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  1. @James Johnson, West Coast Not East @Buzzetta, not so sure about that. I was thinking about Church collection from Colorodo, where rel humidity ranges somewhere between 35 to 70, compared to other areas ranging from 70 to 80. Assuming one is already in a very low humidity environment, sure I would assume you can leave it in a box and hit the optimal storage conditions lottery. When you are in an area that is constantly higher then 40-50 rel humidity conditions, it seems that more measures are needed. What prompted me is that (I have an even larger collection of text books) some books felt funny (damp?), so I measured samples with a moisture meter and they were a bit high. I have some situations where humidity is difficult to avoid. Hence the observations I posted. Really hoping more with experience can chime in. I'm most specifically interested in experience with the closet/enclosed space vs open question I originally posed. As an aside, years ago I saw some guy selling comics on some street and pulled over. I looked at what he had (some nice bronze), and they were literally soaked. He said they were well stored and wanted full guide for them. Oddly enough, some people were buying left and right. I high tailed it outta there. I can't stand damp books of any kind; makes me squeamish.
  2. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate sub-forum are for this specific question, but I"m sure the knowledge is helpful to everyone here. I live in an area that has fairly high relative humidity (esp. when windows are closed) on the order of 60%+ This is not great for paper products. If I have to open and close windows in the day and evening, this causes temperature/humidity fluctuations. Also not great for paper products. Ideally, I'd like an area of constant low(er) humidity. I have a dehumidifier, but do not wish to run it all day, as it is not cost efficient. Not really a big fan of the damp-rid products, as I feel like they could be simply concentrating and redistributing moisture in the room (no proof though). I started being more analytical about it, as I purchased a set of hygrometers and placed them around various areas of the house and monitored what is going on. What I found very interesting is that I have an enclosed (door closed) closet that has a very constant RH of around 50%. This while other rooms are fluctuating between 45 to 65 depending on open/closed windows and dynamic conditions. Everything I read seems to point that closets are bad because of lack of air circulation, yet I observed that empirical data in reality. Any one else experience this or have thoughts on it? I should add that I"ve also seem some suggest to run a light source in the closet to help dissipate moisture. On the other hand, people say direct sunlight is terrible. Maybe the nature of the light spectrum from a regular light bulb is less of an issue?
  3. Thing = Rocky? The Rock? Mr. Fantastic = Stretch
  4. Waitamin! The jimmy Hendrix part... this dude fits the bill on that. Late 70s though. Not sure about the redhead partner. Let me know if it's him, I'll tell the title.
  5. Did they look at all like this? If not, could you give a better estimate of maybe the year or closest? A4 sounds like a magazine (maybe even british reprints). Was it a standard comic size or different? Here's some obscure british titles, For US comics, have a look around here, Most kung fu themed titles occured about this time.
  6. I have both. If money is not an issue, I would definitely get the World's Greatest Artist Edition, this is because the art is 'twice-up'. That means the size is 12.5 X 18.5, instead of the typical 10 x 15 comics, sometime after the silver age. You get a monstrous representation of Kirby Art, when artist's drew on much larger pages. On the other hand, you may like the art images more on the later issues, and the cost is typically lower. Here's some great reviews with plenty of images.
  7. Really enjoying the creativity on this complex homage. Keep them coming!
  8. With you there (maybe 174 for me) and Neal Adams had such a huge impact on that. I think his covers and esp. horror are what started my insatiable quest for bronze horror titles (then there's Wrightson, Kaluta, Dominguez, filipino legends, etc.. of course). I was also surprisingly driven by Cardy horror, as well, even though he was a silver age guy. He could really capture that spookiness/creepiness around the corner theme. P.S. House Of Secrets Omni 2 is out this week and completes the title.
  9. LOGLINE: Scanners 2020: Scanners are quietly alive and among us, collaborating, controlling our schools, institutions, and companies to their benefit. A few internet leaks (dismissed as doctored conspiracy jobs) have put the scanners on the defensive, and they proceed to violently wipe out a slowly burgeoning resistance. One powerful Scanner has evolved to have emotions and sympathy. She secretly exposes and turns on her masters, leading the dwindling resistance of non Scanners. All mankind is at stake as the most powerful Scanners literally go on an explosive head to head showdown. P.S. There were sequels, I hope a newer, novel sequel is ok.
  10. Not only is that too cool, it just brought back certain memories of racks/shelves being too high for me to reach in the grocery stores. My parents would trust me to sit there for hours, mesmerized, while they shopped. Those days are long gone.
  11. IST extra 3% code everything today only “oneday”
  12. There’s an entire 500 page booklet of just extras. I collect a lot of omnis and hard covers ... I’ve never seen so many extras. This beast is going to take some time to digest!
  13. Thought they delivered a mini fridge by accident. Anyone need a hefty bag filled with styrofoam peanuts! Great for packing, but terrible to clean up.
  14. I visited the special effects set of Titanic when they were filming it. That was amazing. This brings back those memories.