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  1. Really great stuff around here. Anyone else getting early Halloween fever?
  2. There's all kinds of bonus content in marvel omnibuses; same for masterworks. I've been collecting omnibuses and hardcover collections for the last few years now. This is a great time for bronze age collectors, looking to read all the old material with extras.
  3. Very nice! Did you render drawings by hand or computer?
  4. Tonight I won two auctions and thought I could combine them to use the recent 10% coupon. After chatting with support, it turns out one was listed as an upaid invoice, the other as an unpaid item. I still don't really get the logic or usefulness of it. I could not get them in the same cart to apply the one time only coupon. Either way, the rep told me I had to request that the seller to send an invoice (so they both fall under unpaid invoice), and that it is very easy for them to do so. I'm still waiting to hear back from the seller, and hate making the other seller wait for me to pay. Is it easy for the seller to make this change? Thanks, as I never encountered this as a buyer, and wanted to take advantage of the latest coupon.
  5. Hey Kav, how come my version looks different? Is this a variant? That character in the center looks pretty important.
  6. If you are ok with collected editions, you are in luck. This, "The Joker: The Bronze Age Omnibus," just came out about a week or two ago. Back cover gallery with some titles included...
  7. John Romita Sr. talked about using a similar process on Marvel Fireside Covers like "Son of Origins of Marvel Comics" I know they also did a lot of grey tone art in magazines in the 70s. I would guess there is various grey tone art in early marvel as well, though, can't say off the top of my head.
  8. Some research brought... Starlog SF Color Poster Book #3
  9. Some good sources that mostly answer your question... I particularly enjoy many Jack Sparling DC bronze horror wash tone covers.
  10. The concept of AI/robots run amuck pretty much predates both Terminator and Ultron, so nothing too original in either there. Terminator was also a time travel driven story; Ultron was not. What sets apart Terminator and Ultron to me (from a personality viewpoint), is that, Ultron always had this oedipal father/son complex that drove him mad. Terminator didn't really have such human qualities. As an aside, Ultron was pretty scary to me as a kid.
  11. I like this appearance.... (rare BR variant)
  12. Rented the Banana Splits the other day. A horror flick based on a Saturday morning live action show i’m sure some other bronze babies will remember. Would never have expected that in a million years.
  13. Yes, I did hastily misread that part and it somehow resonated and conflated with memories of my own bad incident. She never did reneg, and hence did not deserve any misfortune for that reason. On a more positive note, love the dreamy color... can’t believe I spent so much time on board projects back then.