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  1. highlight for me was 94-150. That coincided with my fade out for years.
  2. Crisis, Crusade, I just buy em all (Good Catch!).
  3. That's ok. But the translation is still faulty. Remember the scene on the boat, where the worker asked the villain wife, 'weren't you just here a minute ago?' No way you can just translate language backwards, he would also see every motion as backwards, so you'd have to also translate that backwards. By that argument, you should not see cars moving backwards, post translation. It's just like we have to put suspension of disbelief for some parts and not others - inconsistent.
  4. A great blockbuster, but the plausibility holes are distracting. If someone was talking backwards in time, wouldn't their dialogue move backwards too?
  5. Today IST has Savage Sword Conan 4, Moon Knight, and X-MEN 3, X-MEN Jim Lee, Infinity Crisis... It's like they waited till after everyone blew their Christmas dough. Too bad I'm on a break from Masterworks sale. I've got enough to read for weeks if not months.
  6. Sad to say, I expect, Black Widow will likely bomb -- relative to recent Marvel momentum. I would be shocked if it could pull off anywhere near Captain Marvel numbers. And that's without the Covid pandemic.
  7. Unless of course, you're Stephen King. But, otherwise, completely agree. They could have taken that opening scene on the island to somehow introduce some god like power that she could access to make items invisible. Later on, the payoff would make a little more sense. If anything, it was like the invisibility was just another wish fulfillment from the thingamajiggy, not outside of it.
  8. Ok, so It's an omni cover -- too lazy to dig through boxes for the original.
  9. Where in the OP posted 2 images does it denote director's cut? Looks like a completely different image to me.
  10. ? blue coloring might not show up well in copies (esp. small). Might be some blue pencil leftovers under the darker pencil rendition.
  11. Amazing how ten artists can draw a face, and each one uniquely identifies the artist. I was reading an old Captain Marvel last night, and it was almost unmistakably the artist from Superman -- as Rick Jones looked like Superman (sure and sure enough it was Wayne Boring at Marvel!).
  12. Ah. That sounds like thinking of putting the object in a glass of ice or something to recall memory. Problem, is I tend to lose things when someone or something pulls me away and distracts me. It's those moments that my ability to add that extra information is least likely to work. Thanks for the method though, I'll look it up. edit* looked it up. Sounds like a Ouija board.
  13. If you are talking about the wireless finders, I thought about that, but I don't really like the idea of having an active bluetooth tranceiver next to my forehead and eyes all day.
  14. I just bought brand new glasses for an arm and a leg. I lost them the same weekend. Haven't had much in the way of losing and finding comics though. I sometimes misplace them and have to look through stacks of books to find a specific one. That can be annoying.