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  1. Well, this cheers me up after the IST debacle! Ordered 2 days ago from Amazon UK, thought it would come in weeks, but arrived today! Perfect Shipping, beautiful!
  2. I have all of the Harvey reprints and almost all of the various EC reprints. I'd put EC higher in terms of quality and esp. artwork. I really like the darkness of Harvey horror, but for whatever reason, the comparisons strike me as a Charlton horror production vs. DC horror in the bronze age. Both have merits, but clearly the DC horror is the king. Where it really strikes home is looking at the EC horror artwork in various Artist's editions. Stunning, even compared to art from later decades.
  3. My main personal gripe with CGN (and I"ve ordered in the past several times), is that the shipping costs end up killing any savings you might have got by any discounts. IST was the hands down leader in discounts and shipping quality and price, IMO, and I ordered non-stop for years. Now, I'm afraid, I'm close to done with them. I do hope they come back. People don't like Amazon because high price + often bad shipping quality. My IST books are in pre-shipment since order day and they have not answered any emails at all. I know I"m not alone in that boat either.
  4. Tales of Wonder and IST are basically sister companies, under one umbrella. When I order from TOW, IST processes the shipment. So the same problems have plagued them as well, from what I understand. I could go to LCS, but there's no discount at all and that's part of what's causing this distributor backlash, from what I hear. LCS do not like the online retailers (and even discount bulk purchasing fan blocks) taking away their business with nice discounts and distributors (particularly DC) are getting more strict about distributing to online retailers.
  5. Conan Omni 4 and LOSH 5 years later, on September 22.. 1st five minutes. Few others since then. There's some discussion on another forum about distributor issues going on in the background. A lot of long time customers are leaving IST. But all of the online vendors seem to be having issues, so I don't know of a reasonable alternative right now. I was going to recommend Infinity War Omni as the new edition came out today (for those who missed it years ago), but at this rate, I don't think even I would put in an order from them.
  6. I have not received any orders or email replies from IST since September (though they did take the money up front). Something really going wrong there.
  7. Ordered my copy. I thought this would be monstrous, but looked at the comparison to the Stan Lee book. It is actually 1" smaller. And the Stan Lee book is only $150 ish. Not complaining, as I"m a huge EC OA fan, and have all the AEs and will likely get the third with more reprints, but the Stan Lee Tome is the monster of publications.
  8. To the OP, I would gather what you are looking for is more of a data science angle. I.e. gathering factors and translating to potential profits,etc.. I don't see this as much of a Social Science experiment. I would add that everything I've heard and looked at, points to this generation being more of a clutter free generation. Someone was trying to understand why antique collecting has been on a decline, and a big part of what he found was just that -- the newer generations do not want to own physical things that burden them, and would rather be mobile and travel easily.
  9. If it was inside the glass, it would not transfer to the physical book. I assume Monstro inspected the physical books first. @Monstro. I've seen miracles using acetone 90% fingernail polish remover on ink, when nothing else works.
  10. FWIW, this is also the most valuable Marvel Masterworks FF cover (FF #14) and one of the most expensive of all the masterworks (often fetching near $300 on ebay).
  11. Picked up Legion and Conan. I want the Conan covers to be consistent as I have the earlier 3. I might have liked Marvel Mystery 2, but still haven't even finished reading the Masterworks. Surprised everything lasted so far today. Looked like big demand for 5YL.
  12. "Circles are pretty hard. Letters are hard." LOL. I could attest to that! People don't realize how difficult some of the more seemingly trivial things are. One can spend hours working on title fonts and word balloons and not be satisfied. My hats off to the letterers.
  13. Are scores ok? This one was pretty tragic. I like McGovern's Morning After on your original list.