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  1. This is the list by buyer. Anything without a buyer listed can still be purchased.
  2. I've logged everyone's purchases. Please view the following list and let me know if I made any errors. They are listed in order of listing.
  3. Jeez, why would they set it up to do that? Thanks for the heads up.
  4. That’s it. The quality of raw books I have left drops off dramatically and I am going to be stressed getting everything packed up and shipped. Seriously, thank you for all the purchases. I never had a thread like this and it makes me miss the hobby more than I thought it would. I will work in getting invoices out by tomorrow. Jeff
  5. Guys, Guys, I am going to finish this with the best book I have left here. Gang Busters 18, Edgar Church Copy, 7.5 according to Metropolis. $200
  6. Comics on Parade 12, 7.0 according to Heritage, Mrs. Ryan’s unofficial Pedigree (she had some nice books, ask Billy Parker) $85
  7. Single Series 6, Jim Hardy, the cover is also pretty brown so maybe that is just the way these are. I give it a 5.5. $85, same as I paid for it.
  8. Real Life Comics 25. Has some spots and a small cover tear. CGC hates spots so a 4.0? Schomburg cover! $40
  9. Gorgo Drek, all eBay 9.0s! my grades say they are less than that. $10 for the lot.
  10. I am pretty sure this is a Single Series book. It looks like it has been pressed and the cover bordes on slightly brittle. Beautiful book but the cover brings it down. Maybe it would get a 4 or 5 from CGC? On the surface looks like a 9.0. $100, probably half of what I paid.
  11. Gang Busters 53, 9.0 Mohawk Valley Copy according to Ritter. $90
  12. Malú in the Land of Adventure IW Reprint of Slave Girl (I think). 9.0-ish $20
  13. Lost in Space 42, 9.0 Don Rosa Copy according to Ritter $15
  14. List in Space 46, 8.0-8.5 Don Rosa Copy according to Ritter $12
  15. Space Family Robinson Lost in Space #40, 9.4 File Copy according to Ritter $35
  16. Don Winslow of the Navy 57, Crowley File Copy, 9.4 according to Ritter Please, please, please note the big honking stamp on the cover. $135
  17. Beverly Hillbillies 8, cracked out CGC 9.4 File Copy $140
  18. I think that is the first time I sold a book four times. I should have offered a time share.
  19. Black Cat Mystery 49, infamous cover. 4.0 on a good day. Good luck finding one. $300
  20. Let me just opinionize for a minute. If you have never looked at Airboy before, it has some of the best covers of the GA. Way ahead of its time. Now that I don’t collect I can say that because u don’t have to compete for them!