor.
  10. Some random Marys. MF #37 shows she has a bad knee.
  11. are we on to 12 already? Unhappy PQ but a nice looking book in a slab.
  12. This finishes out my old run of WOW Comics. Nary a mention of Mary Marvel. Her last cover appearance was #58. Issue #69 would be the last edition of WOW and it changed to Real Western Heroes.
  13. I never liked the pencil work over the price and would have taken an upgrade on this one any time.