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  1. Last bump before closing this thread.
  2. All book lists have been updated
  3. photobucket has been updated..
  4. Hello and thank you for taking time to stopping by, I have a good amount of books I would like to sell and by doing so I hope I made it worth your while. wins the books you want Shipping: At this time I am currently shipping within the United States because I figured who in the heck would want to pay international priority shipping charges?, These are the actual shipping prices for with in the United states below.. 1 book - $3.50~ 1st class mail 2-9 books~ $6.85 priority mail envelope 10-30 books $10 priority box ( I do not ship media mail, sorry, to much of a hassle with me & my post office and surrounding post offices ) Payment: Paypal is good, Money orders and Checks are just as good Condition of these books range from Good to Near Mint. I have posted a link from photobucket below that will show you the books I have available & it will be updated as to what has been sold. This Thread will close Monday afternoon and invoices sent to buyers. **Please note: If you use paypal for payment please indicate who you are in the note section before sending payment or send me a P.M. here, Thank you !**
  5. Golden age comics
  6. Craigslist might be your only bet unless you do a mass lot auction