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  1. Yeah. Defenders were mostly a pain to complete (price wise and hard to find sometimes), but I bet they'll drop a bit now. At least the ones covered in Omni 1.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised to see it sometime. Esp. Considering Dr. Strange, Hulk, movie popularity, and Sub Mariner likely. Although, we've been waiting a long time for Dr. Strange 2. What's in a vol 2, that you are interested in? That's why I love masterworks. Everything continuous.
  3. I think Defender Omni is out tomorrow. Although they are one of my favorite titles, I already have all the Masterworks in hardcover and digital. I think I might actually pass, as there's a finite amount of room to store, and I can't see opening and reading the full Omni over and over. Wouldn't be surprised to see it gone in minutes.
  4. Completely agree. Anyone that's ever tried to write any storyline has experienced that empty page waiting for inspiration. It's like squeezing blood from a turnip. Stan made long running dramas, turning points, and engaging characters look easy to the rest of us. That was genius, indeed. I've found that being a more technically oriented person is a hinderance to writing (myself included). But it really helps me appreciate those like Stan, that can just do it (almost effortlessly).
  5. Watched at midnight. Or should say fast forwarded through after about 1/2 hour. Not too thrilled about the CGI. Prefer the 70s version.
  6. Tomb of Dracula coming out in Masterworks this year! DM cover looks fitting for a blood red tomb.
  7. And don’t forget green lantern and the golden age heroes. I kept thinking of jsa. Like others here, I felt like I was immersed in a new film for the first half. Excellent.
  8. This ad was inside SWS 4! As for the obscurity of the posting, Judomaster has already been cast for the hbo spinoff of Peacemaker. Sarge Steel also expected. Man, I knew a guy that had boxes of these, and he refused to go to ebay.
  9. Man, I thought I was the only one cutting grass for a pittance. I used to haul my Dad's mower around the neighborhood. I got a paper route and would ride miles to a comic shop. The store had 100 raggedy old comics for twenty dollars with a smurf stamp on all of them. I remember hauling that home in my paper route bag on my bicycle in a storm so strong, that telephone lines were lying battered in the streets. But it was worth it!
  10. Yep. Saw that on inner copyrights. Both were bi-monthly. From Mikes amazing world I originally saw this...