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  1. My old copy of Jungle 11! My old scan, too! Beautiful book!
  2. Guys, thanks so much for a successful sales thread. About 80% of everything listed was sold. I've been through my boxes and am going to call it quits for this trip. I will be listing nothing more. If you already have my paypal info, you can send me your payments. I will pick up shipping for everyone who purchased on this round. If you don't have my paypal. I will get you an invoice in the morning. Thanks again. I've always enjoyed selling on the boards and it is nice to pass along nice and/or unusual books to other collectors. Gracias.
  3. I listed this as #9 when it is really #8. If you want to change your mind, I am fine with it.
  4. I am off to lunch and to visit my daughter. Nothing will be posted other than Smilin’ Jack books for the afternoon.
  5. I have a number of other Smilin’ Jack books but won’t post them unless someone says they are interested in seeing them.
  6. Midnight Mystery 4, CGC 9.0, White pages $100 - less than I paid for it raw. SOLD!