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  1. I came across it chronologically inside amazing fantasy 12 reprinted in ditto suspense omnibus 2. That’s just three issues before first asm! does show strange tales 97 though. First time I saw that.
  2. You guys knew about her? What issue is it from, anyone? if that was a guess... it was amazingly good.
  3. No prize to first one that knows what happened to her.
  4. Creepshow 2. Classic! If you haven't seen it yet, go do it!
  5. This guy really comes to mind for the part... (20 years late though).
  6. Eko was one of the best characters on LOST. The episode about him and his brother was one of the best. And that's saying a lot. Next to maybe John Locke and Ben. Masterpiece.
  7. Is that you S. Ditko??? Stop! I'm feeling... fee..
  8. Working on some re-imagined covers, lately...
  9. Thanks to porcupine48 for the suggestion. Maybe I'll ink someday.
  10. I don't sell on ebay, but I do always wonder, how do you know an unscrupulous buyer doesn't just swap the book out for a lower grade raw and have you foot the bill? If i was a seller, I'd be taking serious evidence before shipping (and even then, I'd worry). I feel for OP (assuming everything told is legit) and sure seems to me that something is amiss. I wonder, what was the seller's feedback rating?
  11. John Romita Sr. Publicly stated that he modeled Kingpin after Sydney Greenstreet.