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  1. That is a lovely copy, Mr. Parker. It looks like it needs regrading!
  2. The very rarest of the Fiction House covers...the only one I recall with a warthog.
  3. He says he has an offer from either ComicConnect or Heritage for the whole collection. Thankfully, he said it in the first few minutes and not an hour and a half into his video.
  4. Yes, he said he got it for roughly $1 a book. I don’t think he said anything about the posters and other memorabilia.
  5. I thought the price tags were all identical. To me, it meant the OO likely put the prices on them. Maybe he looked in his many Overstreet guides to come up with the value.
  6. Westerns have been on a downward plunge for a long time. It is tough to put a price on GA westerns anymore. If it might be highest grades of a key issue it might be worth something. Common books in low grade would be difficult to move.
  7. As a completist myself, I appreciate the time it took to compile the collection and the effort it took to label and price everything. The price of the mylars and boards was considerable. I even see a lot of the issues I used to own (and sold at a considerable loss). It was a loss for the OO or their family but it won’t be an easy sell unless he moves it at a lot. Individually, I think some of the books might never sell.
  8. He’s got some very nice books though the condition varies greatly. He has a handful he wants to get graded. I got into westerns for a while and had nice copies graded. When I sold them, though, the sale price never covered the grading price. It looks like there are a number of Four Colors in the collection, too. For $10k, it was likely an amazing bargain. I could see him getting 10x-25x his original investment.
  9. Just think if it was all pre-code horror instead of westerns. He could sell them on the boards and retire.
  10. True. I assume the buyer will want Overstreet NM prices for the westerns, too.
  11. I saw this on YouTube. It is a collection of mainly westerns, Dells and Gold Keys our of Canada. Trigger warning - the value of the collection fell by 15% the moment the buyer began manhandling the books.
  12. Picking a top 10 GGA covers is tough but here is an eclectic bunch.
  13. This was my old copy. I think it was the only Planet from the Central Valley Pedigree. The mis-wrap was unfortunate but the colors were great. BTW, if posting books that I used to have is a problem for anyone, I can stop.
  14. I think most of mine are SA books. I believe I still own all of these.