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  1. Hey Spider-Variant, have to say your posts are really inspiring. Where do you get the images for comparison? Are those just internet searches? Do you search by timeline? So so cool to see those comparisons.
  2. The Gil Kane reference is pretty obvious to many, but the first thought (and hence reason I mentioned Tom Sutton) that came to mind was this cover...
  3. Anyone notice the Annabelle doll in the Pawn Shop? Thought that was cool. Like a shout out to james wan (Aquaman).
  4. Don't know much about Billy Batson's origin, but I did feel the film origin here strongly borrowed from ASM 15 origin. E.g. Abuse of powers, with great powers comes great responsibility moral. I suppose it would be archetypal for any naïve youth coming into power...
  5. Another enjoyable surprise from DC. Really did not expect that surprise toward the end (not the end end other surprise, but the carnival one), and glad I didn't see anything that would spoil it. Wonder if that was really a great decision for future films, though.
  6. Very Cool. Has a Gil Kane / Tom Sutton feel to it. Check this out.
  7. Imagine if he gave away OA.
  8. How he got saved? Not certain, but Whatever the case, I'm more excited now, and this looks to be monstrous in $$$
  9. Got tickets for the weekend opening. Very filled up already. *Spoilerish new trailer (possibly reveals how tony got saved, as some speculated, few other things).
  10. My 2c. Digital doesn't capture the experience for me, and bothers my eyes. I occasionally read comics on an IPAD PRO, but again (maybe because I spend too much time on computer for other stuff) it is bothersome. Too bad they don't have a large color kindle, that doesn't have the same annoying glare effects. I really would rather read comics than hoard and store, with fear of creating a tick mark from reading. I've went with Marvel Masterworks and haven't looked back (I also get a lot of omnibuses as well, for cost efficiency). With regards to value going up, MMW are rare enough that you won't lose much monetary value. On the contrary, many desirable back issue MMWs go for astronomical prices on EBAY, etc. Good luck to finding a set for cheap. Many prefer MMW for the quality of restoration, size, feel, etc.. I can definitely understand that. Epics are another low cost way to go, but they are spread out in content. Some available, some not. Whereas, MMWs are mostly complete. With moderns, you may have to wait a while as the MMW titles are still working their way through the bronze era. But you may have better luck in OMNIs and epics. Some OMNIs are also astronomically priced, but occasionally go in reprint (e.g. TOD 1).
  11. Anecdotal story: I once saw a full box of ASM 500 at a Tower Records/Books going out of business Sale. The entire box had maybe less than 1% of ding free high grade copies. By the time I brought my 5 or so nice copies to the clerk, they proceeded to waddle them up and throw them in a bag. I tried to stop that, but alas... So, either it was picked through many times already (without any consideration), or employees kicked the box around several times before it got to that point. What I wonder more, is how do people find a full box of all high grade copies? I would figure that each route lowers the aggregate grade every time they get moved around. Raise your hand if you've ever accidentally somehow dropped a long box, and shed a tear or two (hand raised).